From the fog value gree solar air conditioning

Polaris solar PV net news: October 23 ruling haze cannot be left to “wind”.

This autumn the first haze stirred people’s hearts, “wind” but also recognizes the urgency of the treatment of haze. Just smog, as China’s rapid economic development, water pollution, waste disposal, land desertification and other environmental problems are gradually emerging.

On one hand, or direct threat to the survival of vulnerable ecological environment, on the other hand the environment issue will directly restrict the country’s economic strength. “Wind” approach is clearly not a fundamental solution to environmental problems, Government force alone will not be enough to get out of trouble, to solve environmental problems, from individuals to businesses, local government, has an unshirkable responsibility.

Under the environmental crisis, some companies saw the slogan no emissions, some companies indulge in manufacturing concept “money”, and some enterprises to reduce pollution to sacrifice yield.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Air conditioning industry as a leading enterprise of gree electric appliances, for a long time in technology innovation, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental degradation in unremitting efforts, recently, gree came good news: PV dual parallel fans as enthalpy of multi-connected air conditioning research and development success.

Evaluation of the industry, this energy-saving, environmentally friendly product development for controlling smog from origin to make a model, is the industry’s “conscience”. Gree dominates the industry leading technology innovation, social responsibility to gree to become the greatest of enterprises.

All week, air conditioning and heating energy consumption of building energy consumption the most important component, according to relevant statistics, China’s building energy consumption accounted for 27.45% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and building energy consumption, central air conditioning and heating energy consumption accounted for approximately 65%. How to make central air conditioning to dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, even variable consumes energy in order to create energy, is a subject to ease the burden on the public power grid, information related to sustainable development, development and promotion of solar air conditioning will have huge economic and social benefits. Solar air conditioning efficient use of solar energy, reducing air-conditioning power consumption and carbon emissions.

“Double parallel PV injected multi-connected air conditioning” is more than just an air conditioner that simple. This technology photovoltaic technologies, gree G10 inverter air conditioning technology, dual stage injected compressors, compressors connected in parallel, grid-connected power generation technology, multiple power management technology, combining new products.

Colloquially, the “injected” is previously compressed upgrade for two at a time, even in harsh ambient temperature ensures even under refrigeration, heating demand. “Parallel” which would parallel use of two slightly smaller displacement compressors, which can load flexibility is preferable to use. Is more creative, using solar energy mixed with the mains power supply, which provides electricity not only powers the central air conditioning unit, but also to a central air conditioning unit is not working or power at a surplus to the municipal power grid transmission, when the opposite situation, the part from the municipal power grid electricity.

In fact, since the year before last, has been promoting her helm Dong mingzhu, gree electric appliances control concept of smog. In September this year, Dong also received the United Nations development programme’s global “sustainable urban development ambassadors” award.

“Let the sky bluer, greener Earth” has been a gree brand philosophy, their own future and shoulder the responsibility to sustainable human development as a whole, is committed to providing consumers with more health and comfort, energy saving and environmental protection products, gree electric appliances in noise reduction, energy saving and variable frequency in key technology areas such as intelligence, many breakthroughs have been achieved.

Governance haze cannot be left to “wait for the wind to come,” more is needed as gree “technique wind” changes in the processes which transform people’s lives.

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