Japan household electrical appliance enterprises suspended applications for grid-connected PV business performance in the second half is grim

Polaris solar PV net news: United States listed company’s recent decline in number of PV. Except for United States stock market decline in overall impact, like Japan project application, photovoltaic grid-connected electricity companies put new product prices fall slightly, the domestic market is not much, and so on.

On October 11, Yuhui solar, photovoltaic, solar, Yingli Green Energy’s shares have fallen by 3.57%, 4.48%, and 6.14%, while 5th-decline in these companies are up to 14.74%, 22.55%, and 16.67% respectively. Some corporations have dropped out a month low.

Sino-Australian trust industry analyst Wang Runchuan told reporters that the reasons for falling and the United States have some relationship to the broader stock market correction, many shares in the fall.

However, in addition to United States stock market outside the callback environment impact poor share price performance, these Solar Stocks dive inseparable with the recent photovoltaic market. Some highly anticipated regional, for grid-connected photovoltaic project audit seemed to get strict. Japan’s Okinawa electric power, Hokkaido and Shikoku electric power, Tohoku electric power, Kyushu electric power, such as the incorporation of local companies announced the suspension of new project approvals. The reason why so, due to the parts of the future of grid-connected photovoltaic electricity demand may exceed the actual total.

At present, a photovoltaic companies in Japan reached a total reserve of 405 megawatts, about 150 megawatts has been permitted to grid. And multiple companies to stop approving grid-connected electricity projects, will impact the enterprise in Japan Tohoku electric power is a member of the three, a total of 135 megawatts of new photovoltaic project development process. This project put into commercial operation in 2016, 2017, so there’s still time to wait for network assessments.

Second, third and fourth quarters of this year pattern of PV product prices fell, are unlikely to be shot up. Changjiang securities statistics, in accordance with Pvinsight of the international prices, the wafer, monocrystalline cell, polycrystalline cells, PV module prices have shown decline in 3 months, respectively, 6.89%, 1.4% and 2.55%. But the ex-factory price stability for the time being, such as Silicon, monocrystalline solar cell and polycrystalline module prices are between-2% and 3%.

Therefore, the price drops during, if the company is unable to break through in terms of installed capacity, so the PV business revenue, profits will naturally be slightly lower than the second quarter of this year.

Last quarter, though domestic PV flagging approval processes, distributed construction speed may be higher than the first three quarters, but the number of stocks of listed companies in domestic PV installations are not particularly high. Besides jinkosolar,, Artes, renesola and Trina, etc are not domestic PV market as the main battleground. Therefore, the overseas solar companies wanting to quickly in the fourth quarter, an increase in domestic sales of components and batteries, does not seem too easy.

“Of course, some overseas companies’s shares were overvalued, diving shares in the short term and it is normal. “Individual companies about 14.27 times times current earnings, some companies also exceeds by a factor of 10 times earnings. But in the eyes of analysts, even with recent declines, earnings of overseas-listed companies is still high, “in general terms, in the United States listed China PV industry is likely to be about 10 times earnings and reasonable range. “Wang Runchuan said.

Original title: Japan household electrical appliance enterprises suspended applications for grid-connected PV business performance in the second half is grim

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