Tech giants love energy-saving: the Apple as the “flying saucer” carpeted headquarters of PV modules

Polaris solar PV net news: the high level of external walls, progress for secrecy, these traditional tactic obviously can not stop people to Apple (Apple) company “flying saucers” bursting curiosity of new headquarters. This is Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) before public appearances the last release in the works.

According to foreign media reports, recently a YouTube user manipulate the drones flew over the not yet completed Apple’s new headquarters and Gopro cameras capture the shocking scene: at present, the Foundation has been playing well throughout the building, into the second-tier circular wall, surrounding facilities are also being improved gradually. Compare with construction vehicles on the ground, the building is like a science fiction movie the spacecraft base, Grand and vast.

Gopro camera Apple (Apple) company “flying saucer” foundations of the new headquarters

Funny thing is, Apple and solar, these two seemingly companion things, this seamlessly.

When California decided to create the new Apple’s new headquarters, the design industry as a whole is to hold your breath–does this mean, the new headquarters building will follow the Big Mac of its iPad, iPhone and other industrial art both clever, smooth and cool style?

It is reported that this 4-story circular building covers an area of up to 2.8 million square feet (about 260,000 square meters) and can accommodate up to 14,200 employees, is expected to be completed in 2016. Building among gorgeous gardens, 6000 trees make it green area reaches 80%. Steve born’s own words to describe as “a landing spacecraft”, while the San Francisco weekly, playful likened it to “oversized glazed Donuts”.

“Flying saucer” is mainly composed of a field Centre for low-carbon energy supply, will use more than 650,000 square meters of rooftop solar panels (enough to produce 800KW of energy, 1MW=1000KW,1KW=1000W) to offset energy use and increase the trappings of solar, wind, climate response window, and so on, in order to achieve “zero energy expenditure”, the city’s electricity grid will serve as backup power resources. Thanks to the glass panels and Windows, the building for most of the year without the use of air conditioning at all times. Upon completion, the behemoth of the roof will be nation’s largest photovoltaic array.

But Apple and PV origins did not stop there. In addition to the technology giant, which is another somewhat low-key supporter and active promoter of renewable energy.

Ranked first and installed capacity different from the retail giant Wal-Mart, Apple’s usual practice was in data centers around the large PV projects.

Apple data center in North Carolina area assuming Apple include app store, AppStore, iTunes, Siri series of online services such as data processing, the energy consumed by all of its use of renewable energy and curbing greenhouse-gas emissions, while reducing energy consumption through eco-design. The data center was built with two sets of 20MW solar array and 10MW methane fuel cell, to generate 167 million kWh of energy each year to meet demand for energy in data centers.

Just two months ago, the United States media reported, Claremont, California’s City Hall has passed Apple in the Driftwood area near third PV applications. PV of this 17.5MW the project’s initial investment of about $ 55 million, and indirectly create 75 jobs.

Another industry leader Google has made a similar choice. A few years ago, Google has set ambitious energy strategy. At present, the company’s investment in solar and wind power totalling more than $ 1 billion.

Neither Apple or Google, heavily involved in renewable energy fields purpose is clearly not as simple as make eye, high energy consumption in the data center, in front of California’s high electricity prices, relying on renewable energy offset the cost is where the logic of its energy strategy.

For Internet companies, the high energy consumption in the data center is always lingering problems, plagued by environmental groups criticized. The New York Times has reported that “cloud” services provide foundational support for data center is actually a greater efficiency than the guy who is very low. In accordance with the relevant test results, these data centers to maintain the operation of all electrical energy around 10% of electricity as a data processing work, while the remaining 90% power is used to keep the load of the server, and other auxiliary equipment operations.

2013 fourth quarter, Google’s data center and infrastructure spending as much as $ 2.25 billion. This enormous amount of money the company heavily involved in solar, wind and other alternative energy sources one of the reasons, it wants to use the energy to power distribution in data centers and servers around the world. This will not only protect its own energy needs, but also to build environmentally responsible corporate image, Internet executives so why not?

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