PV policy thought further market expansion

Polaris solar PV net news: the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed PV policy published on September 4, against the restricting factors of the current development of the distributed generation market for comprehensive policy adjustments. Compared to last year’s distributed photovoltaic-related policies, adjustment of the “new deal” the biggest highlight is the full Internet access and new formulations of price subsidies. Market analysts believe that policy thought further, market expansion, solar companies are expected to compete to gain industry-wide chain.

Industry calls for shift in policy

Last August, for the implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry advises the requirement, on play, national development and Reform Commission issued notification of price leverage to promote healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, clear basic policy framework for distributed PV power generation. But after the policy did not lead to the construction of distributed solar power projects. According to the national energy Bureau, China’s new distributed solar PV installed capacity of 1GW, accomplished only 8GW goals for this new year prepared by the beginning of the National Energy Board 12.5%.

The industry have pointed out that distributed PV starts hard, mainly regarding the financing, incorporations and key policies such as price subsidies could not be further improved in place, uncertain returns. So far this year, the industry has been calling for to proceed to the appropriate policy adjustments.

This notification will dredge step by step a series of factors that restrict the development of the industry. Such as, in industrial park zhiwai, policy encourages using abandoned land, and mountain shortage Po, and agricultural big shed construction station, and in-depth rural and agricultural facilities combines; in financing aspects, encourages Bank, financial institutions and local government cooperation established distributed PV power project financing service platform, on distributed PV power project provides offers loan, exploration to project sale electric charges right and project assets for pledge of loan mechanism.

Brokerage analysts told reporters, this notice the biggest bright spot, knowing the future development model of distributed PV question. Notice, the future will be incorporated into the planning of distributed PV demonstration areas, exploring distributed PV electricity trading pilot power station in the project file can be selected when the roof “spontaneous use, residual power” or “full Internet” mode. “Full Internet” project’s total generating capacity by grid enterprises new benchmark in accordance with local solar power station bid. “Spontaneous use, surplus power” mode-executed projects, significant reduction in electricity load or power supply unable to meet their circumstances, allow changes to “full Internet” mode.

For previously is enterprise criticized of distributed electric price subsidies way problem, notification proposed, in ground or using agricultural big shed, no power consumption facilities construction, and to 35,000 v and the following voltage grade access grid (Northeast 66,000 v and the following), and single project capacity not over 20,000-kilowatt and by electricity main in and dot variable radio district elimination na of PV station project, into distributed PV power scale indicators management, Executive local PV station benchmark Internet electric price.

Dredging industry bottlenecks

The introduction of distributed PV “new deal”, by further electricity price subsidy as a key leverage, will vigorously push forward domestic business model of distributed PV projects mature.

The brokerage researcher indicated that, in accordance with the previously enacted by the “0.42 Yuan/degree” subsidy, distributed PV shall be in accordance with actual power to apply for subsidies. Due to the potential for grid-connected and the user’s own problems, it is often difficult to achieve the desired output, greatly reduced the level of benefit is expected. If the reference ground power station new benchmark unified price, you mean that subsidies to the “front end”. This way of subsidies for mature businesses became more confident.

In addition, for distributed electricity generation can be “full Internet”, the researcher said, it would avoid “spontaneous use of” insufficient power load and electricity caused by clearing channels and other problems. Meanwhile, ground power station new benchmark average around 0.8 Yuan/degrees of Internet access pricing, items before generating the amount of subsidies will be 0.42 Yuan/degree 1 time, appropriate ground station of the internal rate of return is expected to reach the same level of 10% per cent. In accordance with the policy intent, this year efforts will be made to ensure that distributed photovoltaic installed above 10GW of scale. Policies under the powerful booster, is expected to set off the construction of distributed solar power projects, and warming will further speed up the pace of the photovoltaic industry.

Many active layout listed company distributed PV development. Eicon Technology disclosed in company control of distributed PV 11.33 megawatts at present, 2013 non-public offering of 970 million yuan of the money raised, mainly used in construction of Wuxi and Suzhou, Ganzhou 80MW total of distributed PV power generation projects. Recent interest linyang electronics, also promoting the construction of distributed PV plants in various locations.

Original title: distributed PV new deal calls for adjustments in the industry policy

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