Experience in photovoltaic industry trend of jiaxing

Polaris solar PV net news: summer’s sweltering in Zhejiang Province, many families to save power, preferring to put air conditioning does not open. But many rural residents in jiaxing, air conditioning will be pleased not only with, also had a monthly electricity bill paid.

From the recently held in jiaxing, national distributed PV Forum is aware, PV industry in Eastern Province of Zhejiang, “five in one” innovation pilot in jiaxing, nowadays more and more businesses and families join the ranks of self-built photovoltaic power plant, to experience winter lows of jiaxing injected fresh vitality into the photovoltaic industry.

Electricity not love money

In xiuzhou district, jiaxing Xin Cheng Zhen Qi Jia bang neighborhoods, more than 50-year-old Wang recently was to consult community leaders how to install solar panels: “because I saw someone’s home after the solar panels were installed on the roof, air conditioner in summer, not only don’t feel bad, and the monthly electricity Board also ‘ pay ‘ tariff. ”

In November last year, and Qi Jia bang road apart Sha Jia bang village, there are more than 100 multi-family homes are equipped with rooftop PV power generation equipment, a small farm buildings at the roof of the Villa under the sun shines, and the light was pouring into electricity. Zhejiang Province, which is the first village of photovoltaic power generation, the first 100 families has a total installed capacity of 2000-kilowatt.

Lives in Haining city, Hai Chau DAO Xin Yue Hua Zhuang Kunjiang, 2013 application a 10-kilowatt capacity of distributed PV systems have been installed, it didn’t take long, they receive electricity from the local power company a 19.63 dollars, this is the roof of his house after a grid-connected photovoltaic systems, to sell surplus electricity to power the company’s sales. Zhejiang, which is the implementation of individual photovoltaic power generation after the new deal, to personally pay the first grid-connected electricity.

According to Zhuang Kunjiang accounting package of equipment with a total investment of about 100,000 yuan, calculated in accordance with 1100-1200 hours of sunshine in Haining, this equipment can make electricity 12,000 degrees per year. “Every kilowatt-hour, State-subsidized 0.42 Yuan, local financial subsidies are estimated at 0.2 Yuan, coupled with spontaneous personal use exemption of tariffs, and sold to the national grid of electricity, kilowatt-hour consolidated earnings of 1.47 dollars, electricity 12,000 a year, income is 17,000 dollars. Over 5 years will be able to recover the costs, net income of 17,000 yuan every year after. ”

In solar technology, General Manager of Zhejiang Hou Shengzhong’s view, along with the maturation of distributed PV technology, distributed PV will be more into ordinary homes, not only to change the traditional concepts of electricity, energy saving can also play a very important role. And the family distributed PV market, relieving excess PV upstream capacity also play a role.

Reproduction of the photovoltaic industry activity

In addition to individual distributed PV is very interested in, companies are enthusiastic.

“The workshop production this year has been booked, although now is the peak of summer, businesses will not affect production due to rationing as before. “Canal in jiaxing xiuzhou Industrial Park Road flat solar glass Group plc, CEO yuanfei, Deputy Director of the Office, pointing to a wall of electronic screens such as rooftop PV power generation of the enterprise, to visit the country distributed PV onsite exchange of experts, scholars and media reporters.

As a leading manufacturer of super white solar glass businesses, flat glass for the power of demand is enormous. Following the implementation of distributed PV policy, investment of 60 million Yuan, 123,000 square meters in the Enterprise set up 8.364 megawatts of solar panels on the roof, and on June 30 this year, power generation.

Just one month’s time, the roof power plant generating capacity of nearly 1 million degrees, which not only greatly reduce the flat glass production of electricity demand, also lets businesses see the photovoltaic industry once again usher “Spring” of hope.

In 2012, affected by the European debt crisis and Europe and implementation of photovoltaic products in China, such as “anti-dumping and anti-subsidy” affected, “two out” China PV industry group this winter, total solar output one-third and has formed the industrial advantage of jiaxing PV companies are going through the most difficult moments. Yuanfei said the PV in 2012 “winter”, the flat suffered little shock. As domestic PV Application market gradually started, the current corporate earnings have started to pick up, domestic market share has climbed from last 30% to 50%, are now already operate at full capacity.

Today, the scarce resource into the roof, jiaxing city, businesses, hospitals, schools, large markets, farmer’s roof, were effectively collecting and unified configuration.

In February and May this year, xiuzhou district, jiaxing city, administrative centre and the administrative centre of the roof grid-connected PV power generation projects succeed, electricity is mainly used for Office lighting. In June this year, Haining developed about 70,000 square meters of the roof for photovoltaic power generation, when the average annual electricity production of 3.5 million-kilowatt.

Similarly, in Pinghu, jiaxing in Zhejiang jingxing paper company 9 enterprises, lined the roof of distributed PV equipment has been installed, grid-connected acceptance. The 9 companies planned a total investment of 340 million Yuan, is completed when the expected annual generation capacity of up to 40 million-kilowatt, enterprises can not only ease the power difficult, has become a powerful hand in energy saving and emission reduction.

Distributed PV Conference in the country, Mayor of jiaxing city, xiaopeisheng is given a set of data: jiaxing currently has 3.5 million square meters of efficient roof for photovoltaic, PV cumulative installed capacity of 260 megawatts, the equivalent of qinshan nuclear power installed capacity, ranking first at the nation, when the total power generation capacity of 65.73 million-kilowatt. According to scientific estimates, thereby saving power generation coal-fired 26,200 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 1962.9 tonnes, 6.55 tons of greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Since last year, the PV industry in jiaxing, in one fell swoop out of the Red shadow, again making gains. First half of the year, jiaxing PV enterprises above designated size achieved operating income of 9.459 billion yuan, an increase of 31.1%, a profit of 320 million Yuan, an increase of 9.3 times. Meanwhile, the trend apparent cluster of PV industry in jiaxing, industry chain and more complete, the emergence of a number of renesola, jinko, Follett buck enterprises.

Distributed PV plus constant

Government guidance and market operation, unified management, “jiaxing experience” effectively distributed in photovoltaic development of a range of common challenges, access to a national distributed PV Conference recognized by many experts, to Zhejiang photovoltaic industry trend provides useful reference.

On August 1, the price Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Provincial Committee through a letter, and Zhejiang Provincial energy Bureau jointly released the notice on further clarify the policy matters such as PV prices, State renewable energy development fund subsidies for PV power generation projects in Zhejiang Province will give 0.1 Yuan/kWh subsidy.

The initiatives that the industry’s business confidence soars.

“The Government policies allow enterprises to be reassured of distributed PV also allows enterprises to see the direction of development. “Da PV, General Manager of Zhejiang Hou Shengzhong said that encouraged by the Government, as well as the market continues to heat up, enterprises in Zhejiang Province has obtained a total of approximately 50 MW distributed generation projects, including zhongce rubber, Fu Chun group companies, corporate production is already have a full schedule.

And, in mid-July, assembled by Xin Huang, Zhuji new energy technology development of 5000 square meters distributed PV array, on top of the God Bull machinery factory in Zhejiang Province formally incorporated into the national power grid, becoming first distributed grid-connected photovoltaic applications low voltage enterprise of Shaoxing.

To encourages distributed PV power application, Shaoxing introduced has accelerated distributed PV power application of implementation views, for meet superior provides, and made province, and Shaoxing NDRC PV power plans indicators of related enterprise signed PV power project of, project built Hou, since power of day up by its actual electricity except enjoy national 0.42 Yuan/kWh, and province 0.1 Yuan/kWh subsidies policy outside, city financial again gives 0.2 Yuan/kWh of subsidies, subsidies term for 5 years. In other words, a project can enjoy 0.72 Yuan/kWh subsidy.

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