Renewable energy quota management: implementation of “reward and punishment”

Polaris solar PV net news: recently held in Beijing “the 2014 solar leaders Summit”, Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission says Ren Dongming, Director of the Centre for renewable energy development in mid-August, Director of the national development and Reform Commission meeting has passed the renewable electricity quotas assessment procedures (trial implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the assessment), also recently completed the final revision. Next, the document will be submitted to the State development and Reform Commission for approval.

In the assessment, National Energy Board, management will be an examination of different provinces, able to fulfill targets would be “reduced scale petrochemical power generation project” punishment and clear incentives for provinces are completed, such as non-renewable electricity consumption can be factored into the amount of energy-saving of water, while not included in the total energy consumption.

Quota implementation of “reward and punishment”

“Renewable energy quota system, if implemented, is equivalent to national requirements for new energy production and eliminate playing shape. “Beijing Hui Sun electric technology co founder Ren Kai told reporters.

This reporter learned that, from different provinces and cities according to the location of the assessment methods, divided into North, Northeast, East, South, Southwest and Northwest in six regions, defined the various provinces and cities in 2015, 2017 and 2020 renewable electricity quotas for basic and advanced indicators. Among them, the quota system the assessment includes wind power, solar power, biomass power generation three.

And earlier consultation draft will be classified into four categories, indicators different from 1%~15%, this file to set the basic and advanced indicators. In the basic indicators of the 2015,, the three Northeastern provinces, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, the most 10%, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces the quota at least for 2% in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Tibet and Qinghai provinces index 7%, the rest of the index of Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces 4%.

In terms of specific actions, the implementation of reward and punishment system. Did not meet quotas or significantly behind schedule in years in provinces and cities will suspend or reduce its new petrochemical generation projects. For exceeding quotas on basic indicators area, excess power consumption the control limits are not included in the total energy consumption in the region, to achieve the advanced index, demonstration projects, financial support, priority will be given to construction of power grids and other support.

According to Ren Dongming said, comprehensive Department, National Energy Board had already made under the consultation draft issue including the State grid and China Southern power grid, into five power generation companies, China Guangdong nuclear, energy and many other large companies, in February this year eventually recovered 28 companies of more than more than 60 recommendations.

“Feedback from local and enterprise in view of the comments are of the view that implementation of a quota system is necessary, it is recommended that part of the national development and Reform Commission on completion as soon as possible after implementation. “Ren Dongming said enterprise feedback opinion focuses on proposed responsibilities, targets set, transaction mechanisms, and other common problems, also includes a specific accounting methods, the inspection cycle, supporting measures such as new.

Prior to that, renewable energy has been seeking a quota system for nearly 10 years. In 2007, the State Council proposed renewable portfolio standard: power plants, power grid enterprises and local governments three main proposed binding renewable energy quota.

But it was not until February 2012, the National Energy Board new Energy Division in developing the renewable energy quota management measures (draft for discussion) (hereinafter referred to as discussion papers), are clear power plant was committed to the development of renewable energy obligations, is to protect the power grid enterprises purchasing quota obligations of principal, local governments bear the obligation to eliminate quotas.

However, provinces and cities for specific issues such as quota dispute, several changes have been made in the above-mentioned document, and the delay in release.

New energy plus

“There is already to the timing of implementation of renewable portfolio standard. “Long-term concern that policy Lin boqiang, Director of China Center for energy economics research at Xiamen University believes that in recent years China’s renewable energy such as wind power and PV installed capacity has grown rapidly, the production costs of enterprises has decreased significantly, market operation basically mature, provides a basis for promoting renewable portfolio standard conditions.

Lin boqiang says, in the “desert wind” “abandoned” in Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, with frequent power rich areas plus more. Quotas mandatory is to ask the power company with a new energy, forcing power companies to buy a certain amount of renewable energy generation, forcing local support for renewable energy generation projects. These “forced” to a great extent, will solve Internet problems of renewable energy, and to further rationalize the market.

Ren Dongming, to support the new energy such as solar, is to stimulate the economy and governance in China haze inevitable.

By Europe and the double impact, China’s PV industry in previous years there have been losses, management difficulties and chain triggered a debt crisis, some enterprises go bankrupt, the industrial situation is a crisis. So, how to start the Chinese PV market are placed in front of policymakers on the other, fossil fuels are the main cause of smog in China, to adjust energy structure, encouraging more use of renewable energy has become one of the China’s energy development strategy.

“There is an important reason, we state the last two years of economic slowdown, and large downward pressures on the economy. “Ren Dongming believes that the development of new energy, throughout the construction of new energy projects, but also conducive to stimulating economic growth.

Along with a series of national policies, supported by strong momentum in the development of new energy enterprises in China. To the total PV installed capacity, for example, 2009 PV installed capacity market is just beginning in 2013, had reached 15 million-kilowatt by the end of the scale. Meanwhile, the PV-related companies have started to restore confidence and began losses, business conditions began to improve, in particular, ease China PV disputes last year. This is a national policy for the entire photovoltaic industry out of trouble with the conditions.

National Energy Board new energy new energy revealed Dong Xiufen, Director of the renewable energy Division, later will also increase the Government’s policy towards new energy grid floor, including the coordination of monetary policies, the scale of development goals, local policies, such as improving and adjusting.

Ren Dongming also suggested that in addition to Central Government money for subsidies, local governments should enact policies to support distributed in photovoltaic development.

In the view of many industry professionals, implementation of renewable portfolio standard, focusing on the implementation of policies.

Energy saving solar technology company Chairman Cao Huabin believes that the main problem with quotas is that each index is assigned to the following in the province, or to a different project. For each province must focus on can accomplish indexes of the country this year, if we had granted to the enterprise’s projects were not completed within the time limit, you can consider withdrawing and leaving others to do.

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