International Energy Agency solar roadmap

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation after 2030 is worth more than the PV

For the realization of solar power in the middle of this century to become the largest electricity source of this vision, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released for solar power in Paris on September 29, 2014 2014 release roadmap, solar photovoltaic technology roadmap, solar thermal power technology roadmap. According to the IEA’s two road map, solar energy in 2050, ahead of fossil fuels, wind energy, hydro and nuclear power, as the world’s largest source of electricity. Two route map display of the International Energy Agency photovoltaic power systems in 2050, accounting for 16% of the total global electricity generation, solar-thermal electricity accounted for 11%, the two solar technologies in 2050 could cut emissions by more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide–which is more than the United States have all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, or all transport emissions of carbon dioxide in the world today there are more.

“In recent years, photovoltaic modules and systems for rapid cost reductions, in future years or even decades for us to use solar power as a major energy opens up new perspectives. “The IEA Executive Chairman MariavanderHoeven said, of course, two types of solar power for initial capital investment required is very large–almost all investments are spent on the initial investment. Therefore, in order to realize the vision of the roadmap plan, reduce initial capital investment continued to be the top priority. Maria also stressed that the two reports of solar technology is not the same as predicted for the future. As the International Energy Agency report, the two reports describing the technical and policy support needed for solar power, highlighted the importance of Government, research, and industry stakeholders. Two documents is the center around which have clear, transparent and consistent policy signals of demand in order to reduce the risks of market expansion, inspire investor confidence. Maria says, if instead when Government policy appears inconsistent, vague or intermittent signal policy cycle and so on bad record, investors will give up more investment, consumers have to pay more money for their energy, and some necessary project will also directly affected could not be made.

Two documents at the same time stressed the complementarity of the two types of solar technology. By the end of 2013, total capacity of the power plants built around the world reached 137GW, meaning each day will add up to 100MW, which PV move faster than light and heat, for substantial cost reductions are among the main reasons. In the roadmap plan scenario until 2030, major development derived from photovoltaic solar technology, but after that there will be some change in the situation. Photovoltaic power generation will start to lose value in a larger market. Large scale deployment of solar thermal power generation soared in this stage, thanks to the power plant’s thermal storage functions. Hot storage feature lets power plant is still in power at the peak of the evening and night, fills a gap in PV. Photovoltaic power generation now in rapid global expansion, starting with the Chinese, followed by is United States. Which makes up half the capacity of photovoltaic power generation equipment installed on the user’s location, whether it be residential, shopping mall or in a factory. Solar thermal power generation are built in areas with lots of sunshine and clear skies, Africa, India, the Middle East and the United States offers huge opportunities. Both provide deployment roadmap Vision 2014 based on the latest version of the International Energy Agency energy technology perspective as well as on the development of renewable energy in the Energy Department, concerned about climate change’s wishes. Each document for policymakers for the next five years to do a series of important initiatives. These important initiatives include: development and updating of long-term deployment goal, prepared by policy permit and grid connect rational processes, as well as to contribute to the rationalization of the power system of incentives.

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