Yellowstone photovoltaic industrial policy support landing

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday, the municipal development and Reform Commission’s energy Branch issued a formal announcement, Yellowstone photovoltaic industry support policies formalize, integrated into construction scale of Yellowstone’s annual photovoltaic projects, finance, taxation, credit and industry support.

According to the comments concerning support for the development of PV industry in Huangshi city, and grid enterprises should promptly make electricity metering, settlement of electricity charges and included in the national list of renewable energy grants distributed power grid projects of State-subsidized fund transfers, and so on. Fully guaranteeing the purchasing of PV power generating capacity and more than distributed PV power generation projects generated electricity, electricity billing cycle in full settlement kWh of electricity, electricity billing cycle funds transferred State subsidies.

Every year in late December, by County (City) area development and reform Department reported to the municipal development and Reform Commission, State and local subsidies for next year’s project, was not included in the annual scale of construction projects to benefit State and local subsidies. Construction of distributed PV electricity price, Huangshi 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt subsidy by the State on the basis of subsidy of 0.1 Yuan building photovoltaic power plants generating electricity prices, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, authorities approved on the basis of the feed-in tariff and subsidy of 0.1 Yuan subsidies for 10 years.

To complete the annual PV evaluation indices of County (City) districts, municipalities in the electricity price subsidies on the basis of the existing grant appropriate subsidies to supplement the award; for investment property owners using local solar PV products and PV industries to invest in the yellow of the photovoltaic power generation project, municipal governments on existing price subsidies granted on the basis of appropriate subsidies.

Tax support, according to the Ministry of finance, the State administration of taxation issued the notice on PV sales tax policy on October 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015, to taxpayers selling products produced using solar energy to produce electricity, VAT immediate refund 50 policies, enterprise income tax law offers relief.

Original title: Yellowstone photovoltaic industrial policy support landing

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