Changes in the global PV market: a rage dump “wind brother” hat

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and the latest data on the global wind energy Council, due to record growth for PV and wind power market unexpectedly shrunk in 2013, new global PV installations (38.4 GW) exceeded wind energy (35.5 GW). Among them, 23.0 GW for rooftop solar panels, 15.4 gigawatts of electric power utility-scale photovoltaic power plant. PV first to get rid of the “wind brother” label. This complaining about the energy for your inventory as of 2013, the global photovoltaic market developments and forecasts.

PV growth

In 2013 the world around 22% of electricity comes from renewable energy, new and cumulative installed capacity shown in the table below.

Judging from the data, photovoltaic capacity only to 1 GW behind hydroelectric power, more than wind power for the first time, ranked first in the all new energy power generation, representing 32.4% renewable energy generation installed capacity. By the end of 2013, PV cumulative installed capacity reached 139 GW, hydro-electric and wind power after, finishing third, total cumulative installed capacity of renewable energy power 8.9%.

Currently, photovoltaic power generation has been in some of the country’s electricity production plays an important role, for example, Italy (8%), Greece (6%) and Germany (5%) ratio of more than 5%. European Photovoltaic total capacity equivalent to a load of peaks 6%, electricity generation accounts for about 3%.

However, actual utilization hours of small photovoltaic power generation, its generating capacity accounts for only about 3.2% of renewable energy generation, accounting for 0.7% of the world’s electricity, so PV closer to becoming a globally important power production capability for some time.

Global PV installation course

Massive growth in the photovoltaic market began in 2008 after less than 10 GW of total installed, from the 2008-2013, with an average annual growth rate reached 55% (which also went through 2012 the market’s small size shrinking), first in the all new energy, wind power growth in the same period was only 21%. At present, the global 93% of capacity was installed in recent years. The PV installations by the end of 2013, providing electricity for about 45 million European households.

Global focus area

Europe, Asia-Pacific, completely dominating the global PV market in three regions of the Americas, in 2013, the cumulative installed capacity and the total installed capacity of the three global 99% and 98% respectively.

Similar to the wind, is the oldest and largest PV markets in Europe. However, due in 2013, Germany and Italy markets shrink 2.3 and 4.3 GW GW respectively, Europe (total market size dropped to 11.0 GW) status by the Asia-Pacific region (size 21.6 GW) are replaced, and only the latter half.

Total installed capacity, Europe is still hard to beat. 2013, totaled 81.5 GW accounted for 59% of the global total, compared with 2011 (75%) and 2012 (70%) has greatly declined. About half of Europe Asia-Pacific, the Americas before though there is a large gap, but has a larger growth trend.

At this point, outside the European PV installations in the area of close to 60 gigawatts of photovoltaic market changes are gradually reflecting the global electricity consumption patterns, rather than the European monolith.

In addition, the solar energy resource-rich regions such as the Middle East, Africa, PV projects have begun to emerge, large growth is expected in recent years.

PV manufacture and prices

The past decade, the production of PV modules lead from the United States to Japan, Europe, and from 2009 is back in Asia dominated by China. In 2013, Asia accounts for 87% of the world, China accounts for 67% of the world.

By volume, China’s Yingli (Yingli), Trina (TrinaSolar) doing in 2013, the world’s largest PV module manufacturers in the top two, Canada Canadian solar solar (CanadianSolar) and the United States of first solar (FirstSolar) broken down by three or four, another Chinese company JA Solar (JASolar) was fifth. Among them, at the company’s headquarters in Canada, but its founders is a Chinese-American, and production capacity in China.

By shipments, the top three remained unchanged, but it took another two Chinese enterprises jinko (JinkoSolar), and renesola (Renesola) occupy.

Experienced over the past two years because of overcapacity and falling prices as well as losses caused by PV industry began to recover in 2013. Benefit a handful of firms have been able to profit. But the rebound did not benefit downstream industries, particularly poly silicon manufacturers. In 2013, the crystalline silicon solar module spot pricing has stabilized, an increase of approximately 5%. And components, the country’s biggest producers ‘ costs are close to $ 0.5 per watt. At present, Australia, and Brazil, and Denmark, and Germany and Italy, rooftop solar costs less than the retail price. According to Deutsche Bank estimates, PV electricity price of at least 15 countries can be competitive without the subsidy. Future, this trend will continue.

Next 5 year forecast

PV development prospects of a country or region can be evaluated by two factors: the country’s attractiveness to investors, development of photovoltaic on the attractiveness of the country. The former concerns the political and financial stability and other factors, the latter with the size of the electricity market, a PV cost competitive and other factors.

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association predicted that within the next 5 years (2014-2018 years), the annual market size in low situations likely to remain 35~39 GW, high scenario are likely to stay between 52~69 GW. Highest cumulative installed capacity could reach 430 GW, the lowest possible for 321 GW. Among them, the market size of rooftop solar panels will remain slightly higher than utility-scale photovoltaic power plant. Policy will be the biggest factor affecting photovoltaic development.

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