Inventory September solar circle “top five”

Polaris solar PV net news: August looking forward to mid-Autumn Festival, in September and would like the national day, full of hope that the wait is always an exciting thing. However, in September will pass, all leaders of the speech and a good place to start: in October, the osmanthus fragrance … …

Before the seven-day holiday, you need to tidy it up for holiday and come back to work more quickly, so put together in September “big five” share it with you.

Most popular files: 15 distributed PV new deal

The evening of September 4, the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, cheering proudly earned 15, interpretation, meetings and all kinds of pyramid PV news emerged, the battle lasted half a month long, excited mood can’t be calm.

New deal the biggest bright spot is perfect for distributed development model, innovative distributed PV PV financing services and the improvement of distributed PV engineering standards and quality control, distributed PV to the national strategic level, to crack the key constraints of distributed PV applications provides maximum support.

Following the distributed PV following the new deal, National Energy Board succession this month wind power equipment market continues to regulate, renewable energy generation, such as quota management draft documents, these policies are designed to promote renewable energy in the energy development strategy in the new position. But the policy is good, remain to be implemented, Oh!

Most closely watched disputes: downwind pingluo project calm

Since the end of August, energy ring busy, price Director of the Si Yuan, Jiangsu province’s Energy Secretary, General Manager of Liaoning electric power, China resources power holdings executives were taken in for questioning, September was no calm, India PV controversy “no tax” case, the global “encirclement and suppression” of the Chinese PV industry breathed a sigh of relief. 24th, at 8 o’clock in the morning, former Director of the National Energy Council his bribery trial. According to their own bribery case was caused in large part by his son. Doting on Earth was his will to firm, I am afraid the Secretary himself is silly does not know it.

Also, this month most by concern disputes case of should is downwind photoelectric pingluo project, March 2014 and May, in the section constant source and downwind photoelectric, company has signed on pingluo 130MWp ground PV station project of cooperation agreement and EPC total contracting contract, also held has bustling of starts ceremony, however, half past, the project not only no does progress, addition a EPC company is into has owners party claimed of “legitimate cooperation party”. What causes the “third party” appear?

Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV has released a statement saying the company is in litigation with zhongke hengyuan, zhongke hengyuan litigation surrounding the group declined for the general contractor of the project and the supply contract signed only pay about $ 206 million Yuan funds. Zhongke hengyuan requirements, these payments and claims for termination costs. Have been hearing for October 21 this year to make such action. We’ll look at the results.

Most popular characters: Jack Ma, tongxingxue, Xian Shou or energy of the Internet?

In September, someone stepped in, some people choose to Enigma’s departure, some independent walk alone, but someone still does not appear … …

Silence two years frequently has arisen now moves so far this year to the expiration of the blood and raised on August 29, the LDK LDK announced that its founder and former Chairman of LDK with immediate effect resigned from the posts of Chairman and Director, tongxingxue to serve as interim Chairman. Tongxingxue guiding LDK LDK to its overseas debt restructuring completed. September’s major media around the “post of LDK era” done article, but has arisen now open is “post of LDK era” or “Tong XING snow era”? Also tongxingxue students can bring new glory to has arisen now, so we’ll see what happens.

PV in United States 22nd, CEO Cai Zhifang has resigned for personal reasons, one of the founders of Lu Tingxiu returns to group top leadership, at present, the CLP PV asset-liability ratio was as high as 84%, shareholders ‘ equity has fallen to negative book value per share was $ 3.32. Cai Zhifang paired up with Lu Tingxiu two years performance of its fortnight will make PV woes. But Cai Zhifang’s real reason for leaving is what perhaps only he can explain.

Second quarter of the year, losing money for three years, renesola and finally a small profit. Renesola CEO Xian Shou in a “global OEM model through to the end,” posture will be renesola had come up with different ways to domestic PV manufacturers has also sparked a lot of comments. Maverick is a lonely, Xian Shou had previously said the sentence might be best for him and renesola interpretation: maybe no one can understand me, and I only independence alone … …

The morning of September 23, hurun Research Institute published the agile Clearwater Bay, Hainan 2014 published hurun rich list, the Mainland’s richest man Rupert hoogewerf, Ma family 150 billion won, the big black horse Li Hejun third. Time, he kept out of people’s mouth popped, the Internet and other vocabulary. PV loop was also envious, think about if I had energy Internet, Ma would be nice, but this “Ma” who will appear at any moment?

Most talked about breaking up a doubt: investment new energy cooperation with the GCL termination

The night of September 22, investment new energy PV said in a statement its listed companies, has terminated its wholly-owned subsidiary China solar power group signed with the GCL-poly investments holdings limited 64MW of rooftop PV power station cooperation framework agreement. GCL-poly investments have combined to PV full restitution early development total cost of 23.31 million Yuan.

2011 investment new energy entered the field of photovoltaic power plant in the second half, sweet with the GCL in 2012, “love”, the strategies, issues such as pricing, competition, and is difficult to reach agreement both sides, each with power plant business, and eventually drift away. New energy investment and GCL-poly from the two companies work closely together to fall apart, no doubt is common in business, on and off, there is no absolute right or wrong, survival of the fittest. But it should be based on honesty. GCL Lv Jinbiao, Deputy Chief also confessed to reporters his view: recent photovoltaic market ushered in a new round of recovery, opportunities, enterprises must not be hot-headed, single-minded March, I do not know choice.

PV current good situation, to understand the choices and lines and cherish it.

The most talked about topic: how to change

XI said at the June meeting of the central financial and economic leading group, “to formulate power system reform scheme” clarifies the requirements before the end of this year, the national development and Reform Commission to come up with new reforms! Some media reported that general idea of change have reached a consensus, which splits on the power grid, or horizontal or vertical.

Scholars say: the real reforms are not completely in the monopoly of “split” is not only power sale markets of “right to choose”, more importantly, restore energy commodity attribute, effectively “open at both ends, hold the Middle” formed mainly by the market mechanism to determine the price of energy as soon as possible.

Electric modified pushed not moving, while is because involving of interests imbroglio too more, central financial, and local government, and power enterprise, and grid enterprise, and Shang downstream industry chain aspects of problem, far-reaching, again plus involving livelihood, reform promoted very caution; second aspects, is controversy too big, academic, and politics, and business, noisy, proposed has various of programme, but who also persuaded can’t who, electric modified direction Shang lack consensus.

Change how to change, this is a problem.

In September, the largest thing is distributed in photovoltaic 15 release of the new deal, Internet for PV greater stimulation than Ma become a new richest man. At the moment, Li Hejun ranked in the top third, Kevin Lin, Chairman of Hangzhou first PV Corporation served as the PV industry and become a billionaire. Last Zoom xiaobian wanted to say: Ifnotnow,when? Ifnotme,who? (at this moment, not belong to me! )

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