One of of the old red PV for West China

Polaris solar PV net news: 228313-227085=1228 km, which is miles of my trip today. At four o’clock in the morning from Beijing via Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, 6:30 arrived in zhongning County, Ningxia. Zigging when what friends say: the mighty. If it weren’t for a little scare, might have been run over more than 200 kilometres in Baiyin city of Gansu province, because you want to shoot at night.

Alarm car in Ningxia, the more than 170 kilometers from Salt Lake to zhongning not even a gas station. Turn off the air conditioner, as far as possible down to the most economical speed speed, and watch the gas gauge, aside from in horror, feeling the Sun falling fast enough to require the rise above the forehead can be found. Looking at the shadows more wilderness, unable to find any light, after an hour of unrest, intuition tells me: oil table lamp that lit up. Allegedly can run 50 kilometers with its light, and then can GPS also has 70 km to zhongning, I faced a major decision: to move on and WINS, just goes to show that after the gas gauge light “cut” also ran more than 50 km. Lost, to be left alone in this wilderness of night; I chose immediately off the highway looking for the nearest gas station. Things are: straight out of the high speed gas gauge light comes on; if not high speed, from oil table lamp from the gas station where it is 52 km away. Gambling is not quadrennial, countless possibilities, gambling jiede, just 2 km from the gambling money (assuming “big” gas gauge light is on after just 50 km). Life is it not the case, “VI” I sound of natural selection. Not 15,000 kilometers of adventure for the next 30 days, I will choose to moderate.

Talk about today is two things that impressed:

First, perhaps because of the rain and fog in the North China plain. Enter the hinterland-fuping County in Taihang mountains when hot springs, Sunrise, blue sky, clean casts doubt on the truth of it. Marched out in Shanxi, I’m sure it’s not but it’s foggy haze. Across the plain of fen River in Luya mountains, pines and the blue sky again here. These images were thus formed an intuitive: too many Chinese people, wherever there are lack of trees, sky is not blue. Fewer people in the mountains, the sky is blue. Ten years ago, a town along the coast of Zhejiang Province, in my hundreds of Chinese ancient town impression, it is unique: the village before hills can be seen only in the rainforests of Southwest China to see the sights-the old vine around the pines. “Cannot cut down trees because of the lack of wood, is the coexistence of man and the environment”, this is to stick to the original Millennium ancestor training results.

Second, from Beijing to zhongning, I designed a three part never walk the route, just don’t go to Google map design by Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan high speed because Sinotrans coal, because the probability of a car is more than 70%. Lucky let me choose West of Baoding, Xinzhou, Shanxi Yulin in Shaanxi Province, and coal is here to East and to West from no less than the number of giant coal-Taiyuan high speed, just this side of the tunnel, and no chance of climbing coal truck congestion. Looking East to West to coal, I’m hypnotized: Highway is moved, coal is not moving, the highway is the largest industrial belt, coal is a coal on the conveyor belt, was their cycle and promote China’s economy. I think if PV power faster than the advance of human thought, when I designed the Western route, it won’t be so difficult.

Today, didn’t see photovoltaic power stations, wind power is everywhere. Only me as the “big cut” when will panic due to no oil, surprised to see PV road signs in the Holy Land – Sun Mountain in Ningxia. Golmud and Lhasa to four interviews project was because of the increased need to travel, but also because of the “energy shortage” caused panic in Sun Mountain I can only regret. PV – after more than 20 days in Ningxia

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