Hina Yumen, solar energy and cooperation in building a distributed PV projects

Polaris solar PV net news: October 23, 2014, Yumen, Gansu province, Eastern section of village government in collaboration with who the beautiful country of distributed photovoltaic project was officially completed on-grid power. The project is one of the local government “the beautiful country” building demonstration projects, aimed at improving the living conditions of local farmers at the same time, by introducing Chinese thin-film solar technology for local farmers to bring clean electricity supply and widening wealth channel. This hand Hina in Yumen city “new countryside, new energy, new life” as the theme, in the Eastern village of promoting “the beautiful country” and distributed solar photovoltaic pilot project. Dilapidated scattered farmers under the Government-led exercise unified planning of buildings, transformed into modern infrastructure short-story row buildings, and through cooperation with the Chinese, with the global leader in thin-film solar power generating technology on the roofs of equipment distributed PV systems, provide clean electricity to residents. This distributed generation projects adopt Han can be a global leader in thin-film technology components, the total installed capacity of the project is 226.8KW, in the settlement of residents while heating demand, but the remaining electricity sold to the grid, distributed power to get rich helping residents through the roof. Hina global PV Application Group Vice President Zhou Jiesan introduction, who collaborated with in Yumen City Government distributed generation project is “get rich endowment, relying on power station” classic case of schema. Local government, and Han can, and local residents three party Heli, to real solution farmers life actual problem for starting point, in improved houses conditions of while in roof construction distributed film power system, makes originally General of houses into has spontaneous use, allowance Internet of power station, this both makes local residents “one-step” enjoy to clean, and convenient, and security of solar, and through sold remaining power to grid system share investment proceeds, can be described as in one fell swoop more have. The Yumen City Government, leads the participation of leading enterprises, and multi-party collaborative build mode crack has long restricted the development of distributed PV system performance problems. First, local government as project of led, achieved has roof resources of unified configuration; second, as solar field leading enterprise of Han can participation project of specific implementation links, using its global leading of film solar technology for project quality escort; while, local government led, and leading enterprise, and local residents, multi power cooperation, favourable of solution has distributed PV construction in the of financing difficult, and grid difficult of problem, for local residents late share sale electric proceeds provides has reliable of guarantees. Solar photovoltaic power generation is an important emerging industries of strategic importance, vigorously promote solar-powered applications to optimize energy structure, changes in urban and rural areas, improve the ecological environment is very important. Wide range of distributed PV applications, particularly in the urban and rural construction, industry, agriculture, transportation, public facilities and other areas has broad application prospects. Yumen city, Hina and build this project combines distributed photovoltaic power plant and construction mode of revolutionary practice is promoting energy production and consumption, is also an important measure to improve people’s livelihood, will promote the development and widespread popularity of distributed PV solar industry played a positive role model.

Original title: booster “beauty” who distributed photovoltaic project located in the countryside in Yumen city

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