2014 Forbes China rich list released the photovoltaic industry bigwigs have several?

Polaris solar PV net news: October 28, morning news, Chinese 2014 was released today by the Forbes China rich list. In this year’s Forbes China rich list, Chinese billionaires (billionaires) numbers rose substantially, increased from 168 a year ago to this year’s 242. China’s Internet entrepreneurs focus on this year’s list, top three respectively, Jack Ma, Alibaba, Robin Li, Baidu and Tencent pony Ma, according to another small series of statistics, this year, a total of 9 related to photovoltaic business from photovoltaic industry or the entrepreneur on 2014 Forbes China rich list.

Below, we yiyilai to see the 9 members:

No.5 renewable energy entrepreneur Li Hejun, whose net worth increased from $ 10.9 billion last year to $ 13 billion this year (79.56 billion yuan) in 5th place. Li Hejun hanergy holdings group limited, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of hanergy holdings of his focus on alternative energy such as solar technology. At present, the Hina group total over 6 GW of installed capacity of hydro-electric projects and interests, total installed capacity of 131 MW of wind power, solar thin film solar power generating capacity has reached 3 GW.

No.15 36.11 billion yuan Xu jiayin, Fortune ranked in 15th place. Xu jiayin, evergrande real estate group is Chairman of the Board, residential, cultural tourism and FMCG, following the people’s livelihood after the agriculture, dairy, livestock and sports industry, evergrande real estate group in September of this year announced in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province construction investment of 90 billion yuan by the end of the country’s largest solar photovoltaic projects, heavily into the new energy industry.

No.22 Wang chuanfu to 287.6 billion in wealth came in 22nd place. He was Chairman and President of BYD company limited Board of Directors, BYD has been committed to the research and development of new energy technologies and applications, made electric cars, solar power energy storage power station, three big green dream. Represented by solar energy industry, BYD uses technology of vertical integration not only greatly reduce the cost of solar power, the introduction of solar power plant, and relying on BYD’s Fe battery technology, an effective solution to all kinds of renewable energy utilization in the process, need to store electricity generated this problem for new and large-scale use of energy to provide an effective solution.

Porters to 195.8 No.36 Shi Yuzhu wealth came in 36th place. Shi Yuzhu supposedly retired last year, but the fact is he still owns 95% shares of giant investment, as the actual controller, Shi Yuzhu now personally invested in the PV industry, building a Hulk energy co. Hulk will be mainly engaged in photovoltaic power plant and electric power development, acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of assets, investment management and other main business, through acquisitions and construction of photovoltaic power plants based on assets, establish a global financing system, and expand the scale of assets, so as to strive to become a large supplier of renewable energy.

No.57 Kevin Lin to 14.08 billion dollars in wealth came in 57th place. Kevin Lin, now 52, served as first PV Corporation and as Chairman of Hangzhou, foster is a supplier of solar cells required to set up film and sheeting materials. This year, the company has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September, shares surge 44% the same day. Forster at 27.18 Yuan issued this time, issue 60 million shares raised $ 1.6 billion yuan, or about $ 266 million.

No.78 11.32 billion Yuan Zheng JianMing Fortune ranked in 78th place. Zheng Jianmin is founder and Chairman Asia Pacific resource development investments limited of Hong Kong, Zheng JianMing and Hong Kong Asia-Pacific resource development investment company focused on providing solutions for low carbon cities of long-term investments. In November 2012, Zheng JianMing acquired shunfeng power International Ltd 30% shares, shunfeng photovoltaic soon thereafter announced its huge power station construction, 2014 3GW installation to complete its goals, for the largest enterprises. Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV platform subsequently, Zheng JianMing and conducted many clean energy investments, including the acquisition in March 2014 Suntech Suntech subsidiary, price of 3.5 billion yuan. Recent solar energy investments are estimated to be nearly $ 20 billion to the company, making it the world’s largest clean technology private equity investors.

No.178 Nan cunhui 7.1 billion dollars of wealth ranks 178th. Nan cunhui is Chairman of zhengtai Group Corporation, 2006, chint entered the field of solar energy. Nan cunhui created the two companies: astronergy solar and chint new energy development company. The former batteries and components, which will focus on power plant investments, the construction and operation of business.

No.216 Lu Yonghua couple with wealth ranks No. 216 of 6.24 billion yuan. Lu Yonghua, incumbent linyang electronics Chairman and Managing Director, in March 2012, linyang electric said in a statement, the company will invest 100 million Yuan to set up linyang new energy technology limited (hereinafter Solarfun), is mainly engaged in photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic power plant engineering, energy efficiency, management of product design and LED business. 2010 to sell out and quit the PV Lu Yonghua, back in another way, the company is still named Solarfun. During a media interview, Lu Yonghua said: “remain bullish on the PV industry, the industry is still a blue ocean. “In 2014, company revenues to 844 million dollars in the first half, an increase of 10.83% to achieve net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies of 135 million Yuan, an increase of 15.47%, corresponding to EPS of about 0.38 Yuan.

No.369 of 4.47 billion yuan Cao renxian Fortune ranked No. 369. Cao renxian General Manager Sun power, sunlight power supply to power new energy equipment manufacturing start, the core product is the inverter. In 2013, Sun power is the fourth consecutive year to become China’s largest market for PV inverter suppliers, accounting for 30% per cent of industry revenues. Companies in 2014 revenues of 931 million yuan in the first half, an increase of 28.8%; net profit of 9,563.270,000 yuan, an increase of 77.4%; EPS0.15.

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