Now is a good time to buy solar thermal assets yet?

Polaris solar PV net news: along with AREVA (Areva) level developers split solar-thermal power generation business, some inevitable problems arise, their project development processes will be affected? Techniques on how to handle them with independent intellectual property rights?

If you are considering buying a standalone has a complete technical and operational system of solar thermal enterprises, now might be a good time to entry. This summer, Areva announced after giving up solar thermal business, the company plans bundled and sold the entirety of its light and heat.

AREVA plans to adopt a years time will the company sell the solar thermal business, during which it can receive any takeover offer. But AREVA trade PR CarolineSagne said: “only the planned buy-out companies AREVA solar thermal business will be considered. ”

That means AREVA company now, at least for the time being does not consider the company’s solar thermal business segment sales. Even so, total package for sale for those who want to quickly improve the company level in the CSP field would be very attractive for buyers.

In fact, Areva has been pushing India and Australia solar thermal projects, but what is undeniable is the company’s solar thermal business, which has been losing money. The great loss of 373 million euros is the main reason AREVA company out of the solar thermal business.

Nevertheless, in the solar thermal industry, Areva is one of the most abundant accumulation of solar thermal technology. As a traditional solar thermal technology company AREVA solar thermal history dates back to 2002, Areva solar thermal business unit, formerly known as 2002 Australia established a Fresnel solar thermal company Ausra company, specialized research and development using Fresnel solar thermal technologies for high-temperature applications and in power generation.

Over a long period of time, in the solar thermal industry more attention to development of parabolic trough solar thermal technology, and followers of Tower-type solar thermal technologies more and more at the same time, Areva solar thermal team has always been dedicated to Fresnel solar thermal technology research, development and application.

But while AREVA for its compact linear Fresnel technology has found a new way of development, which uses molten salt heat storage technology, and has made a breakthrough in the technology research and development, Areva is as light and heat loss gave up solar thermal business.

Whether other companies would be interested in buying AREVA photothermal independent intellectual property rights of these may have great value in technology? From solar thermal industry development in recent years, we can see the answer would be Yes. Siemens group in 2012, when out of the solar thermal business when A Ben Beck group Rioglass subsidiary of solar collector technology of the company quickly acquired by Siemens.

Struggling solar thermal enterprises

Zhiqian, Germany insolvent it solar-thermal companies solar Millennium subsidiary Flagsol trough solar thermal technology company was transferred to Germany Ferrostaal company. Flagsol company again changed hands last year, Spain TSK group all acquisitions.

Even some small solar-thermal companies when they get into trouble, it succeeded in finding the House.

For example, last November, Israel Qnergy’s acquisition of United States Infinia Corporation, Infinia Corporation is an international application has been committed to the difficult dish-Stirling technology commercially run companies.

But for Areva and others also want to sell solar thermal business for companies, they need light and heat is the problem facing the industry now, not many buyers. Many still insist on more thinking about how to maintain the existing solar thermal business rather than the acquisition of new solar-thermal business.

However, it would still have a small amount of solar thermal industry has the ability and needs of the company would be given to the light and heat from being imminent sale or merger the assets. For example France multinational Alstom has recently emphasized the company’s commitment will be entering the solar thermal market.

In addition, Saudi ACWA power companies in acquisitions last year Germany Flabeg mirrors manufacturers have been tuned for more light and heat at the same time merger possibilities, because the company wanted to be able to quickly capture the vast solar thermal market in the Middle East.

Would also like to emphasise is that Areva in the solar thermal business before you abandon and Korea electric power company reached an agreement in any common areas of renewable energy options of the Asian energy giants will be given priority. Can be assumed is that the agreement should also apply to AREVA solar thermal business being sold.

Lux Research for solar research senior analyst MatthewFeinstein said: “the solar market is stabilising, will attract more investors. ”

Potential buyers

However, MatthewFeinstein said, every solar thermal potential buyers of the assets prior to formal acquisition will definitely do your homework.

MatthewFeinstein goes on to say: “as the market recovers, a lot was abandoned between 2011 to 2013 solar thermal technologies is likely to be a buyer reconsidering the acquisition. But before the formal takeover, these buyers need to be sure to buy these technologies are also valuable. New technologies should be evaluated according to their own values, rather than on market assessments. Outdated technology even when the boom wouldn’t make a difference, and excellent technology is going to be a big success, even in bad times will be competitive in the market. ”

A manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the infrastructure sector in the Middle East OmarMahmoud believe that buyers will need to be purchased before any technology technology has a comprehensive full assessment.

OmarMahmoud said: “if I were a buyer first of all, I am definitely going to have to buy technology for evaluation. I would ask whether there is a case before, plus if I were using this technique, it can bring me anything. If one technique is excellent, for enterprises, it would be very wise to make acquisitions to, because it can save businesses time and money. To the buyers need to have one independent analysts can provide an impartial assessment. In General to strictly technical surveys are hard to come by. ”

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