SolarWorld supported United States proposed spy laws

Polaris solar PV net news: SolarWorldAmericas recently supported the proposed bipartisan legislation in order to strengthen the protection of business secrets.

The component manufacturer is the people’s Liberation Army (PLA) members referred to prosecution of one of five of the affected companies. Pricing information, manufacturing, data is said to be in 2012 and its business strategy is to hackers. United States Commerce Department is currently considering the allegations for a long time to investigate the influence of solar trade.

New legislation proposed by Senators Chris ˙ Coons (ChrisCoons) and the Olympus ˙ hatch (OrrinHatch) support, unified trade protection, and its copyright, trademark and patent laws under equal conditions. The supporting bills, by Representative George ˙ Holding (GeorgeHolding) suggested that the recently passed by the Judiciary Committee.

SolarWorldAmericas DesariStrader, Director of government relations, said: “United States companies need the most powerful tool in the fight against cyber attacks, as well as for their trade secret theft. Give these companies the Federal right of civil action would prevent the use of illegally obtained information about the Government and quasi-government organizations. ”

Strader said: “as an organization, such as CrowdStrike’s leading Internet security company, recently reported that hacker groups such as this one, stealing Western intellectual property and financial, sales and cost data, is designed to provide competitive advantages for Chinese industries. ”

She added: “two years later, although access to business secrets, we still exist, to be sure, we will use all the tools available for United States jobs United States fight innovation. ”

Manufacturers include 3M, General Electric (GE), DuPont (DuPont) and Philips (Philips), supported the proposed new legislation.

Democratic Senator Chris ˙ Coons, “said intellectual property rights to promote United States economy has never been more important or fragile. Congress needs to pass this legislation to prevent job losses and income losses resulting from theft of trade secrets. ”

Original title: SolarWorld supported United States proposed spy laws

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