Concerning photovoltaic power project file and the information online, such as completing the notice of

Polaris solar PV net news: provinces (regions and municipalities), national development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), the national development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang, the Agency, the State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid company, power company in Inner Mongolia and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources:

Pursuant to the National Energy Board comprehensive statistical information on the strengthening of the Division for photovoltaic power generation project and filing of notice of (the country’s comprehensive new “2014”, No. 389, hereinafter referred to as the notice) and other relevant provisions, and doing the building of photovoltaic power generation project and relevant online information, such as statistics and filing. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:

(A) to submit content. According to the requirements of the notice concerning statistics and submit the content.

(B) submit forms and schedules. Information, statistics and submit using the online reporting form. 2014 1 September submission of information should be completed by November 15. Provinces (regions and municipalities) of PV power projects and building operation will set 2015 PV of annual construction basis.

(C) other matters. I Council Qian a stage has Organization part area and the grid enterprise early carried out has PV power project information statistics and the submitted of training and the actual fill work, and in pilot based Shang, formed has energy competent sector operation process (video), and grid enterprise operation process (video) and can renewable energy electric price additional information management platform-PV power information statistics and the submitted system textbook (following referred to textbook), related online fill Guide tool (can to http:// Download, provincial (district, municipal) Department of energy, the State grid Corporation of China and China Southern power grid Corporation information online completing and refer to the relevant guidance documents. Each agency can log in information management platform for renewable energy electricity prices an additional query tracking relevant information (related operations, please refer to the textbook).

National information management centre for renewable energy (hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources) should be accompanied by relevant units of account distribution, hardware acquisition and consulting services, and so on, pay close attention to information reported to work in conjunction with the regions.

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