PV fever hits Victoria market opportunities

Polaris solar PV net news: power quality, especially the guarantee of long-term reliability and power, has not set standards, and barriers to entry. If the phenomenon of bad money drives out good money, fledgling operations sector to suffer.

Been looking for out of the troughs recipe for Chinese PV companies, frequently involved in power plant and raw materials businesses. For example, recent jinko (hereinafter referred to as apt) announced that has 3 private-equity agreed xiangjing energy photovoltaic power plant and raw materials businesses invested $ 225 million.

In fact, from the 2012 China PV industry suddenly “cold case” began, domestic enterprises had been in contact with many industry upstream and downstream of the PV power plant investments. Prior to that, downstream and upstream core technologies market at both ends–which are “out” the embarrassment over the health of the domestic photovoltaic industry development, and this is Europe, “double reverse” (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy) could hit the most immediate cause of PV industry in China.

Almost at the same time, the Government has also started construction of the domestic PV market and policy guidance is very clear. Photovoltaic power plant construction boom which could help enterprises out of trouble?

PV enterprises now vitality

Figures show in 2012, about 4.5 gigawatts of photovoltaic installed capacity, 2013 then jumped to about 10 GW. Semiconductor industry research center for optoelectronics, according to CCID Consulting Division General Manager Chang Jinlong expects total PV installed capacity this year to at least reach about 10 GW.

Enables more rapid development of the domestic market in the upstream struggling PV enterprises seen in survival, it is not difficult to understand, Yingli, apt and other leading companies frequently involved in PV power plant and raw materials businesses.

Sitech Qian Jing said in an interview with reporters, global brand Director, jointly established with 3 private-equity sitech power and focus on promoting the construction of power plants is bullish on the domestic photovoltaic industry.

From the perspective of positioning itself, sitech since initial establishment strategically positioned for energy companies, aiming to provide a one-stop solar new energy solutions and become producers of photovoltaic energy.

Therefore, Qian Jing said sitech stretching from upstream to downstream step by step to form a complete industrial chain and were involved in downstream operations, meant to be companies were initially planned.

Moreover, Qian Jing stressed to reporters, stabilised, sustained domestic policy and a strong consensus on energy and environmental issues, makes investment in downstream power station into a set of long-term economic, ecological, environmental, energy and multiple benefits in one industry.

Chang Jinlong also told reporters that, with the introduction of electricity subsidy and other policies, and policy environment of the domestic photovoltaic industry has recently become more perfect, indeed is the plant’s good time to invest, opportunity to PV companies off the hook.

Qian Jing told reporters, will have in the future will be apt to power split-listing plan.

Finance closed sorry

However, PV power station construction is only survival companies off the hook.

Say “chance” because not all businesses can have huge amounts of capital to cope with the high cost of investment in power station.

Chang Jinlong pointed out that PV power plant construction does not require a high level of technical content, but it is required very large amount of funds, “invest in a 10 megawatt power plant needs at least 100 million yuan of funds. ”

Moreover, the photovoltaic industry overall financing situation is not optimistic, plenty of small photovoltaic manufacturing businesses, to get involved in power station construction very difficult. Therefore, can secure more funding become the sticking point in the next stage of development.

Qian Jing said the ATP has been able to attract 3 private-equity, derived from their forward-looking strategic thinking and at an early stage of market distribution.

Even more important is that the profitability of businesses in recent years is directly linked with the capital’s attention, and mostly concerns the object of the investment company. This reporter learned that, sitech strong business growth in recent years, strong financial data laid the Foundation for the successful financing.

However, it is clear that not all businesses such as sitech tried to tap into the lower reaches of this successful financing, lack of funding remains the most insurmountable obstacles to development. In this regard, Chang Jinlong pointed out that in addition to local governments are willing to provide support, enterprises can in fact complementary material, such as during a development process relates to core equipment of PV to turn a profit.

“Actually the profits higher value-added for this session, and less need to cost a lot of money than the investment power and raw materials. “Chang Jinlong said.

Operation market prospects can be

With the advent of domestic photovoltaic power plant investment boom, were always an afterthought of operations market has begun to emerge.

Meng Xiangan told reporters China renewable energy society, Governments around the time of PV projects in the past, “installing” turmoil, there have been a lot of testing, inspection and follow-up management issues.

“How big is the single-minded pursuit of installed capacity in the past, is actually really useful, and must guarantee quality and efficiency. “Meng Xiangan said.

The introduction of the new electricity subsidies, making power output the indexes began to really get the attention. “The past is through the installed capacity to assess subsidies and incorporation does not belong to the category assessment. Now after the electricity is to be given subsidies, I think the current policy environment is very good, reflected the importance of maintenance. “Chang Jinlong said.

Qian Jing also noted that PV quality relates to quality, plant design, construction, and operation and maintenance of equipment. Operation links are after the power station was put to use, the maintenance of original high-quality means of power production.

Over the years, to improve components for PV power generation efficiency and reduce costs as the biggest target. In fact, power generation efficiency limit affected by the technology, it is very difficult to increase 1% efficiency. However, if by the method of operation and maintenance, without the need to increase power generation efficiency can improve power output and reduce costs.

Chang Jinlong said: “battery does not maintain long-term decay occurs, only regular maintenance will ensure efficiency of power generation. As long as the operation and maintenance done, plant’s efficiency will present an entirely different situation. ”

Photovoltaic power plant in the past typically built by investors or enterprises of the power station operation and maintenance. Chang Jinlong pointed out that with the rise of power plant construction, there will be more specialization maintenance enterprise and market.

In February this year and CNCA jointly issued the Declaration on the strengthening of national energy PV product testing and certification tasks views, requirements for PV product quality, mandatory testing and certification in the country.

Qian Jing pointed out that such opinions only at the product level. And for power quality, especially the guarantee of long-term reliability and power, has not set standards, and barriers to entry. If the phenomenon of bad money drives out good money, will let the fledgling industry to suffer. She wants the State to come up with industry standards and barriers to building a quality power station to protect utility investors interest and enthusiasm for grid power.

In this regard, the Golden Dragon has been endorsed by: “the new operation and maintenance industry need to be country-driven policy paper Guide, to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry. ”

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