Central’s first large-scale suspension “achievement projects” solar stuff

Polaris solar PV net news: education practice of the mass line of the party ending comes as Tan all over the about “achievement projects” list of governance: national call 663 “image projects” “achievement projects”, there are 436 questions of fraud, a total of 418 individuals were investigated and dealt with. This is the first time the central mass suspension “achievement projects” “image projects”.

In fact, judging from Shen Weichen to Wan qingliang, Guangdong, Shanxi, many at Lok Ma Chau checkpoint officials with “achievement projects” are inseparable. Reporter recently visited many famous “achievement projects” found that these “achievement projects” continued to consume a large amount of public finances, while local governments still pay follow-up costs for their adverse social impact.

Greatest moments “achievement projects”

Now what’s going on?

Put on a hollow “achievement projects” not only makes people detest, causing huge waste and exposure or after the decision-making officers at Lok Ma Chau checkpoint, also continues to be the taxpayers need to fill the “hole”, leaving many to resolve social contradictions.

“First built with several million, and then spend a few billion down”

In Yunnan province, in June this year, estuarine invested 270 million Yuan to build “cultural corridor” built after 3 years, cost 300 million Yuan removed.

In Guangxi, according to the plan, invested 70 million Yuan to build liuzhou of Liu Zongyuan’s statue will be built up to 68 metres, can be rotated 360 degrees. This is sometimes called “domestic top figure bronze” project has yet to be built, has been split since September.

Construction planted a long-term debt “debt” to swallow

Attention to debt issues for a long time professor at Peking University’s Guanghua School of management, said Liu Qiao, some “achievement projects” of building construction funded by government borrowing, need to keep fiscal to pay for policy mistakes.

In Hubei Province, located in the mountainous area at a cost of 80 million Yuan to build the new administrative centre complex, Fang, “similar to the China Pavilion” luxury office blocks Super approval to invest more than 30 million Yuan, over an area of nearly 1800 square meters. Projects financed by government borrowing, developer dianzi construction, therefore, both at present and in the future for a long time, Governments need to continue to work for huge amounts of money.

Rectification through consumption of public finance

In Anhui, State-level poverty-stricken counties in lingbi County, 8 km-long promenade that on both sides there are 3 rows of lamps, lanterns in the Tang dynasty style street lamps every 30.1-meter, totals almost thousand lamp, year is “light” tariff of around 3 million dollars.

Reporters learned from the relevant departments, the rectification “luxury lamps” need to hassle: first street space expanded, extra street lights one by one remove; for further energy-saving, new sections to be used in all wind, solar photovoltaic and LED new energy-saving light sources combining Street; in addition, regulation and other technical means to be taken time reduces power consumption, electricity, spend just as much money.

Strong building demolitions made it difficult to resolve social contradictions

In Shanxi, former provincial party Secretary Shen Weichen, Member of the Taiyuan reign period, had insisted on the original planning for the Greenbelt, Park, Longtan district was built for “landmark”, urban complexes, even large swathes of new housing after the 21st century to be “overturned”.

It is understood that due to take up the construction of public parks for the public house, and issues evictions, compensation is not in place, Shen Weichen presided over the project triggered public outcry. At present, the Longtan district renovation project is still uncompleted “unfinished”, the local people have so far kept the complaint petitions.

“Empty city”, “Lou Howe” how to end? Generally not regulated

Former Party Secretary of Guangzhou Wan qingliang expert mockingly referred to as “plan of God” that was accused of excavation of a project including the Great Lakes, built hundreds of meters in mountain road … … When their reign in Jieyang city, administered to invest 3 billion yuan to carry out two four-Bank of the river landscape construction, River green belt width 500 meters on both sides.

However, although many officials fall planning and real estate-related, discipline inspection and supervision departments have released quite a few cases, however, about “the empty city”, “Lou Howe” how to end at present is generally not regulated.

First of all, stop resistance is enormous. Guangdong one long-term any around planning sector consultant of expert said, despite some “record engineering” of policymakers has Lok Ma, but halted its any Shang had is “non-Shang not” of “luxury project”, in actual in the resistance not small: a situation, project itself not reasonable, but has made contract, or has inputs heavily construction; another a situation, despite head Lok Ma, but when through planning modify of motion still effective, even effects to follow-up planning project, so successor who had to “bustling made rectification, Touch installation or even quietly rebuilding. “

Second, accumulated conflicts short of history is difficult to solve. Reporters learned that Shen Weichen strongly pushed the revamping project of Longtan district, after years of demolition, there is a large area of broken ruins, “because there are a large number of residents to be resettled, no way, just hanging out there. “An insider said.

In addition, some obvious misconduct after the works were exposed, many by making mistakes, adjustments, and other reasons over, only modifications are not held accountable. For example, the estuary in Yunnan said dismantling the “cultural corridor” due to “policy”. There are a number of checked local whitewashed decision-making errors. For example, places such as Anhui, Hubei and the exposure of the new luxury office building “Government to show the original site of the Office of the land, the developer will pay for the Government’s new office building” mode, call it did not cost the Government a penny “improvements project”.

How to dispose of “mess”? “Prostrate” determination

This reporter learned that, at present, although the corruption case involving some corrupt officials “achievement projects”, on the other hand, some exposure of the “achievement projects” decision maker, has not been processed, and instead continued to advance.

Sun Yat-sen University Chief Mr Xiao, Dean believes that investigation of cases in recent years, many corrupt officials are associated with large demolition, advance construction to curb redundant construction and fundamentally to change the Government money “leaders” say status quo. Meanwhile, disposal of “mess” can’t cover, with “prostrate” determination to pursue fiscal responsibility.

Mr Xiao recommended which are apparently wrong decisions by policy makers to be truly accountable, should also be truly accountable, cracking down on illegal construction of project examination and approval of the Agency, continued to pay for its avoidance of State-owned assets.

Some grass-roots cadres and experts say that “anti-four winds” put on a hollow “achievement projects” contained. But within a year was found in more than 600 projects number more than issues, planning the absence of serious decision-making lessons deep, should be cause for reflection leading cadres all over.

“Disposal” achievement projects “in the process, in particular to strengthen the audit of project funding. “Liu Qiao believes that on account of the debt shall be investigated for legal responsibility, punitive cuts against specific financial funds in the coming year; bottom for tendering procedures, to discipline the contractor claims, idle luxury office buildings to offices, or through sale or rental asset-market-oriented solution.

During the just-ending educational practice, Central has issuance of Convention on improving the work of local party and Government leading bodies and leading cadres ‘ achievement assessment notice calls attention to identification and suppression of “image projects” “achievement projects”. This shows that perseverance “against the four winds” governance “achievement projects” as a long-term task.

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