Deserts of Tengger Desert is emerging largest photovoltaic power plant (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: reporter recently came to the southern margin of Tengger Desert, desert in Zhongwei city of Ningxia photovoltaic industrial park interview, learned that here was the rise of the country’s largest photovoltaic power plant in the desert. This project combines the development of photovoltaic and desert control, water-saving agriculture, creating a precedent for the success of the country and the world grid-connected PV power station in the desert, which centre-backs governance environment and new energy industry plays an important role in the development, with significant economic, environmental and social benefits.

Photovoltaic power plant in the desert (Yang Guang Lian Jun network reporters photo)

In order to make full use of and play Centre-half desert light and heat resources, vigorously develop new energy industries, Zhongwei Ying yan roadside desert in shapotou, planning and construction of photovoltaic industrial park in the desert. Reporters at the South margin of Tengger Desert, North of the ALXA League, Inner Mongolia region to see acres and acres of solar panels extended, at first glance, like suspending a touch of blue at the Golden Desert of the sea.

PV power station has been completed (photo journalist Lian Jun Yang Guang network)

By 2015, Zhongwei city, Zhongwei city of Tengger Desert, Gobi desert to produce 1500 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation base. While development of photovoltaic power station is under construction, actively exploring the development of “new topic”: development of solar photovoltaic power plant in the desert travel and tourism industries, complete the treatment of 100,000 acres of desert ecology. Plant’s perimeter with straw checkerboard sand-barrier and composed of sand-fixation forest shelter belt system, land formation and the shading effect of photovoltaic panels, PV panels installed drip irrigation facilities, growing green crops, PV plant growth is better than the rest of the region, control result is pretty clear. Realization of economic, social and ecological benefits of three wins.

Routine maintenance technicians of photovoltaic power stations (Yonge wide nets photo journalist Lian Jun)

Photovoltaic industrial park is divided into the desert in Zhongwei city, photovoltaic, photovoltaic, PV manufacturing industry district agricultural greenhouse area and sightseeing 4 planning area, and estimates a total investment of 20 billion yuan. About 1500 MW in installed photovoltaic capacity, currently stationed in 26 companies. Solar eco-agricultural construction mainly desert ecological agriculture and roof photovoltaic power generation project. Sightseeing areas planned Sightseeing Tower Desert Oasis tourist projects. The 88-metre observation tower under construction, upon completion, will become an iconic Zhongwei city, you can watch, solar garden and the desert landscape of the Yellow River.

Monitor on duty (Yang Guang Lian Jun network reporters photo)

According to reports, Defender whole photovoltaic industrial park planning and Park project is completed, will become a desert of the Northwest, as well as the country’s largest photovoltaic industrial park, can increase grid capacity of 2.8 billion per year, achieved an output value of more than 7 billion yuan, annual savings of more than 1.1 million tons of standard coal.

Inspection (Yang Guang Lian Jun network reporters photo)

Original title: deserts of Tengger Desert is emerging largest PV power station

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