Shandong Weifang 25MW ground grid-connected PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, Shandong Weifang Jing Shiqian 25MW PV grid-connected power generation. It is reported that the project is a ground of the first grid-connected PV power station in Shandong province, when the yearly energy production up to 45 million-kilowatt.

According to understanding, Shandong Weifang Jing Shiqian 25MW PV station is located in Shandong Weifang City Marina economic zone Harbour Logistics Park, accounted for to more than 700 over acres, points 20 a PV power unit, respectively by DC Confluence box, and inverse variable device boost Hou meeting received to PV station within 35,000 v switch station bus, used single bus wiring, by 35,000 v line access 110,000 v Dragon Granville substation, to 35,000 v voltage grade access grid.

After the plant’s power generation, according to time of 6 hours of light a day, 300 days a year effective days, when an annual generating capacity of about 45 million-kilowatt, saving 13,500 tons of standard coal, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 35,000 tons, sulfur dioxide emission 115 tons.

According to reports, the power plant investment of 280 million Yuan, calculated in accordance with 1.2 Yuan per unit, can recoup their investment costs within 6 years. In addition, the PV power plant combined with the geographical characteristics of coastal mud flat, a “Polish fishing under” pattern of PV above, below, fish farming, excavation of PV panels beneath the ground into a pond used to breed shrimp, crabs and other marine fish, and “power generation, fish does not delay.”

During construction at the plant, Weifang supply grid-connected companies actively provided advisory and preliminary acceptance was organized on August 15 in the power system protection, automatic scheduling, communication, and combined transformers have been inspected, to find out that a written summary of the issues, and as power plant technicians, construction workers and puts the car-oriented, grid-connected ensure smooth implementation of the plant in September.

Original title: Shandong Weifang 25MW ground grid-connected PV power station

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