2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC ends today top ten businesses will see

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC favorite top ten photovoltaic business of the year award since its inception on September 5 by the vast number of photovoltaic companies participated. As of September 22, after screening and meet the selection criteria of the enterprises reached 160. Since the campaign carried out at the beginning, the domestic reproduced in all major Web portals, as well as some of the professional Web site activity information.

Since September 22, more exciting vote was officially launched, 160 photovoltaic companies engaged in a fierce competition. It is reported that the award deadline is October 11, at 18 o’clock, ten photovoltaic enterprises would then be seen, concrete results will be announced on October 14 at the Polaris solar PV online.

Awards event will be held jointly with the Organizing Committee of the CREC, at which time award winning 60 companies will be in the CREC2014 China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference and Expo on the appreciation dinner marks the beginning the award, so stay tuned.

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