Miit: four quarters or PV industry in China jump

Polaris solar PV net news: Reporter, August 19 from the Ministry was informed that the first half of 2014, photovoltaic industry development in China continued a warming trend since the second half of last year, generally in a State of development.

Data shows that by the end of June 2014, polysilicon prices rose 29.3%, component prices rose 7.3%. Polysilicon production enterprises by 7 at the beginning of last year increased to 16, several key battery to turn them around, part of continuing profitable key enterprises.

First half of this year, China poly silicon productions from 62,000 tonnes, an increase of 100%. According to preliminary statistics, the PV manufacturing industry output of more than 150 billion yuan in the first half.

The operation of the PV manufacturing industry standardized conditions attracted industry attention, some backward production capacity planning or beginning to exit, and industrial restructuring was evident. Part of the merger and reorganization of enterprises will increasingly strong and promote industry concentration ratio has continued to improve, first half of the top 10 production nearly 60% per cent of the whole industry, top 5, polysilicon companies accounted for more than 80%.

In addition, local support policy promulgation of PV application to diversify, but incorporation policy and business models are still not perfect, the excessive growth of the market in the early to late effects such as shrinking demand, domestic PV market dropped significantly in the first half of this year, new grid-connected photovoltaic installed capacity is about 3.3GW, which distributed about 1GW.

Is expected as the international industrial development, especially four-quarter since Sprint 10GW domestic installed capacity goal, PV industry in China jump might occur, forming shock development curve, industry will remain deep correction.

Original title: Ministry: four quarters or PV industry in China jump

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