Solar thermal power generation, “waiting to fly” 2020 market size or multi-billion

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation, due to its heat storage system of solar thermal power generation, flexible scheduling, continuous stable power and peak power generation, to ensure smooth and controllable power output, with grid-friendly properties, it became the world can serve as an important source of base load electricity.

Solar thermal power, which uses massive arrays of parabolic or dish-shaped mirrors to collect solar heat through the heat exchanger steam, combined with the traditional process of turbo-generator, so as to achieve the purpose of power generation.

Its principles through mirrors sunlight onto solar collectors, solar heat collection device in the heat transfer medium (liquid or gas), to heat water into steam-driven or direct-drive generators to generate electricity.

Compared to photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation easily due to stable power output power to dissolve, compared with Silicon photovoltaic technology, is expected to reduce the cost of solar power. In addition, compared to other forms of solar energy conversion, solar hot water could be stored in huge containers, in the hours after the Sun will still be able to drive the turbo-generator.

Break policies

Many people in Government and business have said that before the end of October 2014 launch expected very strong to photothermal development policies, industry-2014 has been called the “first year of solar thermal development of China.”

Solar-thermal power generation in China never experienced, the biggest constraint is the policy. The most direct reference, are both forms of photovoltaic solar power generation. In 2013, in order to absorb excess capacity in State for photovoltaic power introduced a series of policies, including pricing, direct stimulation of the domestic PV market opening. This year, China PV installed capacity exceeds 11GW, almost United States PV module annual production capacity of the company.

At this stage, scenery, such as rapid development of new energy, directly depending on the Government’s policies. Solar thermal industry due to the smaller, three years have not been too many government departments concerned, this is quite different from solar thermal and PV development in China’s most fundamental reason.

Previously, cgnpc, the first charged with solar energy and energy saving, and five power generation groups has the intent of investing in solar thermal, but are carefully tested, large-scale projects have little.

In June 2014, the National Energy Board released the survey of solar thermal power capacity commissioned letter, the principal electric power planning and Design Institute, national solar power industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as solar thermal industry Federation) and three units of China water resources and hydropower planning and Design Institute, to mapping the solar thermal industry development situation in China and provide reference for final sectoral policies.

Solar thermal Industry Association said that as of July 15, they issued a total of 124 research form, and 107 of them have received a reply. Meanwhile, the expert group also examined 12 typical companies, data analysis showed that the support and the trough solar thermal power Tower two prototype technology manufacturing industry chain form, the current localization rate is above 90%.

Multi-billion dollar market to be developed

It is understood that the solar thermal power industry in our country has experienced a decade of development, however, solar-thermal power generation in China has not achieved substantial progress. Ten years ago would have been my first operation of commercial solar-thermal power generation projects. At that time, pioneer in solar-thermal power generation, “Germany solar Millennium company” headquarters personnel and districts representatives actively promoting 50MWe trough power plant in Ordos, China’s preparatory work. In 2011, the project consists of construction of a central bid investment. However, due to the unreasonable pricing, bid price significantly away from the rational values, long in the pending status of the item.

However, 2014, the national energy Bureau, the NDRC’s price Department, General Electric power planning and Design Institute, and other departments have convened two Symposium on solar thermal power generation, to advance the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects focused on the related issues. Development of solar-thermal power generation industries, the Government again put on the agenda, and solar-thermal power developers have regained confidence.

At present, the resources in a project than control in the five major power companies, and private developers are gearing up. Some analysts believe that, after early demonstration stage, solar thermal industry is expected to usher in the outbreak period.

According to China’s Government had previously planned, to achieve 3 gigawatts of solar-thermal power installed capacity by 2020 of the minimum target, calculated in units kW cost fallen to 30,000 Yuan by 2020, solar-thermal power generation market in China will exceed the scale of billions of dollars.

Commercial prospects can be

According to China’s medium-and long-term development plan, annual solar resource exploitation amount in China reached 1.7 trillion tons of standard coal equivalent, including wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal and other renewable energy equivalent to no more than 6 billion tons of standard coal. Experts estimate that solar thermal power generation market prospects in China.

According to reports, the current development direction of solar energy include solar thermal and PV in two camps. At present, the PV industry’s core technology is all in the hands of the developed countries. European Governments to offer incentives to support business development of solar photovoltaic industry, using subsidies to encourage mass use of solar energy.

As we all know, Europe is not in his own country to produce polysilicon, but having polysilicon production in developing countries. China’s solar energy industry experts say, the “polysilicon production is an energy-intensive process that generates huge quantities of carbon dioxide, which has a carbon emissions issue, if the developed from the developing countries to purchase raw materials for solar poly-silicon, you must purchase the carbon emissions generated by developing countries use the funds to deal with the technical issues. “In addition, is the cost of photovoltaic power generation thermal power 10 times, high costs have hindered the development of photovoltaic power generation speed.

And core technologies, raw materials out of the country, high energy consumption, the production of electricity compared to the high cost of photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation has “a core technology, production materials need glass and steel” advantage.

“Compared to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation is more convenient and the domestic grid butt, because basic principles of solar-thermal power and coal-fired power similar to the principle of, and internal network construction of power generation is mainly dominated by thermal power generation. Due to the photovoltaic power generation is the use of multi carrier such as converting light energy into electrical energy, so the traditional great power control capability test. “Insiders said Jiang Qian, solar-thermal power generation is not going to peak, peak load causing a lot of pressure, this is the absolute advantage.

At present, the solar thermal power industry has taken shape in China and related companies have entered the industrial chain upstream and downstream links, emerged a number of enterprises in key parts of development, China has basically all the major equipment and key components of solar thermal power generation. Also, solar thermal power generation industry chain length, or accelerate development can promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

In addition, during the construction of solar thermal power stations in digestible, such as steel, glass, cement, aluminum current excess capacity and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry such as machinery, electronics, and promoting the development of power generation equipment manufacturing high end. Yao Zhihao said, this is an opportunity of China’s manufacturing sector, once has leveraged industry, equipment manufacturing will be a trillion market, and may be available to the world of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

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