2014 interpretation of policy review and terms of the photovoltaic industry

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014, the PV industry increasingly warmer, national policies have been issued of the photovoltaic, PV industry has thus been unprecedented attention. Recently had new deal terms that deserve attention, photovoltaic industry, there has been what direction does? Below with small make up look!

The National Energy Board issued policy notice concerning further implementation of distributed PV power generation

Publisher: National Energy Board

Notice the positioning of distributed PV generation, application forms, roofing resources and Manpower, quality management, project standard, project records, intervention development patterns, the demonstration zone construction, power grid, grid, electricity charges and settlement, subsidy allocation, finance, industrial systems and public services, information and statistics, monitoring systems, surveillance done 15 of the regulations.

On renewable electricity prices announced additional financial aid directories (the fifth) notice

Publisher: Ministry of

The notice requirement, included in the list of grants program, and when the “project name”, “project company”, “project capacity”, “line length” when changed or out of line with reality, shall promptly furnish the Ministry of finance and the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board applied for a change, approved before you can continue to enjoy tariff benefits.

Accelerate distributed PV Application demonstration area of the notification of the relevant requirements of

Publisher: National Energy Board

Harmonization in the construction time, Park, regional electricity trading business model innovation, and so did a detailed provisions.

Observations on the request for renewable energy quota assessment methods of the letter

Publisher: National Energy Board comprehensive Department

Analysts believe that this assessment means that renewable energy quota scheme is introduced, once introduced, the State will provide the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and grid enterprises designated renewable electricity quotas, through mandatory policies to promote renewable energy industry development, which is good news for both solar and wind energy and so on.

Treatise on grid-connected distributed acquisition and implementation of subsidy special regulation

Publisher: National Energy Board

Follow-up to the several opinions of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry and national and local government policy documents relating to distributed generation, understanding of grid-connected distributed generation takeover and the implementation of the subsidy policy, correct grid-connected distributed generation of irregularities in the takeover and the subsidy policy implemented, further improve the policies and measures.

The West added incentives for industry catalogue

Publisher: national development and Reform Commission

Directory identifies the 12 Western provinces, one of 11 provinces of solar-related item is described, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Inner Mongolia autonomous region two planning large or very large data center construction and operation of industry.

PV industry in September, some policy

A few days ago, of distributed PV photovoltaic industry long overdue deal officially issued. Issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (hereinafter the notice) come on stage, quickly ignited the development of distributed PV market enthusiasm, PV policy as one of the most positive and effective in the industry.

The notification clearly Government’s long-term support of distributed PV and introduction of “full Internet” power stations enjoy benchmark pricing, additional generation quotas, allowed to sell directly to users, providing preferential loans, monthly allowances and a range of new policies.

“It can be said that the policy is comprehensive and detailed than ever, exceeded market expectations. Four months in the future, complete 13gw capacity objectives are unlikely this year, distributed PV market will be larger space at home. “Chairman Cao renxian sungrow power told reporters.

During the national day holiday, evergrande has announced that it will build the largest solar photovoltaic power generation project, in Zhangjiakou, about 90 billion yuan of investment, investing in 9.2 million-kilowatt solar photovoltaic power projects. The investment project precisely reflects the market responded positively to the new deal.

15 new deal sweeping away obstacles

Distributed PV industry there have been a number of “chronic” problem, restricting the industrial development, for example roofing using coordination difficult, loan financing, income derived from electricity sales, incorporation of uncertainty for a long time, as well as consistent with the long term stability is difficult to guarantee. “Section 15” support out of the new deal, is expected to address these challenges, promote industry to welcome spring.

Highlights the text quite a lot from the circular, sweeping away obstacles distributed market constraints. Notice, developers freedom of choice when a project record “spontaneous use, residual power” or “full access”, allowing selected “spontaneous use, residual power” user-powered electricity load, disappear, or inability to perform cases, free convert “full Internet” mode, enjoy benchmark local photovoltaic feed-in tariff policy.

Trust new Sino-Australian energy senior analyst Wang Runchuan said in media interviews: “this policy directly to protection distributed PV project return on investment. According to PV benchmark price measure, its lowest yield in more than 8%, on promoting substantive significance of distributed PV. ”

Meanwhile, below and 35kv voltage connected to the grid (northeast of 66kv and below), the ground capacity less than 2MW of individual projects or use no electricity consumption facilities such as greenhouses, will also be included in distributed solar power index management, implementing new benchmark local PV price.

Analysis of Wang Runchuan: “policy resources at the same time inform the benefit of lands in the East, the roof release, can effectively balance the national PV market development. Always serious electricity shortage, land resources in the eastern region, for example, issued at the beginning of 2014 PV scale in the construction of indicators, in East China’s Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong have about 1GW of distributed projects at new desks, project is always advancing is impeded, the target difficult to achieve. Issued with the new deal, barren hills, waste land, pond Beach land resources would be effective, becomes the best choice for construction of photovoltaic projects, the power shortage in East will also play a complementary role; to develop large centralized PV power plant consisting mainly of Western region, in a limited quota of cases, can also release resources part of the roof. ”

Photovoltaic in the new deal “PV farm greenhouses” concept is more sensitive. Cao renxian said: “compared to the tidal flats, ground resources, such as fish ponds, photovoltaic building agricultural greenhouses need to be more careful. In does not violate under the principle of national land law and does not affect the growth of plants, protection of vegetation construction on the basis of or to innovate products and find appropriate ways and means. ”

Insiders predict that within the next four months, access to funds is expected to open the domestic PV market, power station construction will be culminated, installed capacity is expected to exceed 10gw, especially in southern Xinjiang, Qinghai, Hebei, will become a favored investment place. Although hydropower is still high, but long term social capital to looking at distributed in photovoltaic power plant development and operation links are general trend.

Probed demonstration zones taking into account multiple interests

This distributed PV new deal made clear, we will continue to focus on exploring the development of distributed PV demonstration area. With the various policies and measures in place, demonstration photovoltaic project will be piloted in the district, may also benefit.

It is understood that the distributed model of PV projects in the region, not only can enjoy the scale of construction in accordance with the “advance filing, appending the size indicator” mode of operation, but also were allowed to meet the policies and conditions of the same radio power users sell directly, electricity prices set by supply and demand mutual consultation, the grid is responsible for the transmission and settlement of electricity charges.

Power facilities construction and power grid’s cooperation, and has always been the focus of most attention. From the data analysis, grid in an absorptive distributed in photovoltaic is essential. Distributed PV developed provinces, local grid work of more proactive. State grid power supply company in jiaxing, Zhejiang, for example, supporting PV projects fall in the pioneer “green corridors”, the advanced planned future 5-year high, medium and low voltage grids, progressive realization of photovoltaic barrier-free access, the current effect is remarkable, jiaxing city, Zhejiang province near 50% grid-connected installations from.

Photovoltaic demonstration area the continued to take on a third party purchase of the experimental work, this policy is regarded as the industry issued by the national development and Reform Commission documents in July “towards the summer peak,” a continuation of policies. In July this year, the national development and Reform Commission document proposes to eliminate this basic principle of clean energy, and standard trading rules, requires power supply enterprise based on a clear transmission and distribution price, actively and steadily promote electric power direct power-purchase pilot users to power plants. Trade directly called on all localities to explore both supply and demand market mechanism, strict implementation of national energy conservation and industrial policies, balance the Government, such as power utilities and user the different interests of the parties, shall not be mandatory for trading partners, trading power and electricity prices.

Issued by the the photovoltaic industry generally recognized the new deal, will rekindle the domestic development of distributed PV market enthusiasm. First is committed to distributing hang Yu, Chairman of solar PV markets Ding Wenlei said, “in implementation of national policies, a number of timely adjustment according to the development of the situation, give full play to the leading role of Government in the market in the allocation of resources for distributed PV to start at home a real boost. ”

Remedy to break industry financing difficulty

All along, the financing problems of distributed PV industry development is “old”.

This zhiqian, National Energy Council has repeatedly convened financial institutions discuss solution distributed PV financing difficult of problem, and have introduced has distributed PV power project management provisional approach and support distributed PV power financial service of views,, tries to for distributed PV power of development broken Council; and industry also in has been calls for from financing, and grid and the electric price subsidies, key level on policy for adjustment.

In respect of financing, the notice also encouraged banks and other financial institutions, combined with features of distributed PV generation and financing needs of distributed PV power generation projects to provide preferential loans flexible loan guarantees, an exploration of a project selling electricity charging right pledge of assets and project financing facility.

The notice also requires innovative distributed PV financing services. This, in turn, embodied in innovation and product innovation.

Innovation, that is, “encouraged banks and other financial institutions in collaboration with local authorities to establish a distributed photovoltaic power generation project financing service platform with photovoltaic power generation enterprises to establish strategic cooperative relations of banks and enterprises … … To establish a mechanism of credit loans such as personal income and progressive implementation of credit and high personal installation of distributed PV facilities guarantee free loans “.

While product innovation refers to the circular listed “encourages all types of funds, insurance, trust, combined with industrial capital”.

These financial policies, to remedy the financing of PV industry.

“If the financing of the biggest bright spot, probably not the financing policy themselves. “One industry source said,” the biggest highlights full Internet access and electricity price subsidy for new formulations, the measure would effectively inspire the industry to distribute investment enthusiasm. ”

Original title: 2014 interpretation of policy review and terms of the photovoltaic industry

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