Concentrating solar power will end to?

Arctic star solar PV network news: in solar (PV) price crash yiqian, concentrated type Solar (CSP) once once attract quite more manufacturers and new create career investment, however, on in Grand of California Yi Wanpa (Ivanpah) concentrated type Solar plans completed on-line of while, concentrated type solar is are to end, manufacturers one by one exit, makes many people think and Yi Wanpa plans with for new create solar career BrightSource by planning of Pahlen (Palen) plans, Is likely to be the last major concentrated solar power projects. September 2014, even this last plan itself died, Pahlen solar energy holding company (PalenSolarHoldings) has decided to withdraw the case.

Twists and turns of the Pahlen plans

Pahlen plans to say twists, starting in 2009, SolarMillennium from German factory planning, plans to use parabolic mirror trough technology, but in 2011 SolarMillennium bankruptcy, 2012, BrightSource has made plans to develop power, but was unable to develop, a final decision Spain solar manufacturers abenge (Abengoa), and adopting the technology.

However, concentrated type solar past on has because accounted for to General, many environmental institutions worries caused such as damage desert turtle class Habitat to of ecological damage problem, and in Yi Wanpa plans repeatedly occurred concentrated had strong burn Coke passing birds of “died” event Hou, love bird persons also active joined against ranks, local Aboriginal groups more since began on against large plans damage homes, in California Government provides of 30 days public discussion during within, expected development party and against party will will has countless stress defence. But is all ready to watch play when developers decision withdrawing did not play at all.

On the environmental movement’s opinion, this may be a major success of the environmental movement, but the plan stalled the biggest reason, or economic factors.

Price becomes a key to stop

Concentrated type solar maximum of enemy, not environmental movement, but “fell fell endlessly” of solar price, by solar power cost constantly declined of effects, concentrated type solar cost reduced speed more slow, “advance is”, relative is not deal, by basic of price factors effects, alone in 2013, United States on has 1 GW (gigawatt) scale concentrated type Solar plans was canceled, another has 305 million w scale lockout.

International manufacturers also jumped ship, including France energy giant AREVA (Areva), Germany Siemens (Siemens), Hawaii, Sopogy, are no longer engaged in concentrated solar energy, operates a concentrated type solar combines Infinia Stirling engine technology of the new business went bankrupt in 2013, Spain-maker abenge despite continued concentrating solar, but is gradually shrinking capital investment, Many new ventures such as BrightSource solar concentrator itself, as well as companies like eSolar, niche market direction in hopes of opening up oil exploration, and other special uses.

Pahlen in California plan to withdraw the case, can be said to be an indication marks concentrated solar in the mainstream end of the energy market, mainstream solar energy market of the future will be dominated by solar cells, concentrating solar power only temporarily relegated to niche markets, or technological breakthroughs to dramatically reduce costs, be brought back to the competition.

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