Global new PV installed capacity or IHS:2014 to 45.4GW the fourth quarter increase rapidly

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the latest IHSTechnology report is expected in 2014, global PV installed capacity will increase to 45.4 GW, 32% capacity (14.4 GW) from the quarter.

Quarter machine, or 32% per cent of total annual

Report is expected, driven by PV market between China and strong demand in 2014, the fourth quarter is expected to once again lead the “install boom”, will total annual installed capacity of 32%. Last quarter, China PV installed capacity will account for more than half of total global demand. “Early 2014, global demand for several key markets fell, but the global solar energy market will expand significantly in the fourth quarter. “IHS Director of the solar energy research AshSharma said.

IHS is expected in 2014 new PV installed capacity in the fourth quarter accounted for 32% of the total

“China-us solar market will drive the growth on a global scale. Fourth quarter, we expect China-us new PV installed capacity of 5 GW respectively 2.3 GW, proportion of total global installed capacity of more than 50%. Quarter installed capacity in China is likely to just shy of last year’s data – and this was ‘ amazing ‘ a lot of people in the industry. ”

Photovoltaic industry in the “polarization”

Report noted that the first half of the installed capacity increased strongly, by several countries, including United Kingdom and Japan “achievements” is particularly prominent. However, there are many market downward trend. The second half of the global PV installed capacity is expected to rebound sharply. However, Germany and Italy are still bad, 2014 PV installed capacity is likely to only 0.8 and 2.1 GW GW respectively last year the size of the market compared to 3.3 GW 1.7 GW.

The second half of the Sino-US markets bounced back

China can meet the 2014 target set by the Government, IHS was skeptical. However, after adjusting for a series of projects by the Government, China 13 GW goal line with IHS current projections. In addition, IHS predicted this year’s ground-mounted solar photovoltaic sector in China dominate the market, installed capacity up to 8.5 GW, but still limited number of unfavorable factors, such as lack of suitable roof and financing difficulties.

In addition, IHS predicted United States quarter PV installed capacity accounts for total annual installed capacity of 33%.

2014 United Kingdom is expected to become the fourth largest solar markets

In 2014, the leading photovoltaic market in the United Kingdom the size of the market is likely to show the strongest expansion.

As developer expectations before the policy changes take full advantage of attractive renewables obligation certificates (ROC) policy (provide 1.4 ROC per MWh), United Kingdom utility-grade solar PV installed capacity in the first quarter of this year soared.

In addition, according to the previous policy, issued for a photovoltaic power station (installed capacity greater than 5 MW) of ROCs due until 2017. However, according to the revised policy and the closing date was March 31, 2015, or the power station will have new mechanisms for contracts for difference (CFD) applications under support. Based on this, in advance of the due date, United Kingdom PV market is likely to lead to “install boom” is expected in 2014 and 2015 for the fourth quarter first quarter United Kingdom new PV installed capacity will reach 3.1 gigawatts. IHS expects most of the installation set in the fourth quarter, in order to avoid bottlenecks and delays at the 2 March this year.

Overall, the IHS predicts United Kingdom added between 3.0-3.2 GW of PV installed capacity. IV quarter, United Kingdom will become the China, Japan and the United States, the fourth-largest solar markets.

IHS predicts that next year, the United Kingdom public service-level photovoltaic sector of the total installed capacity in the first quarter accounted for more than 65%. But in the first quarter, “the Pan” post, which gradually disappeared, and the remaining three quarters leading to residential and commercial roofing Department.

2015 global market slowdown, but tend to be stable

Report estimates that with the fast-expanding mature market, annual growth in 2013 and 2014 are super 20%. 2015, however, growth would fall to 16%, new PV installed capacity is approximately 53 gigawatts.

In 2013, the market size, China has more than 1 time, is likely to grow this year 30%. IHS predicted that unless new policies or goals to further enhance, or 2015, China’s annual growth rate of only 10%, but still is expected to become the world’s largest end markets.

In addition, IHS is expected in 2014, Japan new PV installed capacity reached its peak, to 9.1 GW. On land supply, incorporation and upcoming FIT policy review issues such as 2015 when the country installed capacity slightly declined.

Report emphasizes that contains enormous business opportunities in emerging markets around the world, and is expected in emerging market will grow steadily. However, in view of the policy implementation has been slow and the Government hopes to avoid “boom and bust” phenomenon (has already appeared in other markets), emerging market prospects should not be too overvalued.

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