Two businesses in Huizhou, Guangdong province a year early adopters build photovoltaic power generation electricity for about 1.4 million Yuan

Polaris solar PV net news: “the Panel temperature 36 ° c and solar radiation 2596W/m2, 288.9KWh electricity on the day”. Yesterday’s 9:53 A.M., located in Huizhou nozzle tempo, building an Office, 5/f, product manager Guan Wujiang figures above are satisfied. As first self-built distributed enterprises of the power station in Huizhou, tempo, 10% annual electricity consumption from its own power station, save electricity about 1.4 million Yuan a year. South reporter visited yesterday was informed that at Daya Bay in Huizhou BYD Park, Jin Sun roof PV power generation projects are put into operation by the end of last year to generate electricity.

Source for both power and for research and development

Last January, tempo, was shocked to discover that many employees, the roof of the main building of the company and the company parking lot, had suddenly acquired some chip array of neatly lined up. These arrays consists of about 80 cm long, 40 cm wide, covered with a flat black wafers composed. A corner of the roof of the main building and the parking lot of the company, these chips with dense covers an area of 1000 square meters.

Above is the tempo, self distributed PV power station project, its current electricity consumption has accounted for Enterprise 10%. Distributed PV power station is located near electric owners is located, not intended for large-scale long-distance transmission of electricity, the production of power dominated by owner-occupied and the nearest, the excess electricity into the local distribution network.

Yesterday morning, the Tianbao Group 5/f of a photovoltaic power generation Exhibition Hall within the product manager Guan Wujiang South reporter, the company displayed a control computer, a little after 6 o’clock in the morning on the day to 9:30, located in the power station capacity was 288.9 degrees of tempo, the roof. Family of three average monthly electricity consumption calculation of 150 available electricity for about two months.

“: No power higher 800.9 degrees.” Tian Hong Guang-Yi, Chairman of the Group introduced in 2012, company for both power and inverter in order to test his company’s products, cost of 11 million yuan in tempo, and Zhong Kai Sai Hang Mei Tsuen, a shareholding company built 2 rooftop plants.

Private “power plants” built on top of two corporate early adopters from Huizhou to build photovoltaic power generation

Efficiency can save about 1.4 million Yuan a year tariff

“The illumination of Huizhou of Guangdong, about 3.5 hours of light a day can take advantage”, said Guan Wujiang, at present, the annual average generating capacity of the project is 1.6409 million degrees, annual savings 590.73 tons of standard coal, the annual saving 6.5637 million litres of water. “Industry is generally 0.85 Yuan per unit and so, the company can save about 1.4 million dollars a year in electricity bills”.

PV is completely zero-emission tube Wu estimates, company power station project also meet emissions 1636 tons of carbon dioxide a year. “The carbon dioxide in the field can be traded, probably more than 50 Yuan a ton. But carbon dioxide traded in Huizhou temporarily unable “.

Now using photovoltaic power stations, energy conservation and emission reduction in terms of tempo is not difficult. The roof installed components take a variety of forms, Guan Wujiang says, “the whole roof PV modules can be used to make building materials.” 5 photovoltaic power station in the company showroom, all of its approximately 100 square metres of roof using power chip. “Glass panels, which can shelter and power.”

Status: Huizhou rated photovoltaic power generation special subsidy policy

“Currently is no public to we Advisory how applications construction household of distributed PV power station”, yesterday, Huizhou sent modified Council energy management section one staff so introduced, on province within Foshan, and Guangzhou has introduced city level government subsidies household distributed PV power station, the staff said, between is introduced related policy, is because between has related industry agglomeration, “Huizhou of PV industry agglomeration degree also enough, if introduced subsidies has, are is subsidies field enterprise has”, The relevant specific subsidy plan no.

Reporters learned that Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City, drafted by the national development and Reform Commission of the measures for the management of distributed solar power projects (draft for soliciting opinions), is the building of public institutions resident individuals or units, building solar photovoltaic projects, depending on the project based on the electricity generated by the previous year, according to 0.1 Yuan per kilowatt hour standards for subsidies, which can fill a dime per kilowatt-hour. After the additional time for completion of the project for 10 years.

Foshan subvention policy is related to the municipal level. Family-owned buildings and structures in the area to install a single scale of distributed solar power projects of up to 4000 Watts and above, by 1 Yuan/w Awards, an individual project awards up to a maximum of 10,000 yuan.

Green asked

1 high efficiency? Light than in Western areas

Photovoltaic power station power chip module efficiency “good can be 18% to 19%.” With the progress of science and technology, new materials change, efficiency will improve in the future. Guan Wujiang introduced domestic conditions that light more in the Western region in Guangdong, illumination time is approximately 3.5 hours of use every day. Huizhou 4-kilowatt photovoltaic power plant for home users, can power a day by 10 degrees.

2 maintenance of convenience? In particular, Typhoon

Roof built power plants, whether these silicon wafers can be easily contaminated by dust or how to take precautions against Typhoon? Guan Wujiang, the former in Huizhou to be much better than the North, Huizhou, it often rains, rains can be washed clean of grime. In typhoon, associated station if a solid good supports are no problem.

3 How much? 40,000 dollars over 8 years back

If home users to build a station, how much space? How much? How long can return on investment?

Guan Wujiang says households in Huizhou, if over 60 square meters of the roof, might as well build a distributed solar power station. 3,000 to 5-kilowatt electricity required for the family to spend 40,000 yuan. Calculated on a 4-kilowatt power plant, “in the Huizhou power over more than 5,000 degrees per year, and 0.6 Yuan/kWh in residential electricity prices, State-subsidized 0.42 Yuan/degree, recovery of nearly 5000 Yuan a year, it is estimated that 8-year cost recovery”, said Guan Wujiang, measured service life at 25, with 16 years of future earnings.

But if industrial or commercial users to build power plants, because the price is higher, industrial users of power station 4-kilowatt, cost recovery is estimated at 8 years, while business users are only around for 6 years.

4 residents how to apply? House is too small, don’t think about it

Although, in theory, all residents can apply for the program, but in fact, domestic photovoltaic project for the roof area is required. Insiders say, 1000-watt capacity needs 7.5 square meters of the roof, 2000 watts you will need 15 sq m, and, at the moment, Villa, townhouse and single-family homes, such as remote and rural areas more suitable for distributed solar power projects, and the flat roofs of the city area is limited, and households facing shared challenges, so we cannot apply for.

As its name implies, the “rooftop PV” must have roofing resources located throughout the first floor of the building users, to complete photovoltaic systems installed in the roof, required properties and other neighbors agree. It is understood that the project area also there was a prerequisites, namely, the effective area of the sunny side of, want to know whether the installation conditions, you can find a construction unit assessment. Determined in accordance with the installation conditions, residents can go to applications in the electricity sector.


Sun chip, radiation convert DC electricity

PV is the basic principle of “photovoltaic effect”: when photon irradiation to metal, metal of an electron in its energy can be absorbed, electrons absorb energy is large enough, can overcome internal gravity do work, leaving the metal surface escape, optoelectronics, forming the initial process of converting light energy into electrical energy.

Guan Wujiang introduced over processes in solar panel plus module and other auxiliary equipment, it can form generation system. “First of all, PV modules converts the light energy to direct current, direct current through a solar charge controller for battery charging, lost battery power through a solar charge controller to off-grid inverter, inverter converts the DC power to household common alternating current. “Generating electricity available storage, or you can enter a public grid.

Original title: two businesses in Huizhou, Guangdong province a year early adopters build photovoltaic power generation electricity for about 1.4 million Yuan

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