Energy, poverty alleviation Office issued implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation programme of work

Polaris solar PV net news: October 11, National Energy Board, the State Council leading group of poverty alleviation and Development Office jointly issued the Declaration on implementation of PV work programme on poverty alleviation project (hereinafter referred to as the programme), and decided to use 6 years to organize and implement photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation.

The programme pointed out that PV new approach to poverty reduction is not only poverty alleviation work, are also effective measures to expand new areas of PV market is conducive to increasing employment of the masses, conducive to people’s way of life change, with distinct industries and social benefits. Through the support of district and national priority counties for poverty alleviation and development work has filed State card poor households to install distributed in photovoltaic power generation systems, increase poor people’s basic living income; conditions, barren slopes, agricultural greenhouses in poor areas or facilities in agriculture and construction of photovoltaic power plants, increase the incomes of poor people directly.

Programme clear, to to “integrated planning, and points step implementation, policy support, and relies on market, social mobilization, and Heli advance, perfect standard, and guarantees quality” for implementation PV pro-poor engineering work principles, and from carried out survey diagnostic, and introduced policy measures, and carried out first PV pro-poor project, and prepared national PV pro-poor planning (2015-2020), and developed PV pro-poor annual programme and organization implementation, and strengthened technical guidance, and strengthened implementation regulatory, aspects refinement proposed has 7 items work content, And the key tasks completed to time request.

In order to ensure smooth implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation, the programme also puts 3 organizational and policy safeguards. A to established work coordination mechanism, National Energy Council, and State pro-poor Office to strengthened contact and coordination tie; II to established technology service system, in national energy Council led Xia, water rules total homes in conjunction with pro-poor development center, and grid, and monitoring certification institutions and the main PV related equipment manufacturing enterprise established technology support system, is responsible for PV pro-poor full process of technology service; three to implementation related supporting policy, established national integrated, and place supporting, and Bank support, and user funded variety funds financing mechanism, Integrated construction and distributed solar thermal power plant construction.

Original title: energy, poverty alleviation Office issued implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation programme of work

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