Technology breakthrough solar industry is new business models

Polaris solar PV net news: Shandong Texas solar energy utilization in the recently held Fourth Expo, “future house” this concept as the industry’s biggest excitement. Future house full title is “future green life enlightenment of popular Science Museum”, which is expected to become the world’s most dazzling and coolest House, micro-row will also become a zero-carbon, energy-saving environmental protection, low energy focused on the real life of the Museum.

With the “future house” of science education of universal access, “House of the future” energy use and emissions standards will promote the national energy saving standards for buildings, and related industries development concept and new changes in business models.

“House of the future is a major technology and ideas in the history of solar energy industry breakthroughs, and dramatically increase the level of integration of solar energy and buildings, did that 100 of the world’s most beautiful house plans in the future, is a miracle of human utilization of solar energy history. “” International Green organization “sponsor rural energy industry association of China, one of the original solar energy utilization, said Luo Zhentao, Director of the Professional Committee.

Popularization through new energy pathway

It is reported that “international Green organization” in the United States, National Geographic magazine in the world’s 50 most beautiful landscape provided to develop a zero-carbon emission, low energy, pure architectural model–the future Green House, in one of the first pilot project, United States Times Square, in France, the great wall of China, Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, such as bird’s nest and the Texas Sun Valley became one of the first houses of the future pilot.

Sun Valley’s inclusion of Texas, is no surprise. “The development and use of new energy sources, especially in city and County domains promoting renewable energy, reduce consumption of coal, is an initiative of national energy action plan is very important. Shandong dezhou is identified by the National Energy Board’s first new energy model city, Texas in the promotion of new energy sources, especially solar energy utilization which has been at the forefront of the country. In solar thermal, geothermal and solar energy and construction, Industrial Union of use there are a lot of very good attempt. “National renewable energy Center Vice Director of Hu Gao said.

In this regard, of himin group in Texas has always been a pioneer in the industry. Relying on himin solar building integration for more than 10 years of technology development and product testing, Sun Valley in Texas overall cover housing the future zero-carbon, zero-carbon micro-micro-e intelligent air conditioning system row wise hot water/purified water, zero energy wise overall garden system, solar-powered micro-series, climate, small series of five major systems, such as the kitchen. Covering not only electricity, hot water, doors, Windows, heating and cooling and the family of green new energy for cooking and the application of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and collection of popular science, experience, display, and rest and leisure in one.

Portable modular quick Assembly and future housing to family units to render most energy saving and environmental protection of human life, so as to open up new energy pathways.

“House of the future is pure green building integration of solar energy building template, this low carbon concept ended the era of theoretical study on energy conservation and environmental protection, and put forward practical solutions and products to achieve the zero-carbon micro-e, consolidated to reduce energy consumption by more than 90%. “Luo Zhentao said.

“In the 100 most beautiful places in the world to establish the future House, like green enlightenment classes, it will start the sky city tour, called on everyone to work together, using green products, practice of green living. Work hard together for a dream of blue sky and white clouds. “” International Green organization, “Meng Xiangan China renewable energy society, one of the sponsors said.

It is reported that “international Green organization” will be launched in China “in the future,” Bank of China low carbon and environmental protection public welfare activities, groups rushed to the research collection across the country, the selection of Chinese “future house” pilot, looking for the most beautiful, low carbon, most micro-e of landscape and architecture, the establishment of China’s future.

Out of building energy consumption conundrum

“International Green live tissue,” according to a copy of the data provided by the air of “Haze” has three sources, one is about building and life 40%, and second, industrial emissions of about 30%, about 30% third, transport emissions. 95% belongs to the high energy consumption in building new buildings in China every year, units of heating energy consumption of building new buildings more than 3 times for developed countries, solve the energy problem is around the corner.

As academician Liu Jiaping says that by 2020, to nearly 1.5 billion people in China, such as inability to control total construction area and to promote energy-efficient buildings, total energy consumption will be more than 1 billion tons of standard coal annually. Through the popularization and application of building energy-conserving technology, energy consumption is expected to be controlled at 840 million tons of standard coal each year, annual savings of up to 160 million tons of standard coal. He also suggested, through design and construction-regional climate conditions and low energy buildings adapted to solar radiation resources, design and installation of energy efficient building systems, as well as making full use of solar energy and other renewable energy measures, the full implementation of the design specifications.

In this context, the global “future house” scheme came into being. Apply the world’s most advanced alternative energy technologies, creative energy heating the solution proposed, greatly improves the family climate and living environment, so as to resolve the buildings with high energy consumption, high emission provides practical solutions to the problem.

“The next green city housing pilot project will become a new landmark and future housing construction reflects the city’s environmental and cultural awareness. A city developed, higher consumption levels, does not improve the climate, there is no morality in this city, there is no sense of the city, the more developed cities would be more dangerous. “Himin President Huang Ming said, urban housing in the future for all people to participate, change people’s ideas, making environmental protection and new energy applications received for new solutions.

Experts say the future housing technology and solutions to achieve zero-carbon micro-e, to reduce energy consumption by more than 90%, if by 2030, all 50% in a construction area in China to promote the future technologies and solutions, standard for PM2.5 will reach Europe and the United States, China, eliminate smog; unit GDP energy consumption and carbon emissions reduced by 80%, solar utilization ratio of approximately 70%.

Channel operations, demonstration model

In a sense, Sun Valley, as the House of the future integration of all climate-change commodities comes into being. It ended the era of theoretical research of energy conservation and environmental protection, and proposes practical solutions in electricity, hot water, doors, Windows, heating and even cooking, use of cutting-edge energy technology, to family units to render most energy saving and environmental protection of human life.

, In order to crack the problem of building energy consumption, Sun Valley also launched the climate improved shopping malls. House of the future and the biggest difference is that the spread of popular culture and user experience improvements, customers living in houses of the future can experience new convenience and energy applied to human life and environmental protection.

Remove climate-merchandise store, science beyond the functional experience, future house or Sun Valley, and even before the release of “taste the Sun” combined solar food chain, trying to running demonstration model for future housing built under a variety of channels, defined as food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, shopping and gourmet garden-tour as one of the taste of the Sun-Solar food chain in the world.

Under the current environment, green, environmental protection and pollution-free, healthy, delicious meals have become a luxury. Himin has successfully developed the world’s first solar-powered meal before, can prepare a series of hundreds of varieties. Such as roasting, stewing, boiling, steaming process accomplished by a vacuum solar cookers, the whole food production process no Fireworks, no grease, no pollution, does not drain water after food out of the oven, one unusually delicious. Especially the soup, because solar energy is similar to gently, slowly heat and temperature uniformity, temperature and food become rotten bones crumble meat stew. In addition, the House is also equipped with a solar hot water machine of the future, using pure water can make a mysterious drinks such as smoothies, for consumers at a time when entertainment to experience solar technology brought convenience to people’s lives and miracles.

Luo Zhentao, this is equivalent to creating a new business model to save the green industry: popular science + food + experience + stores. He also said that as the “House of the future” of science education of universal access, not only will contribute to enhance the upgrading of relevant industry standards, but also will exert far-reaching influence on related industry business model to accelerate the industry reshuffle and patterns of change.

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