Solar charging stations for electric vehicles to help break down can also charge (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: electric car if the battery runs out and broke down, and off the grid cover place, need special remedial measures. EnvisionSolar solar-powered EV charging station was intended to be erected along the road, catch up with the tide of the Tesla electric car, it was preparing to bring clean energy to require this service for companies, cities, roads, clearing the way for the popularization of electric vehicles to further!

Envision, before leaving the parking lot is a good car battery factory, now catch up with the tide of electric vehicles, is preparing to bring clean energy to the next hot car-charging, and to businesses requiring quick, easy to promote this service or city.

EVARC, as self regeneration of the electric vehicle charger, simply put, is a parking pad configuration 2.3 kW of solar arrays, batteries can reach 22KWh, which was barely enough to cover a car charging day. But when the most used vehicles should be charging, charging that owners of idle time on the way. Electric Board equipped with EVARC EnvisionTrak, technologies, support the solar panels from time to time throughout the day to track the Sun.

As a semi tractor-portable charger, 5 minutes to complete installation of weights, mats weight sufficient to maintain the solar zone 193Km/h customs environment.

EnvisionSolar CEO says a charger prices set at 40,000 dollars in early, the use of such clean energy price subsidies, there should be some tax relief, combined with the power of money saved, will make private car parks should be the long-term profit.

Yesterday, United States the New York Times columnist Stuart believes that Tesla Electric cars face many barriers in the diffusion process, due to the imperfection of charging stations and related facilities, consumers spent more than 70,000 dollars after buying a home, may find that it is just a toy. EnvisionSolar tells us that surrounding the car industry is willing to boost electric vehicles, together to help it solve problems, accelerating the process of electric vehicles in General!

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