Hunan Zhuzhou city’s first photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses: shelf under the power canopy vegetables

Polaris solar PV net news: when new energy photovoltaic industry and traditional agriculture meeting, what will wipe out the “spark”?

In the village of yunlong town Dragon shop demonstration area leading the “Dragon-tech” mushroom production base, on more than 400 square meters of vegetable greenhouses, “PHI” hundreds of solar photovoltaic panels, converts solar energy into electricity, and greenhouses, and bushes full of mushroom growing.

“Not only can save a lot of electricity, but in a cool environment, and also many kinds of a stubbly Pleurotus eryngii. “As the city’s first photovoltaic pioneer in agricultural greenhouse, Director Zhou Ding are very excited.

Can save a lot of electricity, but also variety of season vegetables

On October 16 at 11 o’clock in the morning, reporters came to this growing greenhouses visiting the temperature of 11.4, luxuriant growth of Pleurotus eryngii.

“The mushroom is very fragile, on the temperature and the humidity is very high, when the temperature is above 12 degrees not fruiting, so in the greenhouse fans, ventilation, air conditioning and other equipment, a 24-hour operation to ensure fruiting all year round, but the cost is expensive. “Zhou was introduced because the shed roof is made of metal material, though paved with a layer of insulating material, but temperature effect is not ideal, monthly electricity costs tens of thousands of Yuan, plus iron resistance to erosion, a limited lifespan.

Do? PV slightly agriculture of the weeks top is found Xin qi in Zhuzhou company (hereinafter “Xin Qi”), Li You, want to do PV agricultural greenhouse. At present, 50-kilowatt September 25 one grid, now the power plant has been generating more than more than 4,000 degrees. “Because solar panels heat-insulating well, inside temperature 3 degrees centigrade, in one year, is expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars not only electricity and photovoltaic greenhouse thermostat work better, but also many kinds of a stubbly Pleurotus eryngii. ”

Planting under the Studio’s clean power, shed, piece of land, two harvests. Tasted the sweetness of the weeks top is now waiting to continue the installation II project, according to the plan, all will complete year after next power up to 1 MW.

Traditional agriculture and new energy photovoltaic integration

In week view, according to old concepts in farming has been outdated and modern agriculture requires scientific and technological innovation, as well as “two types of society” needs.

But as the city’s “domestic PV first person” Li You more specifically. He told reporters that in yunlong demonstrative zone for example, fruits and vegetables, flowers, greenhouse, if there can be “photovoltaic” and “Agriculture” and “eco-tourism” combination of the three, not only to the development of clean energy, new energy industries, but also can drive the development of modern agriculture.

Li You told reporters that in order to promote photovoltaic greenhouse “Xin Qi” company consolidated construction company is charged on-grid electricity, users can save the high construction and maintenance costs, and access to clean energy.

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Solar agricultural greenhouse

Greenhouse “warming up, holding” has long been focused on the problems confronting farmers and “PV agricultural greenhouse”, is expected to solve the puzzle.

Li You introduced, due to summer of high temperature, in 6-September many category of vegetable cannot normal growth, and “PV agricultural big shed”, like in agricultural big shed appearance filled has a points light meter, can isolated infra-red, banned too much of heat entered big shed; in winter and night of when, is can banned big shed within of infrared band of light to outside radiation, reduced night temperature fell of speed, up to insulation of role.

“Solar PV farm shed” can supply power of agriculture greenhouse lighting, surplus electricity grid. “PV farm greenhouses” in the off-grid system, is deployed with the LED system, power plant growth during the day; LED system can be used the day of the night of power, to supply the plants light.

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