Sales Director, Suntech America: Latin America PV market: opportunities and challenges

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Suntech Power Holdings (“Suntech”), Director of Americas sales RobertHo an interview, talked about Latin America in the solar market opportunities and challenges.

“We believe that solar energy in Latin America there is a tendency to spread, and that this trend will continue. Solar power is becoming more popular, and incentive policy is bound to catch up, particularly in the context of traditional energy costs continued to remain high. “RobertHo said.

Reporter: a few days ago, Suntech Intersolar exhibition South America explore potential customers. Will talk about Latin America market potential of solar energy?

Ho: currently, Suntech in Mexico’s performance is a strong momentum of development. Recently we have just 30 MW components are supplied to the AuraSolarI project in the country. Not just Mexico, Latin America other solar energy market also increased substantially in space. We believe Intersolar South America with intent to expand the Latin America markets business provides an ideal bridge.

Latin America booming solar market demand, we think that Suntech products has bright prospects in this area. Latin America is a subtropical climate, conducive to the development of the solar industry. In addition, as an alternative and affordable energy, solar PV is expected to drive development across the region. Intersolar we explored South America the potential market opportunities. In addition, for residential, commercial and utility-level facilities to provide off-grid and grid-connected solutions, we see Brazil, and Chile, and Mexico contains interesting business opportunities in the market.

Reporter: what countries do you think will lead Latin America market? What are push factors?

Ho: Brazil, and Mexico and Chile is now Latin America’s most exciting market. These three market demand for clean energy is a geometric increase, while solar power is expected to become a strong driving force. The past 5 years, solar power costs in three steady decline, plus utility-level photovoltaic power plant profitability growth and Government launched the clean energy initiative, solar deployment easier, more attractive to investors.

Suntech America Sales Director RobertHo

Reporter: according to a report released by the International Energy Agency on August 28 expects solar market will grow strongly in emerging markets. However, the debate about distributed PV policy could become an uncertain factor. This point applies to the Latin American market?

Ho: to some extent, apply. For example, in Chile, net metering or DGs need to be further enhanced, providing incentives to promote sector development of residential and commercial roofing systems, which enable individuals to generate their own energy supplies can be used for personal energy needs extra energy can also be used to support grid. These policies is vital for investors. For example, Suntech is suitable not only for the net metering system also applied to major public utilities system, but still requires a transparent regulatory system to ensure the healthy development of the market.

Mexico has a much stronger policy frameworks expanding solar market. In 2007, net metering Bill is widely used in Mexico residential community.

Reporter: energy legislation in the area of influence of Mexico, and Brazil that solar energy market?

Ho: the need to vigorously develop renewable energy incentive policies in these areas. However, we believe that solar energy in Latin America there is a tendency to spread, and that this trend will continue. Solar power is more and more popular, and incentive policy is bound to catch up, particularly in the context of traditional energy costs still high.

In Brazil, public bidding, and FIT net metering project subsidies will jointly promote the expansion of the solar energy market. It is reported that Brazil special tender will be launched in October this year a solar project. We are interested in this, because it’s Brazil special for the first time publicly-funded solar project bidding activities. Investment with industry growing Brazil market increased demand for photovoltaic solutions, photovoltaic industry’s Outlook is bright. We expect this from Brazil Energy Research Institute and sponsored by the National Development Bank bidding activities will promote the development of the local content rule, so as to further boost the local manufacturing capacity and the job market.

In addition, the Mexico Government has established an impressive renewable energy targets. The planned 2020 PV installed capacity of 2000 MW of the country. The future, Suntech hopes to further expand Mexico solar market, building blocks for growth of the photovoltaic industry in the country.

Reporter: competing with traditional energy sources in the Latin America countries which solar energy sector stand out? In terms of competitiveness, traditional energy solar power how to win?

Ho: as the Latin America sun radiation intensity is high in many countries, enabling PV power production, solar PV is expected to be a favorable alternative to replace fossil fuels. On legislation, renewable energy targets and growing energy demand, Brazil, and Chile, and Mexico are expected to be “pioneers”.

In addition, we should also be concerned about flexibility issues. Suntech near Bangkok have been an installed capacity of 45 megawatts of photovoltaic power plant (one of Southeast Asia’s largest solar power project) supply of solar panels. This project has become Thailand flexibility of energy an integral part of the supply chain–the most notable example in 2011 after the great flood, the plant quickly resumed.

Flexibility is an important competitive solar power compared to conventional energy characteristics. Now, more and more vulnerable to natural disasters, solar PV ought to be considered as a very flexible, reliable and competitive source of energy.

In view of the increasing energy demand and prices, people’s attention gradually shifted to affordable energy. Traditional energy price increases will help enhance the competitiveness of solar power. Brazil, and Chile, and Mexico’s recent investment performance of these countries in the region as a whole played an important role in the development of the solar industry. (Translator: Krystal)

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