Central Defender: building Ningxia PV model

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Beijing Zhongwei City Centre is located in desert photovoltaic industrial park 30MW completion of intelligent information management system for grid-connected PV power plant, smooth on-line operation. Desert in Zhongwei city photovoltaic industrial park is located in the South margin of Tengger Desert in Zhongwei city, industrial park project is under construction at present, if the entire project completed, Zhongwei city in the desert will be eco-tourism industry development and governance, Ningxia “West to East” power development plays an active role in promoting it.

First set of Zhongwei city, located in the hetao plain, edge of Tengger Desert, County of Han dynasty, the Silk Road, city of Ningxia Hui autonomous region. World famous sand of the world – in shapotou, Zhongwei city is located 20 kilometers west. Wind sand here, little rain, only 138~353.3 mm of annual precipitation, is a typical continental monsoon climate and desert climate. However, in this barren desert, the average annual solar radiation is 5939.6 MJ/m², with an average annual sunshine time of 2999.4 hours, with an average annual percentage of Sunshine reached 65~73%, with the development of photovoltaic industry’s unique geographical advantage. In recent years, has formed a set of photovoltaic manufacturing, photovoltaic, PV industry in ecological management, sightseeing tours as one of the Park.

Policy support

In recent years, Ningxia Autonomous Region solar energy photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly, and by the end of 2013, the region built scale grid-connected PV power generation 1600MW approved size 600MW under construction, carried out preliminary work size 1120MW.

On release, according to the Department of energy released by 2014 annual notification of new construction of photovoltaic (hereinafter referred to as the notice), the construction scale of Ningxia Hui autonomous region this year added PV power 500MW, distributed PV 100MW PV power station 400MW. Record PV 29 2014 Ningxia, total building size 770MW than the installed capacity increased in Energy Board issued circular 270MW. Potou Zhongwei PV in zhongning County, respectively, with a total record 410MW, Ningxia autonomous region the region’s record of 53%.

April 2014, to accelerated advance Ningxia autonomous regions new energy construction project early work, Ningxia autonomous regions NDRC combines National Energy Council on issued 2014 years PV power annual added construction scale of notification, on Ningxia autonomous regions solar PV station project approval for reform, implemented record management, on has made agreed carried out early work of PV station project, by project where City, and County (district) development reform Board (Council) proposed record applications reported autonomous regions development reform Board record. In view of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region approved the preliminary works projects under construction and large, regional administrative service center in order to facilitate the development and Reform Commission window units go through the formalities of examination and approval of the project, accepted the concentration, merged management, accelerate project approvals. As of mid March 2014, national development and Reform Commission handled PV 23 pieces of the window.

With the exception of Ningxia Autonomous Region transmission power increases, new energy generation absorptive capability will be significantly enhanced, Ningxia Autonomous Region will become the country’s new power to dissolve and to send out one of the main areas, new energy pillar of Zhongwei city, Ningxia Autonomous Region areas.

Construction of the industrial park

In the South margin of Tengger Desert, acres and acres of solar panels came into view, spectacular, this is the desert in Zhongwei city photovoltaic industrial park is located. It is learnt that upon the completion of the project, will become a desert of the Northwest and the country’s largest photovoltaic industrial park.

Desert photovoltaic industrial park started in 2012 plan, divided into four functional areas, namely: photovoltaic power generation and new energy equipment manufacturing regions, tourism regions and PV and ecological agriculture. Photovoltaic Park with a total area of about 65,000 acres, with a total investment of about 20 billion yuan, according to the planned use of land, about 1500 MW in installed PV capacity. Up to now, photovoltaic industrial park have moved into 26 enterprises, the relevant declaration, construction, built in three phases of the project. New energy equipment manufacturing relies on silver Sanyo energy company limited as a leader, have been completed and 1000 tonnes/year Mono-rod, 11000 tons/year of polycrystalline silicon ingot slicing and 300 million tablets/year PV manufacturing scale of production. PV ecological farming area: planning 8080 acres, mainly the construction of stereo-ecological agriculture in the desert and the ceiling of PV power generation projects.

In photovoltaic industrial park development at the same time, travel and tourism will bring corresponding benefits to the Park. Tourism, the park relies on a desert tour experience of new energy projects, the “88-meter Tower” building, it is a tourist in the resort area construction of integrated projects. Planned area of about 2500 acres, up to now, the towers are basically Cap. The tower is completed, Zhongwei city will be an iconic building, there is a view of Tower, three King of the three said. View of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Gansu province and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, desert, photovoltaic parks and the Yellow River. It is understood that the Park plan after the project is completed, is expected to add electricity 2.793 billion degrees, achieved an output value of 7.1 billion dollars. Annual savings of 1.117 million tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide 2.785 million tons. 84,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides to 42,000 tons.

In June this year, GCL group and Zhongwei city in Ningxia, Zhongwei city of Ningxia silver Sanyo energy company signed Zhongwei in Ningxia and Gansu Tang national framework agreement on cooperation in energy industry demonstration zone. According to framework agreement, Association Xin group will full played industry advantage, used latest of PV power technology, will Gan Tang Park playing caused national new energy demonstration base and new energy technology innovation base; Zhongwei will and Association Xin common efforts, full using Zhongwei in China-Arab world of special status, will Park build became in the o new energy export base; while, combines modern agricultural of application, will Park build became new energy and desert modern agricultural experiment demonstration base. In addition, the Park will also actively introducing industry funds, innovative tools and models such as cloud base, Gan Tang demonstration zone into a unique and innovative new energy sources, has a good example of a new energy base.

Open the “private ordering” mode

On August 18, Zhongwei power supply company with a focus on technical supervision and verification and deployment of on-grid PV power station, to Zhongwei area PV power plant with quality management then the next agent “strong medicine.”

Zhongwei grid PV industry development of nearly two years is “Golden” period, 2013 grid-connected power station only reaches 16, 580,000-kilowatt of installed capacity in 2012, representing a growth of capacity by the end of 4 times. As of August 10, Zhongwei network has 25 on-grid PV power station, with a total capacity of 803,000 kW, accounting for 33.5% of the total capacity of the power plant. Zhongwei PV industry as a “blowout”-type growth, user self management levels of photovoltaic power plant management more difficult, risk to safe operation of power network to grow quickly.

Zhongwei power supply company after nearly a month of careful investigation and preparation of the company, combined with the practical operation of the photovoltaic power station, for grid-connected photovoltaic power plant proposes full 6 months total more than 350 articles, issued by technical supervision and rectification notice 23 and for technical supervision of the photovoltaic power station to open “private ordering” mode. After the successful completion of the rectification work, Zhongwei power PV plant operation will be more secure quality.

Project construction

Zhongwei city covers a total land area of desert and mountain hills 90%, wind, light is rich in resources, has to create “new energy in Silicon Valley” natural advantages. In support of the policy, and efforts from various parties, Zhongwei PV projects have begun to build up.

In January 2014, from Zhongwei power supply company understands that central defender Albert Henderson Zhongwei solar energy photovoltaic power company limited, the limited, Ningxia Hao 14 photovoltaic companies such as new energy, a total of 540MWp photovoltaic power generation project successfully put into operation. To guarantee settled in Zhongwei area of 14 home PV power project in years smooth grid voted shipped, Zhongwei powered company developed has detailed of PV power project “pour row work plans”, and according to plans assigned specialist on corresponding of PV power project for full track, timely understanding and master PV power project of construction situation, and regularly to construction site for technical guidance, on construction process in the appeared of defects for timely corrected, urged and help PV power Enterprise for site elimination deficiency, Survey completion rate was increased, to settle in central defender 14 grid-connected PV power generation projects in the area to provide a reliable guarantee.

In July this year, Haiyang Energy Group won the 20MW Energy Centre-half in the second period, three 10MW of solar PV power plant EPC project General Contracting. Haiyang group in this project is the first to join hands in Ningxia Hui autonomous region, construction of large photovoltaic power plant, Haiyang will give full play to the highest quality in power plant building strength, and strive to be the power station built in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region demonstration photovoltaic power plant, opened broad prospects for new energy undertakings for local development. The project is located in shapotou, Zhongwei city yingshuiqiao town, the power plant is completed, it will to some extent alleviate local power supply and demand tensions.

On August 9, GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited investing 30MW of grid-connected PV power station project successfully in Zhongwei in Ningxia. Construction of the project started in March 2014, was completed in June 2014. Power plants designed to last 25 years, when the annual average generating capacity of 46.5 million-kilowatt. Project site is located within the town of Zhongwei in Ningxia shapotou yingshuiqiao desert region, undertaken by Heng Yang new energy co in Ningxia.

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