11% proportion of solar thermal power generation and distribution to achieve it?

Polaris solar PV net news: IEA (International Energy Agency) previously released the latest version of the solar-thermal power technology roadmap shows that by 2050 the global 11% of electricity supply will come from solar-thermal power, which sounds very encouraging, but there are still a lot of people questioned its.

IEA suggested that by 2050 solar power will become the world’s largest source of electricity, when the PV global electricity needs will be provided by 16%, solar-thermal power generation will provide global electricity needs of more than 11%. Indeed, the road map still clinging on for most of the solar thermal technical support is a great encouragement.

IEA publishes two solar road map last month, said: “by 2050, the expected solar power technology can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 6 billion tonnes a year. That figure is higher than the current United States national carbon emissions, and more every day, all vehicles per day or than the current global carbon dioxide emissions, and more. ”

Nevertheless, the IEA said: “these solar roadmap was not making a prediction. Just like other road maps released by the IEA Solar also took full account of the roadmap 2050 years ago projected technological advances and Government support, also assume that Governments, research institutes and industry will give priority to choose road and in strict accordance with the established timetable for advancing solar technology. ”

Solar roadmap is developed under the criteria based on several key assumptions, such as solar technology improve cost, Governments actively spontaneous responses to climate change issues and constraints for other low-carbon technology such as nuclear energy and so on. IEA renewable energy Division c-e dricPhilibert to this explanation: “solar roadmap is an ideal goal. In this scenario, global emissions of carbon dioxide will be cut in half, nuclear power and carbon capture storage technologies are subject to some constraints and arrested development. On the premise of these assumptions are true, solar energy will become the terminator, became one of the largest electric power supply sources. This results in various countries for technology economy and a variety of potential issues to consider. ”

Energy storage

If solar-thermal power to meet global 11% electric needs, what the world will look like? IEA believes that the most important thing is that thermal energy storage technologies will play a vital role. Philibert said: “If the solar-thermal power technology roadmap of the objectives to be achieved, with heat storage system of solar thermal technology is definitely the most important reason. PV technology, solar-thermal power generation costs are a little higher, so for now, solar-thermal power generation systems combined with traditional fossil fuel power station has a certain value, but that is not enough to make the solar-thermal power technology roadmap can be achieved. ”

IEA believes that heat storage technology to make solar-thermal power stations with stops at the Sun PV power generation continues after power generation capacity. Philibert believes that provide 16% of the world’s electricity needs relative to solar at night or when the sunlight is less resource who can provide a power value.

From a technical perspective, published by the IEA of the solar-thermal power technology roadmap is recognition field on molten salt solar thermal Tower of new solar-thermal technology innovation and value. Philibert said: “all form of solar-thermal power generation technology will be to implement the solar-thermal power technology roadmap–contribute to meet the 11% of the world’s electricity needs, while all forms of solar-thermal power generation technology are also increasing and improving spaces. However, under the current state of technology, because of the need to store heat, molten salt Tower using the fluidity of molten salt as the heat transfer medium gravity may represent a more efficient design. ”

Philibert introduces solar-thermal power industry now want to explore technical areas including research and development of new type heat transfer medium, the development of new type heat storage device, new supercritical power generation technology in research and development and the development of a new collector system.

In addition, the IEA believes that solar thermal and PV complement technology also has great potential for development, such technology could make solar power more efficiently into electricity and heat. It is understood that some containing Emcore Corporation is currently conducting this type of technology, research and development, but the IEA spoke highly of this technology can be verified is unknown.

Philibert again stressed: “our prediction of the road map is not the final result, they’re not going to tell you what is going to happen, they just describe what if we are serious about climate change should occur. ”

Current status of

In addition, the solar thermal power technology roadmap describes the 11% of solar-thermal power to meet global power needs as far as the current level of development of solar-thermal power generation seems to still have a long way to go. Philibert said this explanation: “in accordance with the solar-thermal power technology roadmap, solar-thermal power generation in 2025 will be a large development. Current level of solar-thermal power development with the description of solar-thermal power technology roadmap is not directly related to only an indirect relationship. ”

Demand high demand in emerging economies such as China and India and other countries to halve carbon emissions by 2050 to achieve seem a bit unrealistic, its path is to develop viable renewable energy.

Developer of solar thermal systems Airlight energy GianlucaAmbrosetti, head of the Research Department of the company believes that solar-thermal power generation of the shortcomings of the technology roadmap is the vision wide enough.

Although IEA very active to to everyone show with melt salt Tower type light hot technology of huge development potential, but actually Airlight energy company currently has in for high temperature air and gravel storage hot system of slot type light hot power technology of commercialization, the storage hot system of investment cost just accounted for station total cost of 1%-2%, and non-currently General of level (10% or more).

Ambrosetti says: “I used to because there is still a long way to go and feel very frustrated, but now have the roadmap, I felt inspired. ”

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