Individual applications for photovoltaic power generation or to property agrees

Polaris solar PV net news: in March 2013, Hefei Golden Mile Island community Kong Qingbin photovoltaic power stations were installed in the roof of the community, become home photovoltaic Hefei first. On October 17, 2014, reports LONGWANG district Sun Ben also becomes luyang, luyang district first installed PV power station in Northern citizens. Yesterday, reporters learned from the power supply company in Hefei city, Hefei has 25 families in applying for the installation of photovoltaic power stations.

Manufacturers receiving questions

1. PV panels combined with why there are dead mice?

He discovered his power at the plate with a dead mouse. Clearly seen at with electrical wires, wires were bitten, worried about safety.

Hefei photovoltaic company engineers, photovoltaic panels before the combination is not going to produce an electric current. “We’re for residents to install PV panels will tell the residents, never use your hands to touch the wiring, and we also use tube wiring package. “For Mr CHENG reflects the mice are dead things, the engineers considered rat tube bite that led to be electrocuted.

2. why electricity generation will fall?

Mr LEE this summer a group of photovoltaic devices are installed. Lee report generation can be 20 degrees in summer, despite recently under good weather conditions, apparent capacity is reduced.

For this case, Hefei, one producer told Xinhua that weather-related. “When we went to view the situation found on many panels left a thick layer of ash, which may affect power. “The manufacturer’s marketing Chief, advised the public to take a dry towel to clean on a regular basis, generally do not need to take care of.

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