Family PV: now don’t think making money is too easy

Polaris solar PV net news: new version of the national standard GB/T50378-2014 of the green building assessment standard, taking effect from January 1, 2015, originally of the green building assessment standard of the GB/T50378-2006 abrogated. If you want to get a high score, energy-saving and water conservation becomes the most important options, including wind power, terrestrial heat, solar power and rainwater collection and utilization of recycled water was key. However, for families, the implementation remains difficult.

Family PV: now don’t think making money is too easy

In recent times, there have been media reports family building photovoltaic power plants not only their own power do not spend money, and 3-5 years to recoup their investments into money-making stage. In fact, for the time being, families invest in PV besides environmental reasons, “make money” is still worthy of cautious consumers, otherwise China’s PV industry does not as a whole into losses.

Technical Director of a medium sized PV enterprises in Zhejiang Yuan Qingyang told reporters, essentially, from the date of birth of the photovoltaic industry is a Government by “milk” industries, such as Germany developed a feed-in tariff law Germany rendered years of frenzied growth in installed PV capacity. Oodles of installation has been made under the influence of the economy as a whole more Government can no longer provide enough milk “milk”, the Government takes this opportunity to the photovoltaic industry “weaning”, “weaning” after that PV manufacturers because of the high cost and low conversion rate into trouble.

In 2013, the national grid publish the views on a grid-connected distributed generation work service: with effect from March 1, 2013, ordinary users to build their own power facilities that generate clean energy such as solar and wind power, will be full purchase price set by the State. This initiative encourages personal investment distributed PV on-grid, has aroused widespread concern in the industry, as well as the general public, many have to eat crabs.

“Photovoltaic power generation needs of individual sites, where general users do not have a large enough to build a system. “Linuo solar power Group Marketing Director Liu Jianli believes that individual photovoltaic encouraged by the State, in fact, is in line with the global trend of energy saving and environmental protection, but also is conducive to the expansion of the domestic PV market rosy prospect. However, he also pointed out that individual PV two thorny issues that were encountered: one site, another thing is the cost.

Natural resource conditions in southern China, light a long, suitable for promotion and application of solar PV. But the cost is still high, solar modules, frame, and bi-directional inverter, AC protection switch electric meter, construction costs added up to an average of 1 Watt to 10 Yuan. Family 5-kilowatt photovoltaic power plant, for example, invested at least 50,000 yuan, annual output of 6000 degrees (theoretically a Watt PV module 1.2 kWh of electricity a year) was not bad. Southern electricity appliances are normally open, each household monthly electricity consumption reached 300 degrees is normal. Sold to the grid, State-subsidized 0.42 Yuan/degrees, the electricity sector price 0.53 Yuan/degree, a total of 0.95 Yuan/degree, sales income of about 2280 Yuan a year when you can recover the cost? “In theory these devices with 25-year life span, require no maintenance, but look at solar water heaters was known, after 35 years it will have maintenance fees. “The operation Ting Huang Ming solar water heaters told reporters.

Only Villa can install the common roof well

Most of all venues. “Families per kilowatt of installed PV power station requires around 10 square metres of solar panels, 5-kilowatt requires 50 square meters, the average user is not so much space. “Liu Jianli says families only live in a House, have a chance at the top install, and securing residential property agreement. If you want to build photovoltaic systems in public areas of the roof in the community, check process is very cumbersome.

Reporter called several large-scale residential developments such as Panyu, white clouds, luogang, most real estate property management company says, Villa property company applied for and received permission to install, but public building belonging to all owners of apartments, received approval from other owners you want, which means that in public roof installed photovoltaic power generation system, the possibility is very small.

However, industry experts surveyed are still confident about the domestic PV industry. Yuan Qingyang said photovoltaic products price decline trend is now, it is an important prerequisite for solar PV into the TENs. Currently many companies are in the research and development of new materials, hoping to solve the problem of low conversion efficiency and high production costs. There are already some new material, new technology is born, such as Hina Group Announces thin-film photovoltaic products, is said to be 23% conversion efficiency than today’s Silicon technology has improved. “In any case, the development of human society is inseparable from energy, and traditional energy sources are drying up, the rise of new energy sources such as solar PV and growth is imperative. ”

A few days ago, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City, drafted by the national development and Reform Commission of the measures for the management of distributed solar power projects (draft for soliciting opinions) and the Guangzhou administrative measures on special funds for the construction of photovoltaic projects (draft for soliciting opinions) in the national development and Reform Commission seeking public views on a Web site, continued until the 28th of this month.

Under the draft law, if it is public institutions resident individuals or units of the building, building solar photovoltaic projects, can fill a dime per kilowatt-hour, for 10 years after the additional time for completion of the project. Whereas the building belongs to people, based on the total installed capacity of the project will be built, determine the amount of subsidy according to the 0.2 Yuan per watt, one-time distribution to building ownership and individual project maximum benefit amount for 2 million dollars. If this Bill, will also reduce the investment and the cost recovery time can be shortened.

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