Suspected associate of Nanyang technology increased reproduction of Jersey City figure account “Zheng Suzhen” 130 million fully underwritten supporting fundraising

Polaris solar PV net news: Nanyang Technological figure increased reproduction of Jersey City

Suspected Ze Hee associated account “Zheng Suzhen” 130 million fully underwritten supporting fundraising

With “fast track approach” characterized by private-equity firms Jersey City investment started to change styles, frequently raise directional add-issuance of listed companies since last year that chemically market. A few days ago, Jersey City’s “shadow” appears again in the listed companies increased programme of science and technology in Southeast Asia, but shares directly subscribe projects different is that the suspected Shanghai zexi associated investment account “Zheng Suzhen” fully underwritten supporting science and technology increase the fundraising stakes in Southeast Asia.

Suspected accounts frequency appear

Nanyang Tech bulletins, the March this year, increased its programme, 66 million yuan in cash and the issuance of 64.186 million shares of the company combined way, buying a stake in Dong Xucheng, Ningbo material technology 80% and to raise matching funds, the remaining funds will be used for company has started to invest in the “produce 16,000 tons of LCD liquid crystal optical pet film project” construction.

On September 26, the Nanyang technology announcements for increased project implementation reports, disclosure of specific information concerning the relevant shares. Report shows, this collection of supporting and financing the issuance price of 5.8 yuan per share issue price set at 8.18 yuan per share, issue 15.892 million shares, raise capital of 130 million Yuan, Zheng Suzhen natural persons are targeted to be finalized for 1 investors.

According to the Shanghai municipal industrial and commercial Bureau information, Zheng Suzhen Ze city investments, was one of the earliest legal representatives, while Shanghai zexi investment is the legal representative of drama. Zheng Suzhen drama mother have been rumours in the market, namely Zheng Suzhen accounts associated to invest in Jersey City. If this is true, it also means that Jersey City investment by increasing of the associated account was indirectly involved in the Nanyang Technological …

The suspected Shanghai zexi investment account that is associated, “Zheng Suzhen” too frequent in recent years in the a-share market. In February this year, Heyzer added through equity auctions get first 15.69% equity, its elected 3 successfully appeared in the listed company’s Board of Directors. Public information display, Heyzer added legal representative is Xu Bailiang, shareholders are with Zheng Suzhen Xu Bailiang, holds 99% and 1% shares respectively. Earlier, in September 2012, letong 8.39 Yuan price per share shares intended to be non-public offering of 60 million shares, including Zhuhai Zhi Ming limited issuance of 19 million shares, issuing 31 million shares to Zheng Suzhen, issue 10 million shares to ouyanghuazhen.

Shares the next day trading

Nanyang technology shares increased the effective subscription of the subscription invitation quotes time is September 9, 8:30~12:00, a total of 15 of the subscription object provides a valid subscription offer. Among them, Zheng Suzhen highest, to 8.19 Yuan per share, and purchase amounts are a maximum, reaching 130 million Yuan; second-place Li of Guangxi marine Center purchase amounts, totals about 39 million yuan of additional investment.

Because of the support the fundraising issue shares was priced at 8.18 yuan per share, Guangxi Li Hai Zheng Suzhen and prescribed with success, but due to the number of Guangxi Li Hai and voluntarily waived by the rights issue, final Zheng Suzhen arrogation of the combined fundraising total, stake 15.892 million shares, subscribed capital paid 130 million Yuan, accounted for 2.73% of the total share capital after the release of rights issue.

Guangxi Li Hai’s exit, Nanyang Tech Bulletin does not disclose the reasons. But on September 9, shortly after the purchase is completed, midday Nanyang Tech Stocks rallied, eventually grew by 2.55% to next day on September 10, the shares in the case of no significant positive, open soon direct midday trading.

Looks back on September 10, his data, buy five transaction totals 69.07 million Yuan, sold the first five transactions amounts to 34.32 million Yuan, including buying two of the top five sales offices for organizations dedicated, the remaining three sales offices are in Zhejiang, respectively, guotai Junan securities, Cixi, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Galaxy securities and Everbright securities.

Said one private-sector investments: “in recent years, Jersey City keen on and even the local unit Ningbo of Zhejiang Province increased market, thermoelectric, Ningbo, from some of the larger initiative, now Nanyang technology, (Jersey City stakes in these companies) are mainly because of personal connections and facilitate the communication of concerns. ”

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