Double driver PV in funding and policy to recover or transfer

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the photovoltaic plates again, increased capital through entering transition photovoltaic operation and the continued expansion of the forces nouvelles. Voice of the industry recovery and the cycle reversed again, but upstream overcapacity situation and let investors such as indecisive.

A brokerage analyst said the global photovoltaic industry since last year has become characteristic of the new cycle, domestic photovoltaic plates under the decline in price and cost the Central Government favors, medium-term growth is relatively clear, but under the current relatively loose relationship of supply and demand, in the short term mainly by elastic plate differentiation combined with a share profit.

This photovoltaic plates signs of recovery, the first in the industry companies are vying to raise PV industry, revealed. Late last year, including hareon, Central, Leshan electric power, Eicon Technology, shares and other stocks advance placement. Among them, Leshan electric power rose raised 1.6 billion yuan to repay loans and supplement working capital and Eicon Technology, Central stock and modified twice increased plan hareon, increases involved financing PV projects.

This year, the overweight PV potential continues to grow, in August and September on newly added number of listed companies plan involving solar investments and mergers and acquisitions.

Among them, the class will increase in the funding of the project, such as Gansu power investment. Company says the increase in early September bulletin intends to raise funds not to exceed a total of 2.18 billion yuan, involving wind power assets acquisition, gaotai 50MWp PV power generation projects investment. Eging is intended to raise funds not to exceed 1.228 billion yuan, to 100MW “catch one” PV power generation projects and add liquidity; Jiawei shares for asset acquisitions, quickly cut into the PV power plant EPC business and photovoltaic power plant investments. Plates rather than cross-border restructuring of the new army in the near future. Great Wall computer, released on September 22 will increase plan, intends to raise $ 807 million construction of photovoltaic power plants, high-end power expansion, research and Development Center for information security and supplement working capital.

In addition, the companies also continued to speed up the pace of industrial investment. Last week of September alone, there were Philip Almaden PV coated glass enterprises work together to investment, establishment of a size not exceeding 1 billion yuan of investment in new energy fund; linyang electronics to 134 million dollar capital increase photovoltaic power plant company. In addition, hareon earlier announcement it would buy Hami, Xinjiang totals 120MW photovoltaic power plant projects, and set up two new PV projects company.

Attitude of the photovoltaic sector of the capital market, has gone from cold to warm quickly reversed. Eicon Technology, for example, it plans announcement the next day share price increases fell, Billboard displays three shipments of 5.19 million Yuan, 25.42% per cent of total turnover for the day. Leshan electric power will increase plan announcement the next day also underperforming, high low all day up more than 2% only. But after one or two quarters of this year continue to adjust, plates have bounced back in the third quarter, above Eicon Technology, Leshan electric power shares the stage or in the third quarter were 55%, 56%.

Primary market areas, in September a number of listed companies to disclose results, participation increased significantly. To newly implemented increasing number of listed companies as an example, Eicon Technology’s targeted list, 4 public funds exceed the total subscription rate of 50% and hareon clean sweep will increase, as institutional investors, mutual funds, brokerages and insurance firms are all operating.

Photovoltaic plates of an inflection point near market calls again. But at the same time, statistics show that global PV market, pine is still in the supply and demand situation, industry chain in excess capacity was not fully made.

This recovery sustainable? Analysis of Changjiang securities analyst Wu Bohua, said environmental protection policies continued under pressure raise, cost continues to decline is the PV growth at the heart of this round. Fluctuation of photovoltaic plates have since 2013 a new cycle features, accurately grasp the subsidies and costs decrease and the important factors that affect judgment cycle inversion.

“Combined with the characteristics of the new cycle, and the recovery will continue. “Wu Bohua expects currently distributed development, short-term growth in the industry is relatively clear, put it into a stock company, the sector as a whole is still present, differentiation and flexibility coexist. Wu Bohua said future sector investment logic profit elasticity, under weak balance of supply and demand in the industry the key factors affecting elasticity includes brand, cost, and so on.

Original title: double driver PV in funding and policy to recover or transfer

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