Yunnan tianda photovoltaic 120MW battery line was taken by Changzhou company 8.5 million

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 3, the Yunnan tianda photovoltaic technology Corporation (hereinafter “Yunnan tianda”) of photovoltaic equipment auction ends, auction price is approximately 8.5 million dollars, was shot by a trading company in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

Four-line has sold more than 8 million cheap

This year July, Kunming a auction company on Yunnan days up of a solar PV equipment and inventory for public auction, including: ① dedicated machine equipment, and production supporting equipment and General equipment 94 Taiwan (sets) (as: reduction reflection film manufacturing equipment PEVCD, and online type acid type surface woven frame processing equipment, and printing equipment, and screen printing system, and laminated machine, and points selected equipment, and automation logistics system (stereo library), and powered equipment, and business water equipment,); II raw materials (polysilicon tablets, and Silicon tablets, and aluminum framework, and Wiring box,); ③ produced finished (solar component, and low w value component, and more (single) crystal silicon battery tablets,); II efficient solar and the component technology project involving of built machine equipment, printing equipment, and reduction reflection film manufacturing equipment, and points selected equipment, and wet carved Eclipse insulated machine, and infrared dry sintering furnace,; ⑤ electronic equipment has: barcode printer, and beauty of air conditioning, and washing machine, 25 items.

According to public auction information auction reserve price of the equipment and inventory for 24 million dollars. Auctioneers told AFP, “before the stock was sold yesterday just sell equipment auctioned about 8.5 million Yuan. “The reporter was informed that the 8.5 million dollars including 120MW battery production line of related devices, is shot by a trading company in Changzhou.

Insiders told reporters, the value of used equipment depends on device configuration and environment. To 120MW cell lines, for example, value of around 25 million by the end of last year, this year’s prices are much lower. “But four sold more than 8 million lines is certainly cheaper. ”

He said, a company recently bought 75MW battery cable and peripheral devices, and spent more than 10 million.

Enterprise reform missed the golden period of development

Public data show that Yunnan tianda formerly known as Yunnan semiconductor device factory, founded in 1977, is China’s first solar cell, battery modules, photovoltaic systems and accessory products research and manufacture of high-tech enterprises.

Yunnan semiconductor device factory has taken on the “85”, “95” and “XV” scientific and technological projects, including “95” scientific and technological projects of “crystalline silicon solar cell mass production manufacturing technology research and development”, won the national science and technology award for outstanding achievements in scientific and technological research from four ministries. In addition, the national standard GB/T14007-92 the standard of total terrestrial solar cell and national GB/T9535-1998 of the terrestrial crystalline silicon PV modules design qualification and type, which is responsible for drafting. In 2000, when the plant achieved a solar cell with an average conversion rate of 14.5%.

China Solar photovoltaic energy system Standardization Technical Committee of Yunnan semiconductor device factory: “in the past more than 20 years, has made an indelible contribution to the development of PV industry in China itself has a pretty solid foundation. ”

Since 2002, the global photovoltaic industry entered a rapid growth period, while Yunnan semiconductor device factory began the long enterprise reform, so that it missed a golden period.

On January 18, 2005, China North Industries Group in Northern Xian optoelectronic Ltd and Xinhua nine companies such as light as co-sponsors, in Yunnan semiconductor device factory was established on the basis of Yunnan tianda photovoltaic technology company limited, registered capital of 62 million dollars. Yunnan tianda group solar energy industries as a weapon of the development of the most important platforms, planned for 2008 to enter the domestic solar panels for the first three digits.

Subsequently subjected repeatedly to increase capital and shareholding modification, Yunnan tianda increased from 207 million yuan of registered capital. Optoelectronic Corporation as the controlling shareholder of the North, stake 87.92%, Thailand natural Weng Qinggui for equity shareholders, to 12.08% per cent.

In 2011, under the lower subsidies and overcapacity in the European Photovoltaic market impact of PV industry in China have been hurt. Under the influence of Yunnan tianda under operating conditions and steep turns nasty.

In 2010, the Yunnan tianda annual net profit of 18.2706 million dollars. By the year 2011, the company’s performance plummeted when losses reached 94.8129 million Yuan, 2012 loss was increased to 150 million dollars.

Finally, unable to “survive” the tianda photovoltaic halted in late 2012. On March 14, 2013, major shareholder of Yunnan tianda photovoltaic company and controlling shareholder of the North North optical Group Ltd has signed the Convention on Yunnan tianda photovoltaic technology Corporation of the share transfer agreement, Northern company will transfer all its 87.92% stake of Yunnan tianda optical group to the North. Property assessment data shows that day up to 87.92% per cent transfer price of RMB 87095134.56.

Based on the appraisal report, as of base date December 31, 2012, Yunnan tianda estimated value of the total assets of 911.0461 million Yuan, the estimated value of the total liabilities of 811.9843 million Yuan, estimated value of the net assets of 99.0618 million Yuan.

In 2013, the Yunnan tianda heads a media interview, “says company settled has entered the production stage, and no longer produce photovoltaic products. “The speech was filled with regret.

Original title: Yunnan tianda 120MW battery line was taken by Changzhou company 8.5 million

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