Zhongmin cast transfusion escort PV distributed policies

Polaris solar PV net news: vote for 100 billion contract in Ningxia PV, 3GW-5GW PV investment construction projects on September 4 News zhongmin cast or removed a 30 billion yuan from Shanghai Dong Jia du massif, refresh the Chinese “land Kings” records. The same day, PV distributed the new policy ground, zhongmin cast and distributed PV only few moments also became popular in the capital markets.

Zhongmin cast involved in PV power plant that financial innovation is a means

Zhongmin voted through a partnership with GCL and Ningxia photovoltaic, power plant from the downstream and upstream polysilicon intervention, might radiation industry upstream, cell, and module links are directly involved, still need time to prove it. But no matter how involved, zhongmin capital invested in them and the role of financial innovation, is unlikely to enter industry. Zhongmin overall strategic direction was cast by “financial” to integrate “economies in transition” and “industries”, through equity investments a huge crop of private equity fund, to promote the integration of PV industry chain. However, industry consolidation is just way zhongmin vote’s ultimate goal is to establish a licensing financial group.

Zhongmin investment and capital injection point is PV power plant, non-PV modules

Zhongmin vote selecting PV power station as the injection point, is subtle and correct. PV power station, stable, and has a fallback Government policies, investment in tangible fixed assets also saw the station security. Also, PV is not involved in PV manufacturing, huge money chain from downstream electronics, this will affect upstream consolidation and restructuring and technological innovation, the positive effect of PV industry as a whole is positive, while photovoltaic manufacturing overcapacity, high level of indebtedness can be avoided, and so on. March photovoltaic power station is threefold. Photovoltaic power plant is a capital intensive investment, a single private enterprise can’t do. The cast as a stand-in Government’s generous investment in PV industry, is to become bigger and stronger to PV technology, second is to consolidate the country’s original small photovoltaic power plant. This is the problem, is also key.

Good policy fallback, zhongmin investment profit on September 4, the end of the new [2014]406, issued, distributed PV new policy ground in China. Power plant operations mark is expected to be driven by the market in the second half long sought after. Zhongmin now involved in power station investment operation and forward-looking significance. Insiders, along with new policy ground, as well as into wind power and PV installed capacity the peak season in the third quarter, PV power station construction will be concentrated, drive chain boom up. Or, as Dong wenbiao expect to be profitable this year.

2013 global PV market, its capacity has reached 38.7GW, the cumulative installed capacity reached 140.6GW; new 12GW installed capacity, an increase of 232%, close to 2013, its capacity in Europe put together. China also surpassed Germany, for the first time became the largest solar market in the world. World economic crisis since the end of war that Rockefeller devices using the power of finance capital, realized the United States steel industry consolidation. This vote with the aid of private capital integrated PV industry chain, not profits cut, reshaping industrial development through financial innovation, future needs time to prove.

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