Evergrande backdoor extension beautiful prospects for solar reservoir

Arctic star solar PV network news: Mainland vigorously development solar PV power of determination and capacity, in latest announced of constant big real estate shares country hid and deployment as its solar power listed flagship, makes investment territories eye-opening, constant big has showed that in future three years inputs 90 billion Yuan Yuan (about 113.9 billion Hong Kong dollar) development, parallel with mainland PV industry giant LDK its of SPI group, to total inputs 1.2 billion yuan subscription 10 times times Yu country hid existing shares of shares, 91.42% shares equivalent of enlarged share capital after the two companies, evergrande Chairman Xu jiayin is determined to a large, new energy investment community with new eyes-Tibet will be transformed into billions of market value of Super solar power group, investment prospects have changed.

Tibetan Group announced on October 7, through a rights issue, the introduction of evergrande real estate, and SolarPower,Inc. (SPI) for the strategic investor. Memorandum of understanding on Tibet has entered into with evergrande and SPI, whereby countries agree to evergrande dispensed contained 30.813 billion shares; and SPI dispensed about 7.464 billion shares, subscription price per share is about 3.135 Sen. If the subscription implementation, the total subscription price of HK $ 1.2 billion. Evergrande’s share accounts for expansion unit 73.59%,SPI 17.83%.

Evergrande plans multi-billion dollar development of photovoltaic power generation

Evergrande intends to use Tibet as a platform to develop new energy industries. September 30, evergrande has officially unveiled its solar photovoltaic project development plan, the company planned to invest about 90 billion yuan, the construction of China’s largest and 9.2 million-kilowatt PV project, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the County, Zhangjiakou City, in this regard. Hang large hidden group for new energy’s flagship platform, is expected to be in the future further into the project.

Evergrande to exploit the photovoltaic industry, laid out a detailed blueprint, the company targets three years investing in solar PV power plant project, 200,000-kilowatt 6 million-kilowatt industrial park of distributed solar power projects, as well as the 3 million-kilowatt solar photovoltaic farm project, which will be the largest solar PV power generation projects in China.

United States solar stock (SPI) Chairman of LDK, is China’s photovoltaic industry, “founding father” figure. He was once the richest man in new energy, is LDK LDK Solar co-founder and former Chairman, under his leadership, SPI became the Asia’s largest solar cell producers.

SPI now focused on large-scale global solar PV system turnkey EPC contractor and developer, responsible for the design, management and construction of high quality low cost, efficient and sustainable commercial and utility-scale PV solar power systems.

Evergrande moves into solar power, is the more complete by the State preferential policies. From 2013, the China Development and Reform Commission issued a series of policies to support the industry healthy and sustainable development and management methods, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation, subsidies, financial sector providing strong support.

Hiding behind the announced last week the introduction of evergrande, have soared by more than double as high as 0.65 dollars, even if the stock market on Friday as stocks tumbled, but constant 3.2%, rose, regicide at 0.48 Yuan, sold more than 55 million Yuan, reflecting investors bullish on evergrande’s growing stake in Tibet the next note while the market value of assets rose sharply, and possession of new market value of 1.725 billion RMB.

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