Motech Q4 full capacity Hi-c-extended Mexican-American and other overseas PV market

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014 Taiwan international exhibition of solar photo-electric (PVTaiwan) yesterday (22) debut, performance of the supply chain are expected to bring upward climb. Among them, the hit by Motech solar manufacturers double back after fourth-quarter sales will be a rebounding, while Yu Jing will aim at strengthening overseas layout.

Motech promising operating Outlook for the fourth quarter, solar power industries worst hit by the new double-reverse, orders a rebounding, prices started to rise again. Motech estimates in the short run, solar plant’s revenues and profits have fluctuated greatly, but the industry’s long-term growth.

Motech said the recent orders fully temperature returning in the fourth quarter, Dan Chang Wang, capacity has been washed up on full load. Motech solar and optimistic about the mainland China market, that plant will local factories nearby and for seeking mantra of more cooperation opportunities with land plants; the European market because of the price and supply situation is relative chaos, to develop their business more difficult.

Photovoltaics Yu Jing pointed out that, in terms of strategy, Yu Jing now considering with the group or on their own in establishing overseas solar module factory of Datong, strengthened the sea, considered locations in the United States, Mexico has the potential, the nearest market.

On the product side, Yu Jing are also continuing to enhance efficient monocrystalline solar cell sales, the proportion has since the end of 2014 first-half 15% to the target 25% standards, conducive to the improvement of gross margins.

Original title: Motech seasons full capacity Hi-c-extended Mexican-American and other overseas PV market

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