Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (8.29-9.4)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. the National Energy Board on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policy notice

On September 4, the PV industry of the industry have been looking forward to the formal introduction of the new deal. Released today by the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and further clarified in terms of price, incorporations and subsidies of distributed PV incentives.

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2. public announcement to be issued by Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, building-integrated PV product catalog (second batch)

To step up promotional efforts on photovoltaic products in Anhui province through public solicitation, Enterprise and municipal departments recommending programs and expert review, I prepared the BIPV products in Zhejiang province to promote the directory (second set), to the public.

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3. Energy Board announced 15 new policies to support distributed PV

Roof use coordination difficult, loan financing, income derived from electricity sales, incorporation of uncertainty for a long time and is difficult to guarantee long-term stability of multiple problems such as distributed in photovoltaic, “section 15” supported the new deal came out to greet the spring.

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4. South Xinjiang PV plan 2014-2015

Yesterday, the first day of September, waiting for distributed generation–the new deal on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policy issue at the same time, from people in the industry to obtain a copy of the photovoltaic power generation project construction plan of sidizhou reported 2014-2015 in southern Xinjiang.

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Market review

1. mouth to flaunt “keep” who is making money and who in the hell of the photovoltaic industry

From the Western “double reverse” winter to bottoming, PV enterprises in China after many ups and downs. This year, in most can reflected enterprise strength of each big industry activities, and exhibition Shang, some PV enterprise still mouth, but some enterprise began in gestures between revealed your gas, again has is who, British Lee 200 million buy Xia South Africa World Cup field advertising brand, Han can solar PV Board stunning implanted Hollywood large super inspection hacker etc, this class “local” acts in PV enterprise in the also is not impossible of thing.

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2. PV inverter suppliers battleground

Experts estimate that the proportion of renewable energy power generation in China in 2020 will be 15% per cent of China’s total generating capacity, which on-grid photovoltaic power generation reached 20 million-kilowatt, while current Chinese solar installed capacity is about 300,000-kilowatt, which contains enormous business opportunities is obvious. In recent years, the Solar Inverter manufacturer number is growing rapidly, has become a battleground.

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3. heat or solar? Calculate price

“The NDRC pricing Department has approved China’s first solar thermal power generation demonstration project–controlled Delhi Tower power station project at 1.2 Yuan per kWh, which endorses the uniqueness and value of solar thermal power generation. Wind and solar through several rounds of the concession had to launch the new electricity prices, solar-thermal power generation through a number of demonstration projects in order to timely introduction of unified benchmark price. ”

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4. India PV struggles with “no tax” event closed

India three Ministers in a 40-minute conversation, the global “encirclement and suppression” of the Chinese PV industry breathed a sigh of relief.

Recently, India Finance Ministry decision not to implement India Ministry of Commerce and industry from China, China’s Taiwan and the United States, and Malaysia imported PV products anti-dumping taxes eventually ruled, after 21 months in the case ultimately not of the tax case.

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5. the Hefei PV chaos: “marry” is born out of the roof “Doll”

To build China’s first photovoltaic application city, Hefei has promulgated a policy to accelerate PV promotion, which will build PV rooftop has become “scarce resources”. In order to “Rob” the roof, some companies compete on price, others hoarded resources roof, half don’t even start.

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Comment article

1. solar energy enough “green”? Still wrapped in sugar-coated poison?

In environmental consciousness looked up Xia, solar power has was considered energy technology of highlight, a block solar Board in glare of Sun shines Xia, are became Green gold of best spokesman; does, solar power than petrochemical fuel power on environment hurt smaller, but most people rarely consciousness in manufacturing battery of now, by using of power, and by emissions of carbon dioxide and pollution, still will effects environment, and past many police event of occurred, also proved those we freeloader of solar, is not zero pollution zero row carbon, Instead, on environmental costs to producers.

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2. the total mess of old red PV – Li Hejun who?

Not long ago, I forwarded on Twitter of a sentence from the end of China’s new richest man Li Hejun: stock counter attacking gamble of PV in the text: “However Li Hejun alike. Han, he can set the ultimate target: the capacity 10G w; short-term target is achieved by 2012 3G Watts, ‘ kill Yingli ” becomes China’s largest film maker ‘. “Do not want to attract criticism, knowing that Li Hejun is a controversial figure in the industry, but did not expect the dispute is so sharp. As new China’s richest man, asking, “Li Hejun who often makes? “At the same time, it also evokes the thinking of the author … …

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3. why the United States distributed PV PPA financing everywhere?

When some investors at the time to worry about individual photovoltaic power plant, some large companies are using financial instruments to promote better development of distributed PV. Today will be to introduce United States new energy solutions provider UrbanGreenEnergy (UGE), bean UGE June interview China Business Development Manager RosiePidcock.

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4. make photovoltaic power generation go farther (sample ˙ to observe economic line)

The first half of the PV enterprises above designated size in jiaxing income 9.459 billion yuan, an increase of 31.1%

No one expected that, experienced a drastic expansion of the previous two years, the industry crisis, a large number of business failures in the PV industry, able to stand up again so soon.

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5. solar agricultural development status and the existent problems

Recently, the photovoltaic farm project news reports have repeatedly reported in all regions, led to numerous concerns. Photovoltaic greenhouse industry in the ascendant, but lack of theoretical study at home and abroad, light environment can meet crop needs “debatable”, lighting needs to be combined with crop growth model primarily suitable for photovoltaic greenhouse lighting design theory for optimization of solar greenhouse design, and optimize and upgrade the facilities gardening equipment.

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Enterprise version

1. seven domestic PV 2014 Q2 earnings analysis

This report selected Yingli YingLi, Trina Trina, solar CSI, Crystal branch JinKo, ja JA, renesola ReneSola, hanwha Hanwha seven large domestic PV manufacturers as an object for their portion of the data listed in the 2014Q2 financial statements and comparing aimed at Jigsaw, horizontal contrast and complement each other.

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2. first look at flowers from 50 billion PV project in Ningxia people’s investment ambitions

On August 28, beginning highly anticipated China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as ‘ cast) signs strategic cooperation agreement with Ningxia Hui autonomous region, reached a depth of 5 key areas of cooperation, involving a total investment of up to 100 billion yuan. Exclusive interview with reporters in yinchuan zhongmin cast Chairman Dong wenbiao, President Li Huaizhen, Vice President Kong Linshan, people voted in the search for new energy from their view, restricted view of investment ideas and future directions.

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3. sinovideo “resurrection” is not easy to lose again in the first half more than 500 million

Overseas debt restructuring, the introduction of new products, production lines, production, high-level replacement … … Quiet two-year LDK LDK Solar Co (hereinafter “LDK Solar”), frequently so far this year, through multiple paths to achieve “resurrection”.

However, the LDK’s management indicators in the first half of this year is still not optimistic, the company again reached 562 million Yuan net loss.

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4. GCL-poly or auction *ST Suri PV-acquisitions craze

*ST Suri in May this year after the suspension of the listing, bankruptcy reorganization has been accelerated. A few days ago, *ST Suri announcement because the company has been unable to complete the restructuring by itself, an urgent need to introduce the integration of powerful investors on the company’s business and provide debt financing. Company management decided to selected investors through public tender. According to reporters from the industry about recent investment again and GCL-poly energy has the potential to participate in the bidding. While with the pickup in the economy of the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic project merger wave will rise gradually.

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5. acquire stakes in Yun Ye new energy 90% Trina white of Yunnan’s largest single photovoltaic power plant

Yunnan metallurgy Energy Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as the clouds ye new-energy) heads “one of the largest photovoltaic power plant project under construction in China” and “the largest single photovoltaic power plant project in Yunnan province” Halo, so its stock transfer also attracted the attention of the industry.

On September 2, the PV mixer Trina said on its website, the company acquired through public bidding to Yun Ye 90% stake of new energy and Transferors of Yunnan metallurgy group property transaction contracts signed and its two subsidiaries.

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Character articles

1. Wu xinxiong: strong growth of China PV power installed capacity reached 22.42 million-kilowatt

Asia Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) at its 11th session of the energy ministers, 2nd Conference in Beijing. Vice Chairman of China’s national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration Wu xinxiong, presented at a news conference after the meeting, the meeting would strengthen energy security, improve energy efficiency and the development of sustainable communities, promote the development of clean energy resources, and exchanged views on issues such as clean fossil energy utilization, and reached a series of important consensus and issued the Beijing Declaration.

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2. Xue Liming: solar thermal power generation is a powerful investment

Hai Yang Xue Liming, Chairman of energy group company limited in August 23 solar-thermal power investment and financing of China delivered an important speech at the Summit, he noted that solar thermal power generation in the next 3-5 or within a longer period of time, must be the core points in the field of investment, will also be a very explosive areas of investment.

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3. Sun power Cao renxian: specialization is the soul and core of PV industry development

“Firm-industry component, system, invest for a while or do both. I think that both DG and the ground station, specialization is the soul and core of the PV industry. “Sun Power Corporation General Manager Cao renxian said.

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