Dong mingzhu: innovation no ceilings

Polaris solar PV net news: shifting in the throes of structural adjustment, economic growth and stimulus in the early cycle superimposed amid slowdown in national economic development. In this regard, the entrepreneurs to see how?

On October 14, the national network Office jointly undertaken by several media “from the perspective of business confidence” the economy topics covering activities, second stop was in Guangdong, entered the gree group.

That afternoon, Dong mingzhu, hurried into the room and see their are arranged in front of the long conference table, saying, “why are you sitting there? Location was so high I couldn’t do it myself “, said as he walked to the side of the table, sat down, began interviews for more than an hour.

Last December, the gree “PV direct drive inverter centrifuge system” access to leading international finds that the system is solar PV technology combined with large DC frequency centrifugal turbine, is a “central air conditioning without electricity.”

In an interview, Dong mingzhu, disclosed for the first time in December 2013, gree announced made without electricity for public use of air conditioning, gree has currently can produce air conditioning for homes without electricity.

Dong mingzhu, confidence is also reflected in the perception of the macro-economic environment: “I stand at a people’s point of view, the lives of ordinary people is not good, the environment is warm and it was, coupled with manufacturing is improved manufacturing efficiency is improved, technology is improving, which is a sign of national economic development, the State economy has no hope? I think there is hope. ”

In addition, she questioned outside of the gree “national day price war”, the State-owned enterprise reform, air conditioning industry in response to the problems, among them, the “indigenous innovation” and “r” throughout, interview with key words.

Comparability with Lei no

First business news: on the person of the year award at the end of last year China, Lei and you hit 1 billion bets, said within five years will exceed gree. How do you now think the bet?

Dong mingzhu: first of all, everyone agrees that air conditioning is a traditional industry, but I personally think that no matter what the industry, innovation place, where there are technical content. Because there is only one enterprise innovative, technological breakthroughs, the enterprise will be a competitive business, so I don’t think we are a so-called traditional industries.

As for bet, Lei told me actually is not within an industry, more than anything. I think I’m with him, is not a battle between Internet and traditional industries.

From my understanding of business terms, gree is the century-old enterprise thought to do, instead I can make a lot of money this year. I think gree massaged the innovation is the most successful, but stick to the road of independent innovation, and that’s their competitive edge, and gree’s advanced technology is our “$literal” research and development results, I think they are competitive, we talked to a lot of different places.

Daily: some analysts say air conditioning ceiling is now drawing near, how do you respond to this statement?

Dong: “ceiling” saying today is not about, but as long as progress was, if I remember correctly, ceiling issue should have been about 10 years.

Gree’s goal is 140 billion yuan this year, everybody speak due to the completion of the 140 billion, so to compete on price. These voices from different sources, with different purposes. But for me, I believe in myself, what people say is not important, the key is how you do it.

I think without ceiling, just keep your technology leadership in the industry, maintaining constant innovation, to bring life-changing consumers, you have no ceiling. So I think the ceilings do not dare challenge yourself, there is no ceiling.

Gree proposes five-year plan of 200 billion, I’m very confident. If I’m not all the air conditioning electricity, which consumers not to my product? Gree no electricity home air conditioners have been developed, I can sell the electricity from the air conditioning to the city grid, you can receive money back, jokingly, if my air conditioner bigger, I could not go to work, because I can generate electricity.

So me, I do not think this ceiling, if there is a ceiling that you dare not to challenge yourself.

Environment rather than policy

Daily: gree not how to play “price war” cards, but in the past national day was the first price cut. You for national gree satisfied with the price war, analysts believe the gree 10% growth is true? Hercules for the industry as a whole is a bellwether, and air conditioning in the price war has not led an industry-wide sales rose, some analysts say this is the price for the air conditioning industry in pulling the already weak?

Dong mingzhu: first of all, I believe that we are not a price war, because growing gree now has 20 billion yuan each year, have been getting bigger. With the larger, I think the profits should be reduced, our pursuit of economies of scale, does not need to be a single profit considerations, let to this part of the market is normal. We have the ability, there’s reason to make market forces work together to share the fruits of gree, which is necessary.

Second, the Japan market in 1995 have all entered the conversion time, while China does not. I hope that through this change to promote consumer understanding of what is truly good air conditioning, wishing to promote China also into frequency conversion times. We should promote the progress of the industry.

So we should not be high, because technology is better than everybody else, prices are higher than others, so why not sent to consumers with lower prices and higher quality goods at all? It is that we can do, is our choice.

About gree said market analysis said sales grew 10%. For retail terminals, should be double the growth. But this is not my only goal, I do not believe that the implementation of the changes to be successful, success through such a move would allow people to learn about frequency conversion air conditioner, what is a good air conditioning, this is the most meaningful thing or purely quantitative growth, I don’t think it’s meaning. Gree Digest inventory problem does not exist.

News: Forum on here earlier this year, Prime Minister, you said that “no national industrial policy support, as long as a fair competition environment” makes you happy now that the situation has changed you?

Dong: the Forum, everyone talked about missing most is money indeed. I was brought up, do not have asked the Government for money, if the Government can create a good environment for businesses themselves to survive, ensuring product quality and innovation and breakthroughs. Which is what the Government should really support, but support is not only for money.

Good practices for product quality but bad ones supported, will form an unfair environment, high quality businesses don’t get a fair shake.

Recently said, the “home appliances to the countryside” policy after the abolition of many household electrical appliance enterprises survival is hard, then I will think about this business is because they relied on Government support to survive, or rely on their own product quality survive? Nature of life and death, not to be eliminated, to rely on a strong own body, rather than rely on someone else to give you a shot. Just like you have cancer to chemotherapy for you by others, you may not be a healthy person, may not be able to save your life, the only way is to stick to your workout.

Therefore, I think it needs not policy but the environment. Enterprises should combine themselves and their country’s destiny, which is the company’s responsibility.

State-owned enterprise reforms will not affect the development of gree

Daily: everyone knows green field is the leader in home appliances, and gree are State-owned holding enterprises, now State-owned enterprise reform is concerned, gree in thinking in that regard?

Dong mingzhu: first of all, I would like to ask, is not state-owned enterprise reform, enterprises do well? Systems have a certain influence on enterprise’s sustainable development. But enterprises make good or bad in the short term, and State-owned enterprise, private property does not have a relationship. Managers play a decisive role, rather than the system.

In the appliance in a perfectly competitive industry, gree electric appliances are State-controlled companies, but we are in the home appliance industry is the best business. Enterprises engage in good relations with the operators have the absolute, how big is your mind you do little things.

Now, I can only care about my business development business development there is no bottleneck, future thinking where it is. This is my biggest concern, it doesn’t matter what other people say.

Gree now frontline workers are gradually achieving a one-bedroom, gree are accountable to consumers, also responsible for employee. We are more to his platform, gives him a chance to train him to become a useful person to the society, which is our corporate culture and our social responsibility.

Journal: many users are concerned about Wang’s son, MA’s son, your son is a “$literal”, then do you have plans for his future development?

Dong: I think education for their children, what matters is not how much wealth you have to allow children to inherit, but children should be allowed to think for themselves.

My son once said a Word, “MOM started from scratch, I would start from scratch. “This sentence quite comforting to me. For our next generation, does not require us to prepare all the material conditions to him, more want him to start from scratch.

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