Li Xiaoxue, or will take up General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy

Polaris solar PV net news: If you want to make a list of impact process of solar-thermal power generation industry in China the main character list, former China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development corporation General Manager Han Qinghao should rank in the forefront.

The unexpected

On July 1, 2014, China Guangdong Nuclear solar Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power generation project started, which is said to be China’s first commercial solar thermal power station in the true sense, and the unexpected is, after just more than a month, there have been the main promoters of the project Han Qinghao leaving a message.

Everything seems to be nothing, Han Qinghao on August 23 at the solar-thermal power generation in China Finance Summit, also for the solar thermal power industry appeal. And this has to be his last on behalf China Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal team publicly vocal.

On August 29, Han Qinghao appears again in an article in the news media, but this time, it has nothing to do with light and heat, has nothing to do with China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy, new energy in his new title is CEO.

This positive confirmed Han Qinghao departure rumours all practitioners in the solar thermal industry by surprise.

In the new energy company is newly established private investment giant China Minsheng investment Ltd (cast) ‘s new energy business unit, Han Qinghao assumed office, is Han Qinghao by solar thermal industry comments for new beginnings.

With cgnpc is quite different, zhongmin cast is a private company, but at the same time with the biggest volume and energy.

Zhongmin voted on August 21 this year, officially, the private company since the date of birth you wear multiple rings, was signed by the premier himself approved the establishment of the first private company, registered capital of up to 50 billion yuan, the Minsheng Chairman Dong wenbiao, Chairman, Shi Yuzhu, Lo Chi-keung, bosses of private enterprises such as Sun Yinhuan all shares.

Zhongmin investment and financial holding and industrial integration business will be divided into two major sections, zhongmin voted not currently lead the development effort from a financial perspective, choosing instead to steel, PV, shipbuilding and other industries with excess production capacity at present to expand the company’s business.

For solar thermal industry, Han Qinghao departure is not good. “The Han General, if he is to carry on with solar-thermal power, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy is the best platform, China Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal power generation deep to light for many years, has a deep understanding of technical reserves, and has formed a relatively complete solar thermal team. He left here, people voted in the current circumstances go to light and heat is almost impossible. “Some professionals in the industry, told reporters.

This means Han Qinghao for at least the next period of time leaving solar thermal industry, zhongmin invested in photovoltaic investment ambitions in the field of further confirmed this judgement. On August 28, officially only 7 days of zhongmin cast signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, announced plans to invest 3GW~5GW photovoltaic power generation project in Ningxia, a total investment of 30 billion ~500 billion yuan. In the new energy, President Han Qinghao pointed out at that time, “‘ major investment in the ground station, other than directly submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, will also buy the ground station, offers mainly to see the return on capital, and procedures are complete, and so on. ”

Current solar-thermal power generation market in China still has not fully started voting in terms of the investment giant of zhongmin, investing in solar thermal business almost impossible under the current environment, along with the policy of gradual landing, solar thermal market will gradually rise, the future does not rule out the possibility of the investment into solar thermal power generation market in. “Han Qinghao in particular that such a light thermal power generation leader with years of experience, zhongmin future investment possibilities of solar-thermal power generation business is quite large, but we must have a clear introduction of the supporting policies for solar thermal as a precondition. Zhongmin is essentially an investment company, is to pay attention to return on investment. “People in the industry said.

Influence of geometry?

Count the main power the Central leader Han Qinghao is one of solar-thermal power “fans”, who for several years actively promoted the steady development of Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal power, has made a series of achievements, to promote the development of solar-thermal power generation market in China as a whole has made important contributions.

Han Qinghao turnover, tossed to the solar thermal power industry in two key issues: first, in solar-thermal power generation market has turned a corner now, why is he leaving? Second, this geometry effect on the cgnpc Delhi station? Who will take over the post of General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy?

Perhaps no one knows the first real answers to personal questions, only Han Qinghao themselves. We can only make some more speculation, some people in the industry said, zhongmin cast is first and foremost a platform, system relative to its State-owned enterprises is more flexible, more conducive to flourish, people vote for someone really high salaries in the other hand, the solar industry turn to the people a vote is not Han Qinghao in person.

Many people may want to know if this is because Han Qinghao are not optimistic about the prospects for the development of solar-thermal power generation? Many insiders believe that no causal relationship between the two, it’s just a personal platform for professional selection.

It must be admitted that was as Commander of the cgnpc Delhi solar-thermal power station, Han Qinghao turnover on advancing work on the project will inevitably have a greater negative impact any time soon, sources said, the plant is currently part of the bidding has been delayed.

But China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy over the years to build solar thermal team is also, this ensures that the project can still be back on track after experiencing short-term shocks, lacking now is a new leader in optical thermal power generation with greater enthusiasm.

Exact message in recent days, said General Manager Li Xiaoxue of China Guangdong Nuclear investment development will succeed Han Qinghao served, General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development. Li Xiaoxue was responsible for cgnpc’s new business development, solar-thermal electricity generation cgnpc new business as an important component, held by Li Xiaoxue, General Manager seems to be a good place to start.

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