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Polaris solar PV net news: October 9 to 12th, Premier Li to Germany for an official visit. During the visit, Li was invited to attend the sixth Hamburg Summit closing ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Nan cunhui, Chairman of chint group involved in the Hamburg Summit “EU-China trade relations in the future” forum topics for discussion and made a statement, and called on the central hand.

This year’s Hamburg Summit to discuss issues ranging from the future trend of China’s economic reforms to Chinese investments in Europe, European business opportunities from China’s urbanization, into 6 topics such as Chinese brands how to debut overseas. On the “EU-China trade relations in the future” to discuss, most intense scenes.

Especially on trade and investment issues, the EU almost always on different channels to express their views and speak, communication is so difficult. EU claims anti-dumping, countervailing, and requires lower barriers to seeking fair treatment of Chinese recognition market position, and we hope that Europe will be able to adjust, to accept the fact that the rise of China and to bring about changes in the world. EU participants on the current problems in China-Europe trade you come to me, “gunpowder” is extremely thick.

When European guests Chinese products have an impact on European trade problem, said Nan cunhui, a case study of solar energy photovoltaic industry, China Solar Panel production accounted for 70% of the world. However, the production of electrical equipment the vast majority of imports from Europe, the Chinese use the equipment left their energy consumption in the production process to produce energy saving and environmental protection products to Europe, to the world, for blue skies and white clouds in Europe, energy conservation and emissions reduction has made great contributions. However, it is reported to the EU by European competitors, often by “double reverse” sanctions.

“How can it be anything but heartache? It did not run counter to the goal of economic development? “Nan cunhui ask immediately won the audience’s applause. One Germany entrepreneurs speak in solidarity, argues that Nan cunhui this “truth” also mentioned local businesses “heart.”

In his statement, European guests to European companies in China expressed concern about being anti-monopoly, anti-dumping investigations. On this issue, Nan cunhui, added: “the Chinese Government advocates building a rule of law country, against any State companies operating in China are treated equally. Beijing’s foreign enterprise surveys, survey of Chinese enterprises have, for example, China’s largest petroleum is also being investigated, which is State-owned. Not only survey for Central enterprises, State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, government officials are investigating, ‘ tiger ‘ … … This is the necessity of building a rule of law country after. I believe that China’s policy of reform and opening up will not be changed, foreign companies operating in the territory of China in accordance with law will be legally protected, please do not worry. ”

Problems existing in the topics to be discussed, said Nan cunhui, Central Europe must go hand in hand, cooperation, win-win situation, can go right, walk away. I brought down the associates itself with, passing out of the entrepreneurs in China for mutual benefit and win-win Sino-EU bilateral trade development new stage’s better looking.

This time, Nan cunhui said in a face-to-face session dialog, when Chinese companies investing in Europe will encounter many difficulties: one is for local trade unionism and labor rights protection without a full understanding, second, cultural differences, language differences can cause communication barriers.

Therefore, Nan cunhui advice when investing in hiring local intermediaries to projects of sufficient legal, technical, financial due diligence, and try to identify, hire management team of mostly locals and listened to representatives of trade unions, employees, customers and suppliers suggestions, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. Then, in line with Europe’s local corporate law under gradually into Chinese enterprise management flexibility, achieving corporate culture and management philosophy of the integration step by step.

In recent years, the significant growth of direct investment of Chinese enterprises in Europe, become a new highlight in Sino-EU economic and trade relations. Data show that in 2013, for $ 3.62 billion of EU direct investment in China, Chinese investors a total of 120 European companies acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, reached record highs.

Global arrangement, the whole industry chain development

Out of the country, products are exported to the world, and arguably the world nod to chint. To enter Germany, explained, “chint made” quality, and embodies the chint attaches to European markets.

With precise positioning on the European market, chint in recent years in the European market developments worth noting. Acquisition Germany veteran well-known PV Enterprise Conergy, will its as are Thai solar in global layout of a important regional factory; and Netherlands KEMA company joint venture built “Kemp test technology (Zhejiang) service limited”; even is through acquisition foreign sales team, hired native market marketing talent, established overseas sales subsidiary, change past single relies on abroad dealer, and agents of sales way, building up are Thai more levels of international sales network. Chint line by Germany in advanced manufacturing, step by step into the European market.

Up to now, the chint has 1 factories, in Europe, 10 3 branch offices, hundreds of strategic partners and tens of thousands of users and sales covering more than 30 countries across Europe.

Accompanied by speeding up the process of internationalization, chint has grown to be under the jurisdiction of 3 largest global research and Development Centre, the establishment of “Asia-Pacific, West Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, China and” 6 large marketing areas, 17 sales offices, more than 300 companies flagship image shop, over more than 1000 sales the company’s international business.

Now, Thailand has become a supplier of electrical whole industrial chain integration, industrial covers low-voltage electrical equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, instrumentation, electrical construction, industrial automation, photovoltaic power generation and equipment manufacturing, the products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

The Nan cunhui as Prime Minister Li keqiang visited Europe and attend the Hamburg Summit, highlights not only is Thailand’s leading position in the electrical industry, more Thai future globalization strategy of deepening has brought new opportunities, in promoting Thai the whole industry chain development at the same time, will also promote China’s manufacturing industry to a new level.

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EU perspective

Sitanfen cyklop (Vice Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce)

On the issue of market access, the two sides still face regulatory obstacles and discriminatory, China in recent years to strengthen the application of anti-monopoly law, on a number of well-known European companies launched antitrust investigations.

Bidebozi (the EU Commission trade General Director)

Europe did not change its hardline stance on China in the area of trade, European investments in China drop by 20%, in a survey released two weeks ago, the European Union, in terms of foreign investment, China heavy barricades, related provisions Ordinance number alarming.

Chinese view

Yi Xiaozhun (Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization)

China’s accession to the WTO for 13 years, foreign trade grew rapidly, and the situation has changed, has gradually expanded from low-end products to high value-added products. China has been seeking to play its role in areas such as trade and influence and actively engaged in the search for common interests, establishing a new type of relations and economic order.

Mr Xu (Chairman of Baosteel Group Corporation)

36 years ago, the company imports a large amount of equipment from Siemens, but now you don’t need to; China’s development has prompted foreign economic and trade relations from the “complementary” turned to “other”. Moreover, in the age of smart Internet, we in Europe can be said to have stood at the same level. This is an indisputable fact. Trade friction is a normal process that is critical to the premise of the marketing, and fair treatment.

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