Polaris solar network on August 29, news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV net news August 29, first look at flowers from 50 billion PV project in Ningxia people voted in ambition, salted fish in PV industry further, hareon borrowed so much crazy expansion, as follows:

First look at flowers from 50 billion PV project in Ningxia people’s investment ambitions

Salted fish in PV industry

Hareon borrowed so much crazy expansion

*ST Suri: through the auction disposed of Luoyang subsidiaries equity

GCL-200% polysilicon giant first-half net profit rose more than a strong recovery

Wealthy new energy vision–Buffett VS Bill Gates

Beijing Express first half earnings to grow by more than twice times the silicon chip business is much better

Zhongmin construction in Ningxia 3GW-5GW PV project voted three years hundreds of billions to achieve

80 demonstration project progress report: 30 20 has introduced social capital has been granted

Hefei PV chaos: “marry” is born out of the roof “Doll”

Xue Liming: solar thermal power generation is a powerful investment

Shunfeng photovoltaic medium-term profitability Biao Sheng 6 times to 2.95 billion yuan in revenue

GCL 81.9 million oversubscribed Yokoyama crystalline solar 91% equity

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