Response to double up Yang Ke, a Tai Chi move on the Southeast Asian market

Polaris solar PV net news: in response to United States new double variables, solar-powered factory started overseas distribution, Sheng Yang Ke, announced on September 11, Malaysia joint venture factory producing batteries. Tai Chi is also expected Taiwan removed about 20% battery capacity to Viet Nam.

Sheng Yang Ke announced at RM 100 million Yuan (about 950 million NT dollars) and Malaysia joint venture battery plant TEKSENG holding company TSSolartech, will set up solar cell production line, initially planning to set 2, each of the production capacity of about 70-80MW, plans to complete and put into operation by the end.

Guangyun Tai Chi for the parent company in Viet Nam have strongholds, in response to the United States a new pair when planning overseas distribution, with regard to Viet Nam for consideration, and established a new joint venture company will work with the parent company, including Tai Chi 90% stake, investments amounting to us $ 10.8 million (approximately US $ 324 million), line capacity about 100MW. Chi estimated that Viet Nam positions starting in the 4th quarter the fastest production.

Original title: response to double up Yang Ke, Tai Chi in South-East Asia

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