Family PV truth: forward is still a retreat?

Polaris solar PV net news: build a solar power station, in addition to leaving home, amount of electricity sold to the State, such a home photovoltaic power generation, Ningbo has a lot of people, “early adopters.” However, because there is no settlement, generating family buys does not pay, will stay on paper.

Journalist yesterday learned from the electricity sector, citywide 14 families the first kWh to photovoltaic power generation settlement has been completed and marks the country distributed photovoltaic electricity subsidies in Ningbo was officially launched, 14 homes sold had already pocketed the money.

The first PV electricity sold half a year household income of 3736.21 Yuan

“The issue of electricity, whether themselves or being sold to the country, before subsidies are tax 0.52 Yuan, quite profitable. “Ningbo first PV on-grid family Mo Zhikai said. Mo Zhikai is the “85” so that beilun in five au village. 5 years ago, it took him nearly 300,000 yuan in tarring the roof and carport roof built a 7.5 kW-capacity domestic photovoltaic power stations, in June last year, the family plant into the national grid.

In January-June this year, his total power 5826.3, “summer is good, up to 35 kWh of electricity a day. Rainy days, perhaps only two or three degrees. “Mo Zhikai says half a year to power plants work very well at home, without any trouble. At a time when electricity, also can not have no sense of their own power grid for power generation and what is the difference between no voltage instability problems occur. Electricity this may, Mo Zhikai home with over 3000 degrees, the rest of 2865.35 kWh of electricity sold Internet access to the country. Money from selling electricity coupled with subsidies total revenue 3736.21 Yuan.

Mo Zhikai accounts: empty family plants a few years ago, encounters summer days, electricity to more than 700 Yuan a month at home, no more than 300 dollars this summer. After calculation, an annual saving of electricity between 4000 to 5000 Yuan, coupled with subsidies and money from selling electricity, cost can be recovered in about 15 years. “The high cost of PV input 5 years ago now costs around one-third at that time, the cost recovery period can be reduced. “Mo Zhikai explained.

Household PV power station

Electricity sellers earn 0.84 Yuan, State subsidies than selling price

Currently the city has 14 families build household PV power station, some time ago, the electricity sector and they carried out the settlement of electricity charges in January-July this year. Figures show that in January-July, 14 homes were selling 28,948, returns 29175.82.

Reporters noted that 14 households in PV power plant, electricity sellers maximum amplitude of the Yan family, generation 5857, home use only 600 degrees, selling 5301, earned 4726.21 dollars. Electricity is the least Tong Huizhang and the citizen’s 200 degrees, selling 98 degrees, earned 144.3 million. There are 3 family home without, come all sold to the United States, sold the most of 2106.64 kilowatt-hours of electricity, made a profit of 1780.11 dollars.

Why they sell more, earn only less than 1 Yuan per unit, and some people sell less electricity per unit of Super 1? Many people think, sells electricity at one time can earn 1.

Electricity sector explained that the No 1 so much. Home PV electricity power station may, partly sold to the State of the population, both selling prices and subsidies, another part is used by the residents to keep their, can enjoy the subsidy. According to reports, the selling price into account newly put into operation new benchmark coal price performance now is after tax 0.401 Yuan per unit. Subsidies have two pieces, before subsidies and taxes at national level was 0.42 Yuan, Zhejiang provincial level before subsidies and taxes to 0.1 Yuan per unit.

“If 1 kWh of electricity sold to the State, excluding tax, could make 0.84 Yuan. Also, if generating their own, subsidies for you. “Ningbo power supply company customer service department official said.

Noteworthy is that the State subsidy is now more than the price of electricity sold, 14 families, some people enjoy this kind of “treatment”. Tong Huizhang selling 98 degrees single selling price was 39.3 Yuan, State subsidies have 115.

Initial investment costs, many people beat a retreat

State subsidies, photovoltaic power generation when extended to the people home? People in the industry say, larger initial cost a long recovery period, so many people back out.

Ningbo collection roof energy development limited General Manager Zhou Songcheng said, according to Ningbo of sunshine situation, town residents family family electricity to 3,000 to 6-kilowatt capacity, rural residents family family electricity to 2000 to 4-kilowatt capacity, 1 w inputs to 10 Yuan money, this is equal to town residents to inputs 3 to 60,000 yuan, rural residents to inputs 2 to 40,000 yuan, and 1 w a years average power 1 degrees more, cost recycling needs 10 years around.

In this regard, Mo Zhikai also believes that initial investment of domestic photovoltaic power stations are too large, is to restrict large scale bottlenecks. “Industrial and commercial electricity price comparison, the current resident electricity price is low, and most residents have applied for the peak and Valley electricity, electricity prices even lower. Relatively low electricity prices have large initial investment, the roof is not good use of reality would douse the enthusiasm of many residents build photovoltaic power plant. “Mo Zhikai said. But he suggested that the large amount of electricity, especially with second tier pricing homes, installed photovoltaic power plant is a very cost-effective, in summer and winter with his power greatly reduced costs.

In April, the beilun Port Dickson Chau company to build photovoltaic power stations have already adopted “contract energy management” mode, which greatly reduces the input costs of the enterprise. People in the industry say, reference the pattern, the PV Unit can consider introducing “pay” approach, similar to buying a car, a House, reducing initial cost investment problems, if the scheme was introduced, may be wide spread promotion a good promotion for domestic photovoltaic power stations.

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Family PV on-grid electricity sellers how to operate

It is estimated that 1-kilowatt capacity probably occupies the roof covers an area of 10 square meters, urban households to build 3-kilowatt capacity to count needed 30 square meters of photovoltaic power station, rural households to build 2-kilowatt capacity of photovoltaic power stations to count needed 20 square meters.

Families to build their own grid-connected PV power station, in accordance with the following 7 processes: 1. apply to the electricity authority Office, fill out the application form for incorporation. (The application need to carry heads of household ID and copy of certificate of household register, real estate and other related documents. ) 2. supplying the site survey and the incorporation of 10 working days to issue a personalized programme. 3. confirm interconnectivity solutions. 4. family based on interconnectivity solutions, for the detailed design of photovoltaic power stations. 5. in accordance with the relevant technical requirements to purchase equipment, contact the Professional on-site installation. 6. parallel debugging an application family, installation meter meter power supply enterprises and organizations acceptance, and signed a relevant Protocol. 7. after the test, formally completed grid.

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