Concord new energy: want to be the most professional independent photovoltaic operators

Polaris solar PV net news: If the first industrial revolution steam power replaced manual labour, the second industrial revolution brought humans into the electric era, now the world is in with new energy, new materials and information technology as the representative of the third industrial revolution era.

Since Jeremy Rifkin proposed the concept of a third industrial revolution since the distributed energy resources to become the industry’s future development goals, GCL new energy enterprises is a big step forward towards this goal. However, Tang Cheng, Chairman, distributed energy trends, company’s true mission is to raise public awareness of environmental protection, green energy into your life, “this is a noble ideal.”

The future belongs to distributed energy

United States Economist Jeremy Rifkin’s claims about the third industrial revolution has caused wide concern. In his book the third industrial revolution, points out that, in the present world energy development and utilization of increasingly scarce and inefficient case, fundamental way is to combine Internet technologies with renewable energy, energy production, distribution and use of intelligent from a centralized to decentralized, distributed energy network that can be shared globally.

In simple terms, distributed energy resources comprehensive utilization of energy is distributed in all the client systems. From an ecological point of view, part of the pollution can be decentralized, distributed energy resources, to achieve the goal of moderate discharge; yet on the transmission and use of energy, this system can enhance the flexibility of energy use, reduce the long distance transportation of energy loss.

Imagine that some day in the future you miles away on a beach holiday, but can be done by phone in his hand and turn your home’s solar panels in the roof extra, sold near want to recharge an electric car owner. The energy of the future Internet, will eventually make our business model and the social model are completely changed.

“From the business model design and basic hardware point of view, extension of distributed energy has a lot of value, but may face a lot of problems in the actual promotion process, of which the most important is the credibility of the whole society and the law retroactive, other property rights issues. “Tang Cheng said.

Although distributed energy business model is not mature, there are still many practical issues to be resolved, but it seems to Tang Cheng, distributed energy in China there is an infinity of possibilities of the future, Concord’s main purpose is to make throughout the course of the implementation and development play a role in operations and integration.

“Should be optimistic about the future development of distributed energy, our massive layout, a large amount of reserves”. Tang Cheng wants to first sign a contract of part of the roof, in the eastern part of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong and other affluent areas, and the pioneering of new energy accepted good, undertakes a planning and propaganda waiting for conditions to further mature.

Throughout the planning, promotion and implementation of the distributed energy, scientific and technological innovation is essential, and this is part of the Tang Cheng had the most confidence in. Concord Group’s development in the past few years, has been adhering to the concept of innovation of science and technology, the rapid growth of its energy and PV manufacturing and innovation can not be separated.

Tang Cheng of temporary office space now has a central dispatching Hall on the ground, he can run queries of data to a country or region uses the central integrated rapid response data. In addition, the Concord trial drones cruising, found that the problem can be the timely transmission of information. In cold regions, and the staff hard to reach areas, use robots to clean and repair the equipment, integrate better with high-tech scale.

“When we develop distributed energy in particular to apply science and technology in the first place, how to adjust measures to local conditions, how to conduct data analysis and processing, and how the data in conjunction with client and family, or even energy storage and electric vehicles together with the customer, which we are constantly studying. It can be said that we can match Europe in science and technology, which is has been at the front. ” Tang Cheng is confident.

To do the most professional independent photovoltaic operators

Distributed energy and power are two completely different businesses, but the energy of the future Internet models still need to be built on the tradition of strong business base. In May this year, GCL group through GCL acquired the sentai group listed in Hong Kong and inject a PV power plant assets, establishment of GCL new energy (0451.HK) formally separated the upstream manufacturing and power and raw materials businesses. Since May, Concord new energy’s share price has risen almost 100%.

When it comes to the choices of business model, Tang Cheng believes that solar power photovoltaic materials and on the front of the terminal are two completely different industries, so you need to split into two companies, specialized operation. Although there are two operations carried out in the market enterprise, but these firms build power station was not intended to hold a power station or power but for sales component, the backgrounds and goals are not consistent with the GCL. Taking into account the long-term development in the future, the Group finally made the decision to separate the upstream and downstream business. “Our Chairman has been extremely good at thinking, when he first proposed to separate the two businesses. GCL is very strategic, it is our judgment of the future, but also a choice of strategies and resources. ”

Tang Cheng constantly emphasizes specialization in an interview, must be as professional as always, before you can successfully persuade the markets confidence. “I want to market the image is that our company is the most professional of stand-alone PV power station operators, we are professional than anyone, better than anyone in the long run. Doing the most simple business, but to be the purest, built power plants in 20, 30 years from now still maintains the highest efficiency. ”

In Tang Cheng seems, Association Xin new energy of specialization established in four capacity Shang, first is powerful of development capacity; second is core of construction capacity, to played company itself of advantage, built reliability more high, and cost more low, and maintenance costs at least of engineering; third is with Association Xin unique of operations way will project scale, with hi-tech, and big data and cloud computing to for analysis and combs; IV is is investment capacity, by Association Xin of brand, and reputation, and past of performance and powerful of resources, eventually let clean energy to households.

The dream is to make green families

The combination of industry and finance, its intrinsic financial properties, is the trend of many of the industry’s future. Tang Cheng I majored in finance, but they never talk about the concept of equity in the company, but constantly emphasizes specialization. For him, finance is a tool, as a means of cost control.

“For the company’s current business, cooperation with large financial institutions, combined with the capital markets is the best choice, but at some point in the future, when distributed energy began to promote implementation, this pattern will change, when will all raise questions, to get people to come to invest, invest in a variety of subjects. Our mission is to bring green energy to live, to tell people about the environment, ideal to let them think this is intimately related to their own. ”

Of course, he does not exclude similar balance Po [microblogging] such a pattern of raised, plans to design products, cooperation with financial institutions such as issuing bonds, the public will feel new energy and stability of earnings, keenly aware of this ongoing process of new energy concepts.

Tang Cheng entrepreneurs who described himself as a romantic, in the interview, he repeatedly emphasized that in life you have to have some noble things, even do business, make money profits as well as some ideal. “Great companies are made up of a group of people who have dreams, MA [Twitter] or jobs or are to dream, not just for the money. Do companies let everyone feel that behind our every action, there is something in support of the inside. ”

GCL new energy the big goal now is to become advocates of the idea, to raise public awareness of environmental protection and new energy recognition, so that the public knows it can change their environment and living things, then consider the economy. “Enterprises should maintain, you want to make money and even earns better than competitors, this is to gather more investor and participant. With better benefits, will have additional PE investment funds, gather more money, to attract more like-minded people with dreams. ”

Tang Cheng originally traditional energy, shows greater interest in new energy now. The reasons for this simple and sincere, “when you see grass growing under solar power station, saw the disappearance of saline-alkali soil alkalization phenomenon, you’ll have a sublime feeling. Life can get into the industry, put their ideals and love together, really is a very happy very exciting things. Tengger Desert I would like to invite everyone to look at, then there is grass, 20 years later I returned to replace the desert place to do it. ”

This is an ever-chasing the dream for people, as he says, “never does not meet, always striving to be the best, this is the culture of gchl and gene”.

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